Not long ago, visual site builders never existed, and you have to rely on hiring web designers and developers to create a simple landing page, sales page, or any simple contact us page. Thankfully, innovation paves the way to simplify the process and save more time, effort, and money. 

WordPress page builders revolutionize the impressively straightforward process of page building. Developers and web designers can now create multiple websites with a fraction of their time. It allows you to reduce costs without compromising the quality of your site. 

The visual frontend editor that allows you to drag and drop elements to your desired areas instantly makes things handy. Whether you want to place columns, videos, images, product galleries, carousels, and more—page builders are god-sent to simplify the process. 

Is A WordPress Page Builder Important

Imagine creating a simple ‘contact us’ page. It may sound easy, but there are complicated parts you need to add, rearrange, and link to make it appealing and valuable. While it’s a rudimentary page to create, you’ll need a decent amount of coding, formatting, and many headaches to make this work without a page builder. 

It’s where page builders get in the scene and simplify your work. If you don’t have experience working with codes and all, this can be frustrating and pricey. For example, with Thrive Architect builder, you can create dynamic websites that have higher conversion rates.

This page builder is strategically developed for marketers who want to upscale your business by investing with the perfect tool suitable for your needs. 

Choosing a page builder is hard work if you don’t know the ins and outs and functions needed. Checking for software reviews and recommendations from reliable sites that understand developers and site builders’ pain points is essential. It allows you to have a better overview of the software’s functionalities and features. 

Nonetheless, WordPress page builders are here to promote convenience and flexibility. There should be names that will ring the bell when you check top-rated page builder services trusted by millions of developers worldwide. 

Best WordPress Page Builder

Finding the most excellent WordPress page builder requires five essential factors—styling option, ready-made templates or widgets, notable features, interface, and lock-in. Here are the must-try page builders that excel among the rest. 

Divi Page Builder

When it comes to premium styling options and features-rich page builder, Divi is a must-try. It’s a popular tool developed by Elegant Themes. With excellent compatibility with the Divi theme, this page builder is a standalone plugin. You can work with other WP themes. 

Divi enables you to edit your site through a visual frontend interface or backend interface. Most developers prefer the frontend interface as it allows you to write everything in real-time. Divi is on par with other premium tools such as Elementor. 

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is on par with Elementor and Divi regarding the user-friendly interface and other features. Anyone can work with this page builder. However, it’s a must-use page builder ideal for affiliate marketers and bloggers. 

This page builder focuses more on conversion rates; most of its users are digital marketers who want to upscale business to the next level. Thrive Architect has a stunning default style, which is pretty impressive coming out of its box. 


Elementor is one of the most popular page builders that provides a glitch-free frontend interface. The full theme builder allows you to design the entire website using one tool—Elementor. 

It offers flexible options for styling sites with a robust all-in-one feature, which allows you to create more by using less. Elementor Pro, on the other hand, has more extensive options than just building websites. It includes a theme builder and a popup builder. 

With these two new features, Elementor stands out through the competition.  


Every page builder has its unique features that match individual preference or style options. WordPress page builder should be straightforward, easy to use, allows complete customization, and provides value to your money. Every developer has their individual choice, and finding yours enables you to boost business potential, increase conversion rate, or achieve your set goals.