In this competitive world developing elegant websites which huge traffic plays an important. In order to gain high traffic and to track the views of the website here I am going to discuss the 5 best plugins to track and increase the site traffic as well as performance

SEOPressor Connect

SEOPressor is the plugin which takes over the control of wordpress SEO to a great extent. This plugin is provided with customization and optimization options for controlling the SEO in an very easy way. The SEOPressor puts together all the information of the website SEO insights under simple chart giving the viewers more clarity about the optimizations in the site. This plugin does the on page analysis, crawl control and link managements in the website.

SEO website audit


  • On page analysis: Your website can be ranked better with the help of on page analysis because the SEOPressor does the big data analysis and gives you the feedback , optimization suggestions if required based on the on page analysis signals.
  • on page analysis

  • SEO Intelligence: SEOPressor is the best plugin which saves alot of time for you by keeping all the information regarding SEO in one place for easy access.Here we can simply look at it for any problems and solve them easily without analyzing the whole website. We also receive some alerts about what goes wrong with your site and we can fix them.
  • SEO intelligence

  • Comprehensive Semantic Builder:It stands in high position in this internet web. SEOPressor is incorporated with this and makes your searching relevancy easy . It shows how your site is addressed on the internet.The SEOPressor helps you to gain complete control over how the search engine crawlers navigate your website. We can steer them as we like for better indexation control.
  • semantic builder

  • Link Management: It provides an optimized link control for the users to have a great browsing experience. SEOPressor helps in building the internal link structure so as to reduce the bounce rate and reader’s attention.
  • link management

WP Clicks

WP clicks is the amazing plugin used by most of the developers. WP clicks is meant for tracking the users and to increase the website traffic.


  • It is very easy to get installed in your site, it requires just single click to collaborate to your blog.
  • For this plugin it does not requires any coding knowledge
  • We can easily watch the real time recording of your site visitors.
  • In this plugin recordings are very limited to installations.
  • We can easily track the visitors access starting sign in to logout.
  • We can watch the folks in your site and can fix them at that certain moment.
  • It builds the website with high prospects because it will tell what they want.

Niche Builder

Niche builder

Niche builder helps in every aspect to get traffic to your site and promote the products in your website. It helps in giving you how better would be the website if one follows some credentials stated by them.


  • It gives you complete online marketing training regarding how would you increase the visitors to your blog and convert them as the buyer’s. It also tells you how to generate profit for your site.
  • It provides an amazing blog hosting on the wordpress. It will regularly check the website and fix the errors if any. As a whole it maintains the blog in a simple manner without any problems and keep daily checkups for our blog. So that even if you had a little fuss about the website you no need to worry.
  • It will keep the best software tools for your site to be ranked high and return tons of traffic. For example it maintains content management plugin in order to manage the content on the site and also it does keyword search for accuracy and optimization process. It provides link building and visitors analytics for effective functioning of the website. It also provides 24/7 support through live chat.

WP Subscribers

WPsubscribers plugin helps a lot to get more traffic by simply through the subscribing option on the site. We can provide this plugin pop up anywhere on the blog. By creating a powerful email list we can drive the repeated users to our blog. We can generate more income that is why many marketers focus on the email lists. Install the plugin, configure it and convert the visitors as the loyal subscribers.

Here are the plenty things to get blog subscribed by the visitors

  • By adding the pop up and the background should be dark.
  • If an users commented he then automatically get subscribed by your site.
  • By showing the hidden content and subscribing them.
  • The visitors who register get subscribed to our site.
  • By putting subscribe box in all our posts and even pages too.
  • By putting subscribe form in the blog anywhere you wanted.
  • It should work with all email service providers i.e aweber, mail chimp and the google feed burner.
  • The subscription pop up should be compatible with all the modern and latest browsers too.
  • By adding Facebook connection making the visitors to connect them.


The instabuilder is the best and smart solution for the marketers to earn more money and save time. It drives you a lot of traffic to the one’s site. Here the landing pages are very attractive which would grab the attention of the viewers and get down through our website.


  • It had very effective designs, tight controls, easier workflow and easy navigation for the online marketers.
  • By simply dragging and dropping the elements where you want to insert in your page.
  • It has some customization options to specific categories.
  • It is mobile friendly and catch the leads and sales the products.
  • It comes with different template designs which are very focused and attractive.
  • We had 100% control over each and every word.
  • It can mix and match the designs into single combo and can view them.
  • It is performed with a single click integration in the blog.
  • We can lock your content from firewalls.
  • We can make most beautiful pictures as the extra-ordinary pictures in it.
  • It had the graphics facility too.
  • Analytic feature helps to have a study of the information in your blog.
  • It will turn existing visitors as the leads by using the pop ups.
  • the count down timer helps in meeting the demands and customization options.
  • It is automatically integrated to 4 main social sharing medias.
  • It makes the landing pages as SEO friendly by the high level seo options.