You can feel it everywhere: Christmas is coming. An atmospheric period full of warmth, cosines, and mysticism. In winter you can combine city trips with the cozy Christmas markets! Everyone loves colorful lights that appear during Christmas. Many European cities are getting ready again for the annual Christmas market. Read this article to learn about the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. Below, there is the list of the best Christmas markets in Europe you should definitely visit this year.  So, grab your gear, give your wife and your daughters at least a week head start to pack and prepare your motorhome for this long and tough, but amazing journey.

If your motorhome is one of the old ones, a simple toolkit can do the job. But the new ones, with the infamous lights on the dashboard, can be really hard to repair fast enough to not ruin your trip. Get a list of all local hotels and hostels that are close to the roads you chose. Download a car diagnostic app and a list of numbers to the local mechanics. It’s a great way to avoid being scammed, you are a tourist after all, and somehow the mechanic doesn’t speak English very well and a simple check engine light turned on on your dashboard can costs you thousands of euros, while it can be simply one of the popular error codes, like p0010 code, p0011, p0012, or a p0014 code. Grab your smartphone and use your FIXD auto diagnostics app to diagnose the problem and then show it to the mechanic. This way you are going to save lots of money, time and most importantly – your journey.

Twinkling Christmas lights in London

Just for the richly decorated shop windows, Christmas decorations in the streets, and twinkling  Christmas lights you should visit England during Christmas. Experience the ultimate Christmas spirit in the British capital. From mid-November,  London is transformed into a true Christmas destination. In the city, there are several Christmas markets to visit: the best you will find next to Big Ben at the foot of the London Eye. Step into the gigantic Ferris wheel and enjoy a nice overview of the market. Even up there you can hear the cheerful sounds of Christmas music. Also the Christmas market of Hyde Park, with the ice rink and the other attractions, should not be missed if you come to London with your children. The Somerset House ice rink is a great success every year for young and old. Christmas is a time associated with presents. Tradition requires giving presents to people that we love. Some are dreaming about a new laptop, others about a beautiful, handmade jersey, and others would like to get a new, awesome motorcycle helmet. Do not miss Boxing Day on 26 December. That day, most stores in the country hold large sales!

There is probably no one in the world who would not hear about London.

The Christmas markets in London are just magical. It is impossible to express it differently. The markets – some of the largest in Britain – look like real Bavarian villages. You will even find the markets hidden in Hyde Park. In London, you can do much more than just Christmas shopping. Go skating, visit the Natural History Museum, or just enjoy stunning city views. Combine this with a beautifully created Christmas Markets and you will experience a worldly Christmas.

The Christmas market of Dublin

The Irish capital is known for its nightlife and its unique atmosphere. Add a Christmas market to this and you have a perfect Christmas mood. Are you looking for a city trip and you want to combine it with one of the best European Christmas markets? Then fly to Dublin. Buy Irish handmade wooden products from or delicious seasonal products. You can also enjoy pancakes, mulled wine and other delicacies in Ireland. This market is relatively new and therefore it does not really have a specialty, nevertheless, it is very beautiful and you should visit it definitely.


The Christmas market of Vienna

Older Christmas markets than those in Vienna do not exist. The whole Christmas market tradition has arisen here. So it’s not surprising that you find the crème-de-la-crème of the Christmas markets here. The city has more than 20 markets, with a few very special ones. The Christmas village Maria-Theresien Platz embodies the Christmas spirit. If you go to this market in mid-December, the inner child will wake up in you. With big eyes, you will look at this market and the hundreds of lights which embellish it. Walk around for hours and admire the magical Christmas atmosphere of Vienna. The market at the Schoenbrunn palace is also highly recommended. There is an intimate atmosphere and you will find a large selection of craft goods. You can buy wonderful Christmas gifts there. No words will reflect this unique atmosphere. You must experience it yourself!

Mysticism and magic in Vienna

You will experience a magical Christmas in Vienna. This cosy city is at its best during the holidays. There are various Christmas markets in the city. The most famous are those at the Rathaus, where more than 100 stands bring you into a Christmas atmosphere, and at Schloss Schönbrunn. The Christmas market at the beautiful Rathaus is about 700 years old and is the most famous and oldest market in Vienna. Most Christmas markets open early in the morning, but they get magical especially when the night falls. The park next to the Rathaus is a real experience in the winter thanks to the beautiful decorations. Children can tinker Christmas gifts there, visit a Christmas express and have their Christmas card stamped by the helpers of the Christmas Market.

