How to Choose an affordable venue for events?

Event planners are constantly bombarded with requests to arrange a great venue for any event. When they do suggest any such venue, their customers are immediately enraged at the price that the venue is charging. Venues take up more than 50% of the budget of an event and the event success depends 100% on the atmosphere of the venue, it is important that you give the venue its fair share of attention and consideration.

What To Look For in A Venue?

In giving the venue its fair share of attention, you are required to think about several factors that will help you gauge the suitability of a certain venue to your needs. One of the most important factors among these is the space that avenue gives you. You should have a rough idea of around how many people are expected to attend the event and choose a venue depending on this estimate. If you ignore this detail, you will soon regret it when your venue is either half empty or overcrowded.

Secondly, you should pay attention to the vicinity of the venue. The venue should be in a well-reputed locality or at least in a locality that does not have a bad reputation. If you want a lot of people to attend, you should take care of the fact that the venue lies in the city at an accessible location for most people. This leads to another point in the discussion, that is accessibility. I am considering this separately rather than just with the locality because accessibility also takes into account the ease of access with respect to the traffic. Furthermore, it includes an important feature, that is parking. Without a parking space, you cannot hope to attract many people because if they must make so much effort to walk to the venue after parking their car, they might as well not attend at all.

The Affordability:

However, none of the factors mentioned above hold the importance that the affordability does. If you do want an idea though, you could say knowing how big a venue you want is almost as important as its affordability, but then again, the space that you want is a factor that is used in determining the affordability of a venue as on 19 Greek Street.

As has already been mentioned, the venue takes over 50% of the budget, to make sure that the event has enough budget left for other activities, it is important to note that the venue must be affordable enough to have a great event. However, many people struggle at finding an affordable venue and settle for a venue that is above their affordability, but with few of these tricks, you could easily find an affordable venue:

1. Using Parks:

Parks are some of the cheapest venues available anywhere and you could easily just have a look at the place you want to rent rather than having to go there to see what the venue is like. Parks allow you an open space to carry out any activities you want and are great for events you want to hold in the evening or the night. However, you might have to deal with the weather and bugs that may pose a problem to a venue of this sort.

2. Schools and Colleges:

Schools and colleges are pre-designed to accommodate a lot of people and so you will not have any trouble when it comes to holding a lot of people. Moreover, schools and colleges almost always have huge, well-equipped auditoriums for presentations or addresses which makes it great for corporate events. Furthermore, perhaps the best feature about schools and colleges is that they will often agree to a lower or even no charge if you ask them to be sponsors in the event. So, although they take a share of the profits (depending on the terms of the sponsorship), you get to steer clear of the huge cost of venues that you would incur otherwise.

3. Days and Nightclubs:

The name pretty much tells you that the club is only functional in the day. This means that it is free during the day. Since the venue is free does not generate any revenue for the owner, you could almost always be sure that the owner will be willing to rent it out during the day and the rent will be minimal since you have more bargaining power.