“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. ”

Money is to lead your life with comforts, but travelling makes cherished moments in your life. As your life is to short you need to enjoy the beauty of the world.

Humans by nature will settle down with some conditions and restrictions. They think that the place where they live is complete. They are not willing to face the outer part of the world. They just think that how the world would be and how the people should be and in what way they need to interact with them.

As human beings, we create a boundary around us and perceives the wrong things. We are welcoming the world in an unreasonable way. I always pull back myself in case of any traveling trips.

I am the person who had such convictions about the world. With my narrow mind, I had judged the humanity of millions of people around me. I had lived in this perspective for the period of 27 years. I could not open my eyes until an opportunity arises to travel. The traveling which I continued after 27 years opened my eyes with a good perspective on the world. The unplanned journey reminds me how truth I was about the world with close-minded on the culture and humanity.

My Unplanned Travel journey to Indonesia:

#BlindList Experiences to the new world.

I was twenty-seven years and working in well reputed IT company. Our head office is located in Indonesia. We were two members of our project. My cousin got the opportunity to go to abroad i.e Indonesia for work. He prepared all the arrangements for his journey. Just before one day left to his journey he was in a situation where he could not make move to abroad. My Manager gave this opportunity to me and said that I should definitely go to the head office.

Got struct and could not even smile a little bit.

What makes me such embarrassing about the new opportunity.

“And then there is the most dangerous risk of all- the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.”

Here it is!

Yeah, I am the person who didn’t even travel to many places in my own city without any accompany. I was totally scared of the new country where I have to be. You can simply imagine the sense of fear accompanied for traveling alone. I was new to the country with different culture and language too.

I couldn’t even decide myself whether I can accept the changes are not. I was totally scared and asked the manager to replace another member. He said it’s not possible and there is no time for us. The situation demands the company reputation you should definitely go. Without a second thought, you should pack your bag and all the arrangements for travel, visa papers will be arranged by the company.

I was cool to some extent but not total.

I continued my unplanned journey to Indonesia by saying yes to the world with the prospect of all will be fine. I had landed at the airport. My journey starts here, where the new people welcoming me into their city. For the first month of my journey in this city, I was a little bit scared to talk with the new people.

After my three months journey in the city, walked through the cherry blossoms, many temples, historic places, cool weather, Bandung with beautiful botanical gardens, zoos, and varieties of culinary offerings. In my journey, I had met with the people who are different than me in every aspect such as eating, clothing, and talking. The people are very interactive and treat as their member. Then I realized how my perspective in perceiving the world. It’s entirely different for them.

I was very much impressed by their friendliness.

I gain started thinking what makes the difference between me and them. It was the way they receive the world. One should be open-minded to explore the new adventures, thrills and discoveries existed in the world. It’s the responsibility of the humans to think wide and open. Just close your narrow lens towards the world and pay attention to the natural beauty of the world.

After long working hours, in order to refresh myself, I started walking in search of a cool climate with natural beauty. I was so excited about the journey with the new lifestyle. Each and every day I met new people, their culture, beliefs and their open heart for the newbies to the city.

During my project, I was occupied my home in Bali. It is a living postcard where you can feel like an Indonesian paradise. You can experience a wonderful journey in Bali with the attractive sightseeing places like the sunset on the soak of a fine sand, tropical creatures, warship on the shore, jungles, stone temples which resembles the creativity and the crawling monkeys.

I can get through the perfect place for cultural dance performances in Ubud. I can also find the yoga classes to make peace of mind. In order to explore the beauty of the city, I traveled to Lombok. It is the perfect place to find good accommodation along with sightseeing places. It’s the place of beaches with sunset and sunrise, resorts etc.

I found an exciting place i.e Yogyakarta which boosts up with architectural stunning. It is the place of the cultural hub for traditional and modern puppetry. The Hindu temples which look as if they are hand drilled sand castles. In sultans place, you can see the grid music box filled with different kinds of ornaments. It is the land of arts and handicrafts too.

open minded

If you plan to visit Indonesia then you should definitely plan for Jakarta the capital city. It is the chaotic and most crowded city. It is a home to millions with a mixture of poverty, languages, wealth and cultures. I had experienced a better nightlife view. It is the land of amusement areas with waterparks, SeaWorld, beaches, and Golf courses.


