Designs have helped us generate art and appreciate various formation, which has made them part of our lives. Our perception of the designs has come a long way because initially, they were overtaken by vivid colors and others that were out of this world.

However, in 2020 we are familiarizing with the new changes that have grown to be more abstract. The abrupt shift is a response to the consistent use of the previous designs that are no longer into use. The designs that were once part of the trends in the older days have become a normal course of action that is used by several corporations.

It is essential to understand the essence of styles that are on constant movement as they help at keeping graphic designing relevant.

To remain afloat with the transitioning taking place in the world of graphic designs, here are ten topmost visual design trends ruling the year 2020.

Linework and shapes

Today, designers aim at surpassing the envelope in 2020 through projecting geometry in different ways and styles using rigid shapes that were previously unnoticed. Also, the forms have been transformed into flowing shapes that keep moving alongside moving lines.

The technique reveals the illustrations to be simple, down to earth within video animations that bring life in simpler forms. It is both authentic and aesthetic in connecting the viewer’s right after appearing. This design works best for enterprise companies because they incline professionalism and rigid graphics.         


The trend was thought to have come to an end in the past. But instead, it was on the verge of revamping and come back into the industry in 2020. It is the primary trend when it comes to developments basing on the principles to use for more significant benefits.

Its main goal it drawing attention towards the main elements that convey the message to the viewer. However, the trend is confined to specific colors, primarily black and white. Yet, many brands have seen other ways of incorporating different color schemes to make it more interesting. These increase possibilities and not constraining them. 

3D designs

Graphic Design Trends

The 3D configurations are one of the most outstanding graphic design as it creates exquisite images that plunge in-depth viewing. Besides, its demands increase within the business industry for films, logos, or something bigger. Although it appears so worldly, people still get attracted to it.

And because the 3D designs bring s everything to live through offering a unique outlook, it makes the audience feel like they are grabbing and sensing, which makes it more appealing. 


This is a greater way of expression through the most sophisticated manner. This is because most of the companies opt to go for the techniques that present their brands through more natural ways that the viewers will easily grasp.

Animations are used on the front pages where the brand logo keeps in motion shortly after becoming static. Animations help to showcase the effectiveness of the brand in a more clever way that is both unique and professional.

Most of the brands opt to use the whiteboard animations in the presentation of their products and services to their customers. It achieves this by offering an effective bridge between two parties by allowing them to bond and understand each other through better means.


Weak designs are repulsive for the viewer hence fail to maintain the required attention span to the audience resulting in a more significant loss. This is the exact reason why the gradient came into place.

Over the past recent years, there have been transformations within the ideologies of h0ow colors should be used when it comes to art formation. When passed through several experimental tests, the gradient is found grounded in the implementation of graphic designs. This has made it propel very well in 2020 design trends.

Interactive advances

Whether it is windows or slides, transitioning between pages changes the colors and sharpness. This helps the designs to interact with the user while attracting them as well. The main aim of this is to acquire the attention of the viewer and lure them into appreciating the visual aesthetic.

Also, the interactive advances designs influence the audience to allow images to grow into them, which ignites their interests and curiosity. When used for the posters or websites, the viewers will get interested in knowing more about the information they are sending, leading them to further exploration.

Tranquil illustration

Graphic Design Trends

Illustrations help the companies to protect their assets, by disabling others from copying their illustrations. This helps them stand out in the social media platforms as the7y manage to retain their viewers.  But following the growth of the industry, illustration is becoming common as well.

This has greatly impacted influential hence increase in the competition, making it a necessity for being unique. The good thing regarding the illustrations is that they can be customized to align with the topic context of the specified brand.

There is no need to use the bland stock photos as you can easily opt for illustration without the use of social media platforms to be them into the brand competition. Therefore, it is vital to form illustrations that can be comprehended by the viewer’s, primarily if they used for business purposes.

Muffled colors

In the past decade, there has been a rise and fall in colors within the designs. Different brands have been trying to strategize unique color schemes to set them apart from their competitions to enhance individuality for each. From this, different unique colors have stepped into the new realm where the muffled color schemes which more is projecting than the brighter bold colors.

The muffled colors have got slight desaturations with black and white colors contradictory to the vibrant colors. Markedly, the muffled colors are on the rise in 2020 and can be seen as texture with its edges curved blunt. With this in mind, the muffled colors complement all the neutral colors when set together to blend perfectly. 

Isometric designs

Isometric designs refer to the three-dimensional objects that are rendered through the help of a two-dimensional effect. Day by day, this trend is becoming common in businesses since it allows the viewers to explore a wide range of universe within a small scope space.

The best thing about these designs is that it does not consume extra time or effort to form these designs or study. It can be applied to merely demonstrating the influence of programs or basic outlook. 

Organic aesthetic

 Another trendy graphic design in 2020 is the organic aesthetic that focuses entirely on natural images, earthly colors, and calming lines. The designing elements become paired back with the effort of portraying simplicity and honesty.



 For more innovation and creation, graphic designers are playing around with the topography in support of their composition. It is for this reason that 2020, the topography trend is literary flourishing as we can easily see the new in-depth of the graphic designs.

All the designs are being decorated with geometry shapes, creative elements, and colors. It is this artistic typography that offers you the perfect solution to drawing the attention of the viewers.


The design trends in 2020 are not only diverse but also impressive. This is because we are experiencing amazing design work, which is improving day by day in terms of typography, color combinations, past retro-0style designs among the other listed designs. Don’t wait any longer, learn these design trends earlier, and bring growth into your career line. 

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