The Dresden Christmas market

The Dresden Christmas market takes place around the Striezelmarkt, but this is not the only location. Walk past the numerous stalls in Prager Strasse, all the way to the Elbe. You will love the Dresden Christmas market because of the showpiece in the centre: an 8 meter high, a climbable pyramid in the shape of a Christmas tree. You wouldn’t see anything like that anywhere else! In Dresden Christmas market, you can buy exceptional, hand-made, glass presents, which aren’t often encountered at the Christmas market. The Dresden Christmas market is really unique and you should unquestionably visit it!

The Christmas market of Brussels

The winter period is the best time to travel to Brussels. The Christmas atmosphere creates a nice ambience that you can feel in the whole city. This makes the Belgian town look even more gorgeous. The Brussels Christmas markets are nominated as the most original Christmas markets in Europe. There are so many stalls here that you can literally walk around them for days to make sure you don’t miss special stands. You can also taste the local delicacies at the stalls around Sint Kathelijne because these are true treats.

The Christmas market of Prague

Prague is one of the best tourist destinations, at any time of the year. Of course, you would also love to go here for the Christmas markets! The city has two large markets. If you have enough time, explore both markets. People’s favorite (and also the busiest) is the one on the square of the Old City. This Christmas market is very nice because all liveliness is concentrated around a large Christmas tree. There are live performances, a must for anyone who wants to have a beer in a cosy atmosphere in the evening.

Prague is a well-known, incomparable, and stunning city that everyone should visit during their trip. The incredible atmosphere of this city will enchant anyone who ever appears there. In winter, Prague looks charming and dazzling. Beautiful buildings covered with snow are surrounded by colorful, luminous decorations. If you are a fan of Christmas, you will definitely like the Prague city. The Czech Republic is well-known for its outstanding craft beers. During a visit to Prague, do not forget to taste these beer specialties offered by numerous, charming pubs. The Czech government is very liberal so maybe you can’t buy cannabis legally in a store there, but it’s everywhere and all you risk is a fine. A small price to pay for some good vibes in your motor home in the evening after a long day of driving. That is, of course, if you travel with your spouse and you left the kids with you mother-in-law.

Fairy-tale enjoyment in Budapest

Normally, Budapest is already a fairy tale, but in winter, snow-covered city gets a magical look. Budapest is always beautifully decorated: huge Christmas trees in the streets, illuminated buildings, and fairytale Christmas lights that are hung throughout the city. The traditional Christmas market on the Vörösmarty square is one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe with more than a hundred stalls. The locals find their Christmas tree here while the tourists stroll through the wooden log cabins. The smell of traditional honey biscuits, mulled wine and cinnamon can be detected from afar. The Christmas market in Budapest is also known for the many unique and handmade Christmas decorations.

Frohe Weihnachten in Münster

Traditionally, Germany is the country of the Christmas markets. The historic Münster is only seventy kilometres away from Enschede. This old Hanseatic city forms a beautiful backdrop in the cold winter months. Everywhere in the city, the delicious smells of roasted chestnuts and spicy mulled wine meet you. The Christmas market turns the old town into a winter carnival with more than 300 stalls. The Christmas market in Münster is spread over several locations. The Prinzipalmarkt is known for its beautiful lighting. On the Aegidii Market is a beautiful nativity scene, a six meter high decorated wooden pyramid and there is a chime every half hour.

There are many beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. It would be difficult to describe them all, because each of them, certainly deserves visiting. If you are a motor home owner, a winter trip through the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe is a great idea for a successful voyage filled to the brim with Christmas atmosphere. If you do not have your own vehicle, immediately buy a used motorhome or a new one and admire the Christmas decorations in the most beautiful European cities.

Remember that motor home travel requires proper preparation. Especially if you do it in winter. It’s worth taking care of the safety of your vehicle and yours. If you plan to park in crowded areas, buy stun gun, pepper spray, or other precaution. After all, nobody wants their beloved motor home being robbed during Christmas.