In the event of experiencing wonderful journey, I was totally filled with happiness. I couldn’t even imagine that I was struck some ever in a crowded place in Jakarta. But soon I recognized that I lost my way and got scared.

In a fraction of second, my attention shifted towards my smartphone. As my journey is too long and had taken several photos, the battery was low and switched off. I was totally confused about what to do. I could even dare to speak to the strangers. I ran here and there to check out the way I begin but could not found. I bashed myself for being reckless and careless in an unknown place.

Suddenly, I found someone talking in English. But I could recognize them in the heavy crowd. I was upset and couldn’t make a move. All the people are speaking in their native language Bahasa. One of stranger came to me and said that he was watching me the past 3 hours onwards.

He asked me about the problem I was facing.

But as he spoke in Bahasa Language I couldn’t understand anything.

I think he understood my situation and gave me the phone.

All of a sudden glow ignited on my face and grabbed the phone with more anxiety and curiosity to call my office colleague.

I told him that I was struck and could get back. My phone was switched off.

He said don’t worry, please give the phone to the person belongs to.

I had given the phone to the stranger, though I could not understand his language, I think he is telling the address of the place where I had been.

My colleague booked a cab for me. I was very thankful to the stranger as well my friend. Within a few minutes, I had been to my living room.

My homeowner who is of 40 years with a good sign, approached me asking about why being late. I restlessly replied and said all the unusual thing happened. He was very much pleased and told me to be careful while traveling.

I was totally tried and could not prepare my dinner or even cannot make a move to the restaurant. Just lapped down on my bed with severe elbow and leg pains.

Suddenly I could hear someone knocking the door, irritatingly I  stood up to open the door.

It was my owner’s wife and his daughter.  The girl was handicapped with a bright look on her face. They prepared the dinner for me and brought it. I was very much thankful to them and their affection to the unknown mankind. I could now really realize how the world is all about, and how the people were. It is full of humanity and destiny.

When  I ate the food I felt as if I was at home. The food was really tasty and I enjoyed eating it. We started discussing about our families.

In meanwhile I asked about their profession and what they will do.

The owner replied saying that his husband runs an orphan home. My daughter with his disability nature was facing several problems.  She helps her father in the orphan home. She was very open-minded and in spite of his situation, she struggles hard to get success. We never felt her as a disabled person as she does the things perfectly. She had a strong desire to welcome the world, which is of plenty of opportunities.

The girl with a smiley face said I am the person who accepts everything with positive. I can definitely be the success if I work hard in any field. She said every person should be ready to accept the changes in spite of any situation.

Her way of conviction and perception makes me think twice. In such a small age with full of prosperity and concern for others.

I said its really fantastic and lovable to spend time with orphans. Because they think that we are their possession and had a deep bond with them.

She said that physical disability is a problem if you think mentally well. She is very intellectual and said that if you won’t accept your strengths then you will be mentally disabled.

I was faded up with her surprising words about the life.  Hereafter I had realized that our life is full of inevitable changes all you need to do is to accept them.

In my unplanned journey, I had come across my things. A girl facing disability was eagerly waiting to get success in life. A stranger with humanity helps me in spite of different culture, the language he spoke. The hand drizzled sand castles, modern arts, and handicrafts etc. In a close view, I had experienced how the people struggle to work hard to feed to their families. I had come across a person who adopts the orphan children and takes of them.

I had seen a women shivering under a tree with the high fever. Some people who had passed by her side had taken her to the nearest hospital.

The exotic beauty of the beaches with sunset, waterfalls, resorts, hotels and cultural dance performances all of which makes me more admirable to be a part of this world.

It’s all about an unplanned Travel journey shows me. It shows me the real world with different heritages. My journey made accept the people around me, their histories and culture. It teaches me all about humanity and kind-heartedness. To my inner view, I realized that in spite of differences in culture, languages, food, skin tone etc we all are possessing some fined grained qualities in equal amounts. They are love, affection, respect, friendship, and humanity.

“One should be open-minded to love the world.”

To travel is to explore the country nativity and beauty. So #SayYesToTheWorld

Revealing this universal acceptance is the biggest success of my travel in Indonesia.