Looking for migrating your website to another hosting service provider. Well, there are many cloud service providers in the market. Among them, Cloudways is the best portable platform for migrating the WordPress websites to the cloud servers. The cloudways provides the managed cloud hosting platform for growing your business.

It is very easy to start with the web hosting services of the cloudways.

To be a client of the cloud web hosting providers first you need to sign for 14 days free trial. The cloud service providers will give you a free trial for 14 days to test how their hosted cloud servers are responding to their websites. You can also cancel up and migrate at any time to your old web hosting.

Steps to migrate your wordpress websites to cloudways:

Selecting the pricing plan:

First you need to select the price plan or else move to the trial version for 14 days and then if you find good results, you can shift to membership plans by selecting any of the pricing based on the website storage.

3 simple steps to create account with cloudways:

First, you need to create your account absolutely for the free trial on Linkedin, Google or Github.

cloud web hosting providers

After creating the account you need to activate it and then move to the next step of cloudways as follows.

hosted cloud server,

Here you need to select the cloud such as the digital ocean, Amazon services etc. You can select the digital ocean because you can get 14 days free trial.

managed cloud hosting services

Select the WordPress to look at the available options for you.

Then you need to go to server settings and select the server size and location of the server. You need to select the number of pages views your blog gets, memory size, location, and the nearby countries and then click on the start 14 days free trial button on the footer of the page as below.

website hosting

Its take a few minutes for your account server to set up and now the real process begins to migrate your website to cloud servers.

Migrating wordpress website to cloudways:

Step1: Login into your wordpress site admin panel.

  • Enter wordpress website username.
  • Now enter wordpress website password.
  • Click login button to log into your site dashboard.

Step2: Installation of cloudways migrator plugin.
Once you are logged into the site admin dashboard then click on the plugins to add the new plugin to your website.

 cloud service providers

Then you need to search for cloudways migrator plugin and then install which will take a few seconds and activate the plugin.

 cloud service providers

Step3: Settings of cloudways migrator plugin

Now click on the settings under the cloudways migrator plugin to intimate the migration process.

 cloud service providers

Step4: Enter the required details in the form

Now you can see the cloudways migrator plugin page where you need to give the following details such as email address, the destination site URL which is hosted on cloudways, application folder name, server IP address, SFTP username and SFTP password and then click on the Migrate button to start migrating your website as a hole to the cloud servers.

cloud storage

Step5: Now Migrate your WordPress website.

Now the actual migration of the website begins when you click the migrate button and it will take 1 to 4 hours depending on the website memory size.

You can see the blog vault back service for your website.Once the migration had completed it will show the status of migration complete.

cloud storage

This how the migration process takes place with the managed cloud hosting services. If you had any issues you can simply raise the ticket and get solved the support team from the cloud service providers..

The deployment takes place within minutes with the cloud servers. Where you can wealthy manage your efforts and time into business. The cloud storage provides the virtual function of access the services throughout the globe.

Why should one consider this migrator plugin?

  • Well let’s have a small view of the highlighted features of the cloudways migrator plugin which gives the bloggers a chance to opt it for hosting their websites with colorways.
  • Its the worlds easiest cloud hosting platform to automatic migration of the WordPress sites to another web hosting services.
  • This plugin does all the tedious work for you.
  • This tool will save time for all types of website owners.

Key features of the cloudways migrator plugin:

  • You are no need of technical experts to manage all the plugins and themes because the cloudways migrator plugin will take care of all the functionalities.
  • Put your efforts on time-critical projects, do not waste time by spending on doing manual migrations or else any other database checkups. As this tool will control all the things and your databases are updated seamlessly.
  • For e-commerce merchants all the products, themes and customer records are moved very safely.
  • The Cloudways migrator plugin is best for small and medium scale enterprises who do not have enough resources to spend on special technical experts.
  • For bloggers also the cloudways hosting or migrating services are done perfectly without affecting the blog content, widgets and customizations.
  • All the ad codes, media files, referral codes which are integrated to your blog posts are transferred without any breakage.