Its very impressive and extra-ordinary to build beautiful websites on the wordpress. The main theme of the building the websites is to gather people from technological point of view as well to bring awareness among the people by promoting and every product through online. For creating such drastic websites need space and a name for the website on the web. The space is named hosting space ie where you want to keep in blog on the web. The domain name refers to the name in a rich format so that your website can be recognised on the web.Among various hosting services available Bluehost suits best for the wordpress based websites.

The Bluehost.coma comes with rich features in built.It is trusted by many people and you will get a free domain name as well. In today’s world among the hosting services Bluehost.comis opted by many website developers because of its genuity. I myself trusted and using this bluehost hosting services for my website named eknowledgetree.

Bluehost provides several services from cloud point of view. This hosting makes the website look safer, faster and simple. It also provides hosting for serveral sites for example linux hosting, windows hosting, linux reseller hosting and wordpress hosting.

Bluehost hosting service are done in two ways one is virtual private servers hosting and dedicated servers hosting. Based on the capacity there are 4 ways to choose.They are standard, enhanced, premium and ultimate.Virtual Private Server Hosting is done in three ways

  • First we have select the plan
  • Select the powerful add-ons
  • Now select the domain name and logout

The second option to do hosting using is that dedicated server.Here we have plenty of resources and customized add-ons. Hosting using dedicated server is done in 5 steps .

  • Select the server
  • Configure the server
  • Add the software to it
  • Pick a domain name of your interest
  • Checkout from here with hosting space

For domain registration we need search a lot for example .com or .org are any other else to be selected. Here are the list of some domain names as, .net, .org, .in, .club, .info, .guru etc.

From security point of view this bluehost does a lot. It provides the site from malware’s by using digital signatures and sitelock.The security feature bleaches here like a wave because it holds on all the threats and scans daily for intruders.It will fit for a perfect website.

If you want to become a member as who is using this blue host please Login Here. So that we can enjoy the blue host services to a maximum level by getting updates and alerts as soon as you logged in.