It will be a crucial task for the newbie to figure out the web hosting for your WordPress websites. If you want to launch your WordPress websites you can come across two terms namely shared and managed hosting.

In my blog post I am going to give the readers a clear picture of shared and managed hosting, their differences and which one should be picked for your website launching.

Before going into depth of the information, I will bring out the specific differences between these two types, shared and managed hosting.

Shared Vs Managed hosting

Shared hosting is nothing but sharing the server space among multiple or thousands of accounts set up with that dedicated hosting server. In tha e shared web hosting all the resources such as disk space, memory, bandwidth all the resources are shared between all the users of particular service.

With the managed hosting your application is designed and full support is provided from the web host itself. Here one can have a good user experience as the staff is well familiar with the infrastructure using and simplifies the work. Managed hosting accounts are very few and provide good experience for the clients.

Managed hosting charges more than shared hosting. With the managed hosting one can be better in terms of speed, reliability,uptime and security too. With managed hosting your website can run fast and secure.

How does shared hosting works and reason to pick it?

In the shared hosting concept, you need to share the server resources with tons of other webmasters. There are several pros and cons it will help to reduce the cost and offer you hosting at very cheap prices than managed hosting. The main disadvantage is that you are not provided with any specific or dedicated resources all are to be shared from the server by the different users.

If you had budget limitations than shared web hosting perfectly fits well for your WordPress websites. On the analysis of the price and its performance shared hosting is perfect for the beginners of the WordPress blogs. Once your blog get more traffic and money you can go for managed hosting too. Soem web hosting services provide low quality services because of the low budget and acepting too many customers. You need to take control of your website without interdepending on the others. If you go for shared hosting you should be capable to manage all the issues rising in the early stages such as backup, security and SEO.

Moreover I can say that shared hosting is perfect for the beginner bloggers.

The downside of the shared hosting is that if the traffic increases the performance degrades and more burden will fall on the server. In such aspects it’s better idea to change to managed hosting. Here you need to take more responsibility in optimization, backups and security etc.

How does managed hosting works and the reason to pick it?

With the managed hosting you can get your work done very quickly. It is the set of the WordPress services and optimizations which are added to the hosting plan. Managed hosting can be applied to any kind of hosting. You can get embedded services of both the shared and managed hosting. The extra or specific services offered by the managed hosting makes it very unique and pretty to go if you are financial well.

In managed hosting, it uses specific WordPress security rules to make your website secure, it optimize the hosting environment for better performance, automatic backups and updates also.

The reason to pick this WordPress hosting is because of outstanding performance and convenience. You need to pay more money but you can save your time, eno extra knowledge required on WordPress and from one day one your site looks more attractive and effective. In case of any issues you can get help and suport from the expert team of WordPress. You can also save a lot of time and alos passon the managing of the server.

It had built in security features, automatic updates, best performance and optimization. It does not support certain plugins for performance reasons.


For the newbie to the hosting world I suggest the shared hosting. Once your site gets better performance you can shift to the managed hosting. For the shared hosting I suggest you the siteground web hosting. For the Managed hosting I recommend the Kinsta as it provides a good support.