Before creating or launching a website the important task is to choose the best, ideal WordPress theme. ThemeForest is the great place with different kinds of themes for the users. If you had the opportunity to redesign the website also you need to have the clear idea of selecting the perfect theme. Choosing the best WordPress themes will reflect your website traffic and performances. Picking up absolute structure or theme for your blog makes more sensible and appealing too.

Here are some basic points to be considered while choosing the WordPress theme.

It’s the biggest challenge for any blogger to choose the ideal and perfect theme for your blog.

  • The first preferences are to be given to the type of the blog you are going handle with. If you want to create the shopping cart, then search or choose the WordPress themes related to the lifestyle or shopping.
  • The selected theme should be very easy to navigate as it increases the bounce rate.
  • Select the theme which supports or provides strong customization features.
  • You need to ideally opt for the themes which provide strong support in terms of updated versions and the theme should be capable of delivering advanced features to their entrusted customers.
  • Also, check and go for the theme which manageable control your SEO features. Select the responsive and mobile friendly themes which make those themes optable by every blogger.

The above-mentioned points resemble how to choose any WordPress theme for your blog.

In the below section I am going to share the few stuff on how to choose the WordPress theme from the one of the existing marketplace.

How to choose the great WordPress theme on ThemeForest?

Here I am going to share some important prospects to be considered while picking up the right theme on the ThemeForest. You can search for the best themes and take the final decision before installing the WordPress theme on your blog.

If you want to find the specific themes in a marketplace then the best option to find the desired theme for your blog is to do searches.

Using search filters to find relevant themes:

In ThemeForest, you can easily get through more WordPress themes nearly 11000. If you want to find the best theme for your website looking after all the themes individually and installing them is a difficult process and is not portable too. So just go to the WordPress dashboard and filters are recommended to choose the updated version of the WordPress theme. You can add extra value to your search by the tags or any other criteria required to find the best results from the search option.


After adding the filters, by using the search boxes you can search specifically within the results obtained. By narrowing down your results you can select the best theme perfect for your blog. It’s not about buying the theme with the good and neat sketch or design it’s all about the quality of the theme, you need to check it before you decide to buy.


Looking at the review ratings of the themes:

Look at every theme on ThemeForest had the item rating which is displayed publicly. You need to check the rating of the theme which justifies the quality of the theme. You can see the theme rating at the right sidebar of the screen. You can check out the rating because sometimes 5 stars may come to two or three. Closely check the rating and how the users are giving it a rating that means how many users gave 1 star, 2, 3, 4, and 5 stars. If the majority of the public or users gave 5 stars then we can justify it as ok.


If the review rating of the theme on the ThemeForest minimum 4.5 then you can buy the theme.Because most popular themes have the rating of 4.5 and above only. For example,e Avada has a 4.7 rating which can be used without any doubt.

You should read the comments on the themes:

In order to justify or make the theme perfectly fits for your blog, you need to cross check with the comments section on the themes. Because if the user is satisfied with the themes you will give good stats or else negative. It is also a deciding factor for you whether to buy that particular theme or not.

You can browse the comments similar to as that of the item rating section in the right sidebar.

In the comments section, you need to look the labels because it helps to know whether or which customer had purchased the theme and you can justify with the theme developer team for more information.

Check with the sales of the themes:

When you are in a situation and cannot understand to buy the theme then you can simply decide it by checking out the theme sales. How many of them are buying and using the theme? If more users are using this theme then you can buy the theme. If there are fewer people using the theme then you choose the better option.

Check when the theme was last updated:

As the WordPress core functionality always changes and needs updates regularly. You need to check whether the theme receives regular updates so as to avoid any potential security issues in future.

For the above reason, one should check the theme receives regular updates or not.

You can find the theme updates in the right sidebar and below the review rating and comments section.

If it receives regular updates then no issues you can definitely go for it.


Check whether the theme has been tested or not:

If you want to have the basic idea on the themes code quality you need to check the theme. By using the theme check website you can test the theme. It’s the part of the teams process and does the automatic checks of the themes. But the ennavtos standards does not compete because of some technical factors. So use the theme which supports or meets both the envatos and standards.

You can check the test of the theme by checking whether someone else had checked it before or simply uploading the zip code file.  Before purchasing the theme you cannot upload the zip file for testing so check whether anyone had tested it before.

Simply dig into the themes demo sites:

If you want to know how the website looks with the specified theme simply use the demo sample and test the features whether it fits your requirement or not.

You can check all the pages included in the demo files and take a decision based on its interactivity and performance.


Final thoughts on buying a theme on ThemeForest:

If you consider all the above-mentioned points before purchasing the WordPress themes on the ThemeForest it will be a very great part. The website you create by considering the above tips or points can lead to great success with outstanding functionality.

I invite you to share any of your ideas to find out the perfect theme for your WordPress blogs on ThemeForest in the comments section.  

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