People say that AR (augmented reality) will be more common than VR (virtual reality). Among them, we can see investors, analysts, futurists, companies, mobile app developers and technologists.

However, since recently, everyone is constantly hearing about VR, especially because of a launch of the projects such as Google Daydream, PlayStation VR and Oculus Touch, the AR technology may be perceived not so close but it’s not something from the cyberpunk future. It is our reality and we can use it right now to make many things simple and convenient.

You will be amazed by the huge list of AR application possibilities. But a huge part of them can be implemented only in the future. It will happen in about 10-15 years. To begin with, it is necessary to clarify the difference between VR and AR.

If you are sitting in your office wearing a headset and suddenly you are surrounded by a beautiful virtual world it is undoubtedly VR. While AR overlays digital elements and objects on our reality.

Today we have many designers working in mobile app development and bringing to life truly excellent apps that make us feel like in a magical world. Just remember Pokemon GO. If you walking down the street and suddenly on the road appears Dragonite then this is exactly AR.

Nintendo made a fortune due only to one AR mobile application. Specialists working at the augmented reality app development company are one of the most demanded on the market.  

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People used to look with admiration at the technology shown in science fiction films and now these technologies are becoming commonplace due to developers around the world. Augmented reality is capable to do a lot and using the technology we hope to make life simple and convenient both in the professional environment and in everyday life.