In 2016, global traffic-related deaths were more than 1.35 million, making it the eighth cause of death. Despite the alarming statistics, road safety is yet to get the attention it deserves. Fleet safety is a growing concern for many truck owners. 

Commercial fleet accidents are costly. With accident settlements and possible vehicle write-offs, fleet managers should prioritize fleet safety. It’s crucial to incorporate approaches to help your fleet drivers remain safe.

How can you protect the drivers in your company’s fleet to keep them on the road safely? Find out how to maintain a safe fleet with these tips.

Discourage Distracted Driving 

Distracted driving is one of the primary causes of truck accidents. Commercial truck drivers are likely to face several distractions while on the road. You need to warn your drivers against engaging in potentially distracting practices. 

Some truck drivers use their cell phones while driving. With the growing technology, using a mobile device on the road is inevitable. Yet, drivers might get carried away with text messaging or surfing through the internet. 

You should have policies discouraging any behavior bordering on distracted driving. If need be, you can have dash cams to monitor your fleet drivers. Unsafe driving can threaten the drivers and other occupants’ lives and still cause the company loss of money. 

Use Technology

Advancing vehicle technology has enhanced road safety. However, they are far from perfect, and complementary safety approaches are paramount. Over-reliance on technology can impede a driver’s judgment, especially in extreme weather conditions.

One of the technologies for a safe fleet is the antilock braking system. With this feature, a fleet driver can control the direction of the vehicle automatically. The antilock braking system changes the wheel’s brake fluid pressure to ensure the brakes perform optimally.  

Electronic Stability Control is another technology that acts as a speed sensor on the wheels. The system can detect when the vehicle starts to move in the wrong direction. It prompts the wheel to brake. 

Encourage Drivers to Rest

One in every ten crashes results from drowsy driving. Nonetheless, the issue of tired drivers has gained little attention as compared to distracted driving. Your fleet drivers should have adequate rest to promote safe driving. 

Encourage your drivers to install apps for rest stop locator. Apps can help a driver know some of the safe places to pull over and rest. Google Maps and apps such as the USA Rest Stop Locator can prove useful.

Drivers should rest when they feel exhausted. It’s better to have to deal with unanticipated delays than costly fatalities. 

Have Safety Incentive Programs 

Constant motivations and rewards for high safety maintenance can make your drivers embrace more safety measures. Safety bonuses, perks, and attractive payment plans are great ways to motivate your drivers. The programs can reduce employee turn-over besides motivating safe driving. 

You should inform the drivers about the safety incentives during performance appraisal. However, drivers must know that fleet safety is also for their benefit. The safe road practices shouldn’t solely focus on the perks.

Proper Vehicle Maintenance

A safe fleet should also involve reliable vehicles. A driver, regardless of the level of professionalism, can face significant limitations if the car doesn’t operate optimally. You should embrace regular inspections of vehicles and preventive maintenance to ensure that your fleet operates at the best level.

With proper maintenance, your fleet will be durable and highly efficient. Check the tires to know if the grip is still firm enough. Deal with any defects such as worn-out linings on the brake systems.

Failure to practice proper vehicle maintenance can cause severe road hazards. Scheduled truck maintenance is one of the best practices you can embrace for your fleet company. You don’t have to wait until your vehicles get worn out. 

Driver’s Defensive Driving Course 

When your employees undertake a defensive driving course, they can avoid and prevent some accidents. Your fleet drivers might have the skills to drive safely through any highway. But other road users might be practicing unsafe driving. 

Defensive driving techniques can help drivers to maneuver amidst other road users. You can incorporate this course as part of driver empowerment. Conversely, request your drivers to take an online course on the same.

While every tip is essential, driver safety should be a priority. Your drivers should be your primary concern when it comes to safe driving.

Monitoring the Behavior of Drivers 

Monitoring a driver’s conduct on the road deter several unpleasant occurrences. You can track your driver’s mileage to help fuel conservation and safety. Some drivers often over speed, which will end up being costly for your business.

A tracking system enables you to access a truck and driver from a mobile device or a desktop. You can also install automated alerts to notify you of any speed violations. With continuous driver monitoring, you don’t have to worry about safety maintenance or a driver’s productivity. 

Constant Talks on Safety

Regular reminders on safety can prompt your fleet drivers always to embrace safe practices. You can email weekly safety tips to keep guiding your employees. The drivers might forget everything, but the tips will continuously be on their minds.

Safety talks shouldn’t be a one-off topic. In fact, you can have signage on each truck ‘drive safely’ to act as a reminder to the driver.

Annual safety conferences will keep you knowledgeable on the standards, strategies, and technologies promoting fleet safety. In such events, you can network with other business owners to know the latest safety features. Your employees can also take part in the conferences to gain more insights on fleet safety. 

Fleet Owners Often Hope To Have a Safe Fleet

Commercial trucks can have a potentially fatal accident. That’s the reason most fleet owners keep strategizing on how to maintain a safe fleet. The drivers have the highest role to play in road safety. 

As a fleet owner, ensure that your drivers have adequate knowledge of road safety. You can incorporate several technologies to enhance drivers’ safety. 

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