As we all know that we need some communication media on the web for interacting with the server i.e for transferring or making available your content to the web. Here we came across two protocols which were used as a communicating media on the web. There are HTTP(Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and SSL/HTTPS(Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). Protocol is nothing but set of rules governing for the data to be transferred.As soon as we entered any thing in the browser it will connect by using HTTP or https.

Now lets us have the discussion on the HTTP:

HTTP stands for Hypertext transfer protocol is an application level protocol where it is used indirectly by the users when opening the browser. For any action to be performed on the web we need to put some requests for the server. HTTP is very simple protocol as it process the plain text.It uses the pipe lining technique for processing the tasks. Here your web browser acts as the client machine which requests the web server to process the requests. Web server acts as the server machine. Whenever you send a n HTTP request the web server will look after the files it requested and send back the requested files to the client. On the web server there stands HTTP daemon to receive the requests from the client, checks before hand over them to the web server for processing.


Using this we can transfer the unlimited number of files, medias, images very elegantly. The latest version is http 1.1

Advantages of using HTTP

  • In HTTP authentication is one side only i.e on server side .
  • It follows step by step process to handle the requests i.e whenever it made request for connection after the completion of that request it will look for another, so there is no chance of interruptions during processing.
  • It is very flexible and supported by all the browsers.
  • It is very helpful for the beginners who are using the web for the first time with little interruptions.
  • It requires little CPU and memory because it opens connections when it has totally completed the previous task.
  • Here by using the HTTP the network is secured because its uses a few connections for transmitting the data.
  • Errors can be found in between processing of the requests without closing the connection.

Disadvantages of using HTTP

  • Http protocol is not encrypted one from security point of view.
  • They can even make a website to get theft because of its in security.
  • People can lack their sensitive information through the third party vendors.
  • The name implies the hypertext it may even direct to worst websites making your identity falsely.
  • There is no firewall to protect from intruders.
  • It does not have cipher keys for secure transmission of data.

Advanced and upgrade to http is the https protocol which uses the SSL connections.

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer protocol is the more secured protocol used mostly by the users. It maintains the information in a secure manner on the web with help of SSL certificates. Https has the communication over the http with secure and encrypted by the SSL(Secure Socket Layer). The https is mainly intended for securing the information on the web. It provides bidirectional encryption for authentication, integrity and privacy by using SSL connections. It provides the authentication between the web client and web server. It overcomes the man in middle attacks on the web with the help of SSL. Https provides a great security by overcoming the tampering,eavesdropping and forging of the communication.There is no chance of entering the thirty party in between you and the server. Because of its authentication and integrity feature it helps in the payments for security. It helps in securing all the sensitive information, accounts, communication, identity, emails etc. SSL certificates are used to identify the server. The Https being the highly secured one and can be more reliable on bluehost hosting as it provides all authentication features and SSL certificates.

Advantages of the SSL/HTTPS:

    It provides secure communication over insecure networks such as WiFi as any one can steal your sensitive information.

  • Https the server certificate(SSL) is verified and trusted by using the cipher suites.
  • It is very important for connections over tor anonymity networks as there may be a chance of entering malware into the connections.
  • It required domain name validation for legal security so that there arises no problems in future..
  • Https is used for performing the remote backups of the files i.e keeping backup of any information from different sections under single remote location.
  • Https acts as firewall friendly which is opted by many companies to prevent from vulnerable attacks.
  • With the help of https by using public and private keys signature one can rely or have control over the IP address.
  • The pushup notifications are enabled for the browsers supporting https
  • Https checks for data integrity.
  • It has full authentication to the site with the help of the secret keys.
  • Each and every thing should be certified and verified before processing the data which helps in making good content to the user’s.
  • Https helps the bloggers in google ranking by bringing huge traffic to the websites with SSL.

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS:

  • Https url begins with https:// and the port number by default is 443, whereas for http urls starts with http ://and the port number is 80 by default.
  • Http is not encrypted and one can gain the sensitive information from the website very easily. Https can withstand against such malware’s and intruders with the help of SSL certificate.
  • Https requires domain validation and trusted certificate whereas HTTP does not requires any.
  • Http works and operates on the top layer of TCP/IP model ie application layer whereas https refers to the http with secure and encrypted connection i.e SSL(SEcure Socket Layer).