Creating your website is a tricky process. So, it is essential for you to choose the best web designer for your site. However, if your company is not big enough you to have web design experience, then building your website will take time. Also, working with a web designer is no longer an easy task. So, consult Brandon web design and read the following questions which you must ask your web designer to get a perfect design along with hitch-free experience:

In which Technology Do You Work?

As every web designer has a specialisation in different technology so, it is crucial for you to ask your designer about the technology in which your designer works. Find out whether the person has experience in content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal, or works with raw HTML. Also, ask whether your designer has created similar websites in the past or has relevant industry experience. However, make sure your designer must have experience in e-commerce hosting if you want to sell products through your site and accept credit card payments.

Do You Know How to Work with Search Engine Optimization?

Most small businesses do not want to hire a separate digital marketer to work on search engine optimisation (SEO) because of less budget. So, it imperative to know if your designer has experience in SEO. Also, a sound designer knows design and SEO go hand-in-hand. Therefore, hire a designer who could write clean code for search engines utilising cascading style sheets to get your content indexed in the leading search engines such as Google.

Do You Know How to Work on Social Media Marketing?

Nowadays social media marketing is in a boom so, ensure to hire a designer who along with your website could also set up a Facebook page for your business and design a customised Twitter profile. These features are essential to mesh the social media properties with the design of your website. Also, your site and social media pages must complement one another.

What is Your Process for Designing a Website?

Make sure you ask your designer about the process he or she uses because only an experienced professional know the difference between designing and building of a site. It would be great if you also learn building a website is a highly technical process; whereas, designing a site is a highly creative process. Therefore, find out the method to be used before considering a designer.


Getting recognition on the W3 is especially hard in a niche market because you only have a few seconds to assure a visitor to stick long enough to learn about the quality of your services and products. However, keep in mind if the web surfers do not see the required information on your home page, then they bounce. So, it is vital for you to ask the top questions mentioned above from your designer before finalising a person to get a perfect website. Also, in case, you would not repent later in choosing the right person for your site.  

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