The market is full of multiple hosting options in a myriad of price ranges, but that is not the point. It is not about the quantity, it is about the quality. Out of all available hosting plans, you have to select that appropriate one for your business.

If you are also an enthusiast for large IT infrastructures but don’t have the capital for the same, then colocation hosting is the most suitable option for you. For this let’s see that what is Colocation hosting?

What is Colocation hosting?

Colocation hosting is very much different from other hosting services. It is neither like the public hosting nor like the private hosting and also not in between them. It is a type of hosting wherein, data centers offer spaces on lease to companies who have their own hardware but don’t have the infrastructure to support it.

It might look like dedicated hosting, but it is actually not. In dedicated hosting, you rent both the rack space as well as the hardware from the hosting provider. While in colocation hosting, your hosting provider will only provide you with the hosting space and you have to bring your own hardware components. 

Unlike dedicated or managed hosting, in colocation hosting you will be the sole caretaker of all your components and servers. The colocation hosting provider will just provide you with the housing space rest is on the user. The onus of managing and maintaining lies on the user only.

But this is beneficial in many ways; you don’t have to rely upon the quality of the servers or efficiency of the hardware. The services which the colocation hosting provider provides are building cooling, bandwidth, power and physical security. The client i.e. you will have to come up with the servers and the storage.

Types of Colocation facilities-

  • Retail Colocation- In retail colocation, a customer leases space within a data center that is generally a rack or space without racks. For retail colocation, the space needed is needed in a very small amount and for a limited time. It is mostly planned where there is no expansion to be done.
  • The costs involved in retail colocation are quite lower than other colocation services. Small amounts of data are stored in different geographic locations. So retail colocation is best when you don’t have time or staff to manage or maintain such data center facilities.
  • Wholesale ColocationWholesale colocation is the colocation service where a tenant leases a fully-built data center space. Thus, the tenant is responsible for all the IT operations that are involved or will be performed within that leased space.
  • The costs in wholesale colocation are also kept minimum as you will need a lot of space, thus the expenses at other dispositions will be kept as low as possible. Other prerequisites for wholesale colocation are 1 megawatt of power capacity and tight control. The regulations are quite strict that is need to be maintained. There should be room for expansion that will in return provide you with a great deal in customization.
  1. Hybrid cloud-based colocation- It is a cloud computing environment that makes the use of a combination of various deployments. It is an on-premise colocation service that is designed and developed on SQL. Hybrid cloud colocation is required when there are different levels of sensitivity requirements within the same organization. 

Why a business should choose colocation services?

The first thing that strikes any client’s mind is the space that is required for them. The space needed by any server depends directly on the type of application and the type of service it provides. In the middle of this, some organizations require an additional layer of security.

Such organizations are always ready to go that extra mile in spending on security. So they come up with their cabinets and will help them in keeping their servers secluded from notorious neighbors been hosted with the same hosting provider. Here are some points to prove why your business needs colocation services- 

  • Cost savings- The center attraction point of all the other benefits is the cost savings and how colocation hosting is so economical as compared to other hosting services. Renting space is always a cost saviour for the shorter span of time. Thus colocation services are more advised to the start-ups or companies that are looking for renting rack spaces for a short period of time.
  • Data center security-Data center security is something that you don’t have to doubt about. Only professional hosting companies that deploy strict security procedures and have a market experience of more than nearly 10 years or more. Entry allowance is only given to the authorized people, administrators and other authorized people. 
  • Reliability –Due to a lot of experience in the hosting market, these data centers deal with the right set of equipment that serves the demands of the users 24/7. Power, networking, cooling, etc. all are taken more than good care. These colocation hosting providers make use of the generators in case of any power loss so that your website doesn’t go down for even a blink of an eye. 

Go4hosting Colocation services-

  • Rack Space Colocation- With our Tier 3 data centers give your IT team much better reasons to worry about. With minimum capital expenditures on deployment, management, scaling and maintenance of physical devices. With our rack space colocation protect your critical systems and applications by housing them in our rack spaces. 
  • Cage Colocation- Rising business infrastructures need advanced solutions and so is our cage colocation service. Market situations demands separate free spaces for different ventures. The cages are designed to meet the exact needs of our clients and easing the loads and thus reflecting on the profits. 
  • Cabinet Colocation- Cabinet colocation is one such service that provides world class security. It maintains power supply maintenance, regulates grid voltage and other important factors in the most efficient manner.
  • Single server unit colocation-Being a business owner, there will be times when you would not want to build or maintain private data centres or even want to employ staff for it. As all these processes needs hefty working and large capital expenditures. For situations like these is only single server unit colocation is designed. 

To get all these world-class colocation services you can go for Go4hosting colocation hosting plans. Their plans are equipped with all the necessary requirements starting from sell set server unit space to IP addresses and all this at the most economical price. They have been known in the market for hosting services for so long and are known for their Tier-3 data center facilities