Planning to make a logo for your new business venture? We are here to the rescue!

There are hundreds and thousands of companies who are working on the same niche. There is a huge rat race going on, and every company is trying hard to distinguish itself. Every brand attempts to create an element that is unique, attractive, and relatable.

Whenever we see a brand, before even reading its name, unconsciously we look at its logo first. Reason being visuals are easily registered in one’s mind. And that’s why a ‘Logo’ is necessary for a brand.  Every company, be it small scale or large scale, a logo is a prerequisite. Here are a few reasons that advocate the importance of a logo:

  • It creates the identity of a brand.
  • It helps the brand differentiate itself and get identified by the target audience.
  • It also ensures that the audiences are not confused with its competitors.

Now that we are aware of the importance let’s hop on the tips to help you with the designing part.

The groundwork

The first step is all about thinking and thinking deeply. Think about what your brand is all about, what is it going to communicate, who is going to be the target audience and how the brand must be perceived? These are simple questions but very challenging to answer. Once you answer these questions, you will be able to determine the overall idea of the logo.

Rough Outlook    

One idea is never enough, and that’s why it’s almost impossible to design a logo in one shot. If you are falling short of ideas, take help from the internet, you can find a lot of design inspirations from

It’s always a good idea to make rough sketches with a pencil. It gets easier to record different ideas and changes. The final design can be recreated in the digitized form in the end.

Even if you are planning to hire a graphic designer, making your own rough sketch is a great idea. You will be left only with the work of the digital device, saving time and money. The pen and paper method is very effective as the designer also gets to know exactly what you want.

The Symbolism

Your logo needs to symbolize what your brand sells. It must be relevant for the activities it reflects. Imagine a colorful umbrella-like logo for a car company. Absurd, right? Put the most appropriate rationale in the logo. These days ‘minimalistic’ logos are in trend. They are the least complex, therefore easy to remember.

The color also plays a crucial role as the human mind is very responsive to visual stimuli. The color of the logo must also be related to the niche of a brand. It should echo the vibe of the brand. The correct usage of colors brings about layers of meaning.

Recall Value

We mentioned ‘minimalistic’ logo on the previous point. Simplicity is the USP of a Minimalistic logo and simplicity is an aid to recognition. A well-designed logo with the right structure and right colors can help the brand get the necessary recall value. The audience must recognize your brand instantly, that’s what it’s all about!

Strive for difference

Try making a logo that is different from the rival brands. Your products are the same as the rivals, at least your logo will be different. If the competitors have typographic logos, make a different logo altogether. Develop a unique idea for your brand to help it stand out. A different logo won’t make your job more comfortable, but it takes a lot to buck a trend.

The logo has to be a perfect blend of unique and balanced choices. It can be a graphic, textual or a well-created combination of both. Anything that helps the audience connect to the brand in the right way qualifies as a good logo. A logo too cliché will reduce the chances of the brand to make room for itself in the market.

Think of a Broader Identity

Suppose you are handcraft chocolate selling brand, and you make a brown-chocolate-bar-icon logo. But what if you plan to diversify the venture and start selling cakes?

It’s going to create a lot of trouble. Changing a logo is not an easy thing, it’s almost like diminishing the identity of the brand and starting afresh. Don’t make such a mistake. If there is any possibility that you will expand your business with a new line. Think of a bigger picture, don’t create a logo that restricts the opportunities for expansion.

Avoid being too Literal

A logo doesn’t have to be too literal. It can be an indirect representation or an abstract figure. In fact, abstract logos have better chances of sustaining in the market. Consider the logos of BMW, Mercedes, Audi. They do not have a car in their logo, but their logo is can be recognized in a blink of an eye. You can follow the same footsteps. You can also create an abstract logo so that as soon as anyone sees the mark of your brand, they quickly identify what brand it is. Not being literal contributes a lot to the recall value as well.

These were the points that need to be kept in mind while planning to make the logo for your brand. We have told you the approach and the other necessary elements, but creativity- it’s a subjective thing! We can only suggest to think a lot and make an innovative logo while using all the tips mentioned above.