How to book tickers to Disneyland Paris

Not every place can make you as thrilled and happy like Disneyland. Disneyland Paris is an amazing Disney park, you can’t afford to miss. You can book all types of tickets from the Disneyland app. It’s available as a free app in play store. There are one day and multiple day tickets as well.

The thumb rule is, the longer you play, the lesser you pay.  Moreover, when you book in advance, you may save cash. When time is a luxury, we suggest going with a 1-day ticket for both parks. Disneyland Paris tickets cost 87.95 euro per person. These are the tickets that entitle you to all the rides in the park.

Choose the right date and type of ticket from the app and pay using any of the accepted means of payment. The Disneyland app has a map of the park and more such useful information.

Getting to Disneyland Paris…

There are a lot of tourists from London to Disneyland Paris every year. Flights from London or Cardiff to Paris take no more than an hour. The double-decker trains from Paris to Disneyland are frequently available.

The one-way fare is 9.97 euro per person. The Chessy station, dubbed as Parc Disneyland is where you need to get down. As soon as you exit the railway’s station, you can set foot in Disneyland. There are two parks inside the Disneyland – Disneyland studios and Disneyland Park. Disney studios pack all the scary rides for grown-ups.

The Disneyland Park has all the Disney theme rides for kids, restaurants and shopping options.

Disney parade

Once you are in the Disneyland Park, prepare to be amazed. You can see all the Disney characters parade around. Every character is given a distinct smell and music during the parade. For instance, Peter Pan and Pirates of Caribbean smells like sea salt while the Main street smells like sugar. There is a crowd at either side of the road.

Though there are a lot of items to snack on, they are on the pricier side. For instance, a candy apple costs 3.99 euros and popcorn costs 6.49 euros. A popcorn bucket will make you spend 9.99 euros. In regards to shopping, you can shop from a wide range of Disney merchandise.

Needless to say, they are quite expensive as well. A Mickey Mouse toy is going to cost you 22.5 euros. Besides toys, there are souvenirs, character costumes, Disney themed showpieces and more.

Disney Park Boat Ride

If you can bear the long queue, you can enjoy their boat ride for which everyone is here for. Disney styled landscape and characters are on either side of the waters. The Hansel and Gretel residence will be the first thing to welcome you. You can enjoy viewing the miniature castles, caves and treasures.

There are a lot of other rides to take in the park. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride seems to be the crowd’s favourite. You can experience the pirate’s world in dark settings. It’s hard to distinguish between dolls and people here. At the end of each ride, you can purchase the coolest of souvenirs pertaining to the theme.

Disney Studio

Before proceeding to Disney Studio, grab a bite of some real food. A veg sandwich for 8 euros or Mickey Mouse waffle for 5.19 euros is the typical food you will find in the park. If you are accompanying kids, do check out the storybook store too.

Like we said before, the Disneyland studio is filled with grown-up rides. The rock-and-roll roller coaster and elevator of the Haunted Hotel is enough to pump up the adrenaline.

These are the scary rides, most wouldn’t try twice. Adam Smith’s Rock-and-Roll rollercoaster, in particular, has fast passes all the time. Unlike the park, you have some healthy food options in the studios. In our opinion, the pineapple whip and veg burger should seem fine for all.

Long Queues and Fast Passes

Concentrate on getting fast passes once you are in the park. The fast passes get you seated in the rides without waiting too long. Each FastPass is for a particular ride and for a particular hour. When you set foot in the magic kingdom, head straight to Big Thunder Mountain.

It’s the best ride that draws in the longest of queues. You can safely expect the queue too long an hour. When in studios, repeat the same process for ratatouille ride. There are some rides with no fast passes available.

One such ride, which is very popular is the Crusa’s Coaster. The queues here last at least an hour. If you want to do this ride, go for it as soon as the gates to the studio open.

Getting seated for grand shows

Any kind of money won’t guarantee a front-row seat for watching parades. You need to stay alert and grab a good spot an hour in advance. When you stand behind a trash bin or fence, you can avoid anyone standing before you.

In addition, you have something to lean on, after walking so much in the day. However, to watch nighttime decoration of the castle or fireworks, you can pick up any random spot. They are going to look as majestic from any place in the vicinity.

More tips and tricks…

The park opens at 8:30 in the morning and closes at 11:30 in the night. If you want to spend the whole day in the park, get plenty of sleep the previous day. You will have ample time to sight-see and enjoy the rides. Considering the long queues, no amount of time you spend here can belong.

Moreover, do not bring a larger than usual handbag or backpack. They usually get in the way of your ride and cause discomfort. In addition, consider comfortable clothing that gets you in and out of rides without much hassle. Bring in a handy deodorant to avoid being the stinky guy in the crowd.

Disneyland pass dates

Disneyland pass dates are a pretty useful concept in the Disney realm. You can visit any time of the year as you please, with an annual pass. They cost a lot more than a regular ticket. However, you have the flexibility of visiting Disneyland Paris at any time of the year.

There is a range of annual passes – discovery, magic flex, magic plus and infinity. With different passes, you get varying sets of facilities and benefits. You can purchase Disneyland pass dates from their website or by calling on +33 1 60 30 60 53. For large families, you can get 20% off from regular ticket price.