Dayton was Silicon Valley of the 20th century. It was dubbed as the invention capital of the world. The city strived on its innovative spirit, even in its toughest of times. The resurgent 21st-century economy is reviving the optimism of its folks.

The growing technological edge is making businesses and startups thrive. It’s turning into a city for migration of job seekers, businesses and tourists alike. The city’s arts and culture are appreciated throughout the nation. People are fond of visiting this place, to enjoy its natural beauty and outdoor recreation.

Regardless of why you are here, you have top restaurants to dine and wine. Here, we present the 10 best restaurants in Dayton Ohio 2020.

The Pine Club

The Pine Club is loved by Dayton for almost a century. For restaurants in Dayton Ohio to be operating for that ling is so rare. The 70 years of consistency speaks volumes about the admiration of people for this place. This little place is identified by the country as ‘being Dayton.

The Pine Club changed the culinary scene in 1947, with steak as its staple. Except for Sundays, the pine club opens’ by 4 pm till dinner throughout the week.

Surprisingly, the restaurant has not changed a lot, barring the little tech and architectural advancements. It looks and feels as it did back in the ’70s and ’80s. The crowd, food and drinks have stayed amazingly the same.

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From vice president to layman, every customer is treated the same. For a classic example, Mr and Ms Bush waited half an hour for the food in 1988 in this restaurant.

Steaks and vegetables are cut every single day to ensure cooking with fresh ingredients. Celebrities, sportsman, politicians and VIPs have been regulars. Nevertheless, the common hard-working people create a life here at the pine club.

The pine club serves 8 tons of seafood and 40 tons of beef per year on average. Such is how busy and accommodating, this little place happens to be.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose serves the central and eastern European cuisines. They also specialize in some local recipes. The turnip soup is the speciality here. It has got a tomato base and a few spices added to it. Most of the dishes here are comprised of cheese and bacon.

The deep-fried chicken nuggets dipped in cream or butter sauce is just awesome.  It’s a very healthy and refreshing dish. The dishes here are homemade with ingredients sourced locally. The Lithuanian dishes are something, people are here for.  You can enjoy the good deals and family-friendly environment.

The Oakwood Club

The hardcore fans claim this place is even better than The Pine Club. Nevertheless, the former doesn’t bag as much national publicity as the latter. The Oakwood Club has earned the ‘Best of Dayton’ award recently. It has been operating since 1962. Though steaks are its staple, we encourage you to explore more. For a real treat, order the potato crusted Chile sea bass.

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This is another restaurant to bag the ‘Best of Dayton’ award in the ‘Best Vegan Dining’ category. They are one of the pioneers of farm-to-table culture in Ohio. They create an unusual mix of ingredients, one wouldn’t normally combine. The result is just magic, in both taste and flavour. The dishes are much superior to the sum of its parts.

Coco’s Bistro

They have got three venues in just two decades, just south in downtown Dayton. They finally found their ‘permanent paradise’ on Warren Street. The dining room packs utmost ambience, comfort and space. The Scampi shrimp & pasta is a must-try. They are the runner up for ‘Best of Dayton’ award in the ‘Best Vegan Dining’ category.

Jay’s Restaurant

This iconic restaurant has been around since 1976. Located in Oregon Historic District, it includes a bar that has been around since 1882. With seafood as its forte, the restaurant offers delicious and exotic meals. It possible, don’t miss out on an opportunity to attend their wine dinner or special wine luncheon.

Corner’s Kitchen

Corner’s Kitchen is owned by the couple, Jake and Natalie Skilliter. They are both experienced chefs, even before starting the restaurant. You shouldn’t miss the burger and fries, for the world. Alternatively, you can enjoy a tasting of their four-course meal. They work perfectly based on their cuisine. They crafted their menu so well to bring a range of flavours.

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El Meson

They travel the world to bring the best of Central of South American cuisine. It takes time and effort to read their entire menu. The food is processed super quickly here. When it comes to processing speed, they are the best. We officially warn you that Sangrias and margaritas here could turn to be a regretful addiction.

Salar Restaurant and Lounge

Salar Restaurant and Lounge brings the fusion of Peruvian specialities and Mediterranean style of cooking. The result is one of the finest cuisines on the planet. The cocktails you find here are amongst the best in Ohio. During the warmer days of spring, you can enjoy wine dinner and a special 5-course menu. However, you need to purchase tickets online to attend a special wine dinner.

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The Winds

The Winds has blazed the trail in the farm to table concept. The culture didn’t exist before the founders started purchasing directly from farmers of Yellow Springs.  They started getting fresh and local organic vegetables and fruits from the farmers. They make dynamic changes to their menu regularly. We suggest trying out any of their duck dishes if there is one on the menu.

Summing it up…

Dayton, Ohio serves all the popular cuisines from around the world. In addition, there are plenty of vegetarian as well as pet-friendly restaurants in the city. Moreover, it is not an over-priced city, in comparison with cities like New York or Las Vegas.

You can enjoy a decent meal for just $20. Restaurants such as The Pine Club has transformed into iconic destinations. Make sure to check out the handpicked restaurants in our list for some real good meals.