Those born today will never know the technological struggles people faced. Real technology was only used by government offices like NASA and was not found in a typical family home. Fast forward to today, and technology is everywhere, and its momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Regular people, as opposed to billionaires or scientists, have access to some of the newest technology. Whether they use it to automate their home through smart devices or automate business systems through small business purchase order software, everyone has access to new technology 2019, It is a great year to be alive, indeed! Here are some ways that new technologies 2019 have simplified our day to day lives.   

Smart Homes

While voice-controlled, smart devices aren’t brand new, they are seeing a surge in 2019. Nearly everything in your home can be automated and controlled through devices like Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. Instead of having to manage applications on your computer or a mobile device, smart home hubs allow complete control with nothing but your voice. 

Updating to a smart home can get pricy, but it can also be done in stages and according to your needs. Smart hubs can do everything from turning on your lights to locking your doors. What we’ve seen recently is the inclusion of routines. Some smart hubs have a built-in process for routines, while others can be combined with third-party applications, like If This Then That. 

Routines allow you to set a series of actions based on a single command or input. For example, imagine coming home to a house that jumps into action at your arrival. As soon as your phone connects to your home WIFI, entryway lights turn on, your favorite music begins to play, and a text message is sent to a friend letting them know you’ve made it home.

Moreover, what if when your alarm goes off in the morning, your coffee pot starts brewing your favorite roast, the thermostat changes for while you’re away, and an audible notification reminds you of your to-do list, weather, and traffic conditions? Smart homes do more than make you feel like you live in the future; they can save your time but can add additional security. Home security systems, cameras, and even door locks can be monitored and controlled while away from home.

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Living in the Cloud

Cloud technology goes back to the early 1990s but has made some huge leaps in the past couple of years. Instead of storing software and data on your local hard drive, this information is being held on a server known as the cloud. Users can access data from multiple devices without having to transfer files. 

Cloud computing often results in huge savings at home and work. Instead of investing your time and dollars into hardware, software licensing, set up times, you can take advantage of cloud-based applications. These typically don’t require new equipment, come with subscription fees, and don’t require complicated installation processes. Cloud computing also offers more flexibility over traditional computing. You are also protected in case one of your devices comes up missing or broken. 

Where cloud-based applications really shine is with the increased ability to share and communicate. Imagine that you recently returned from a vacation with a few friends. Of course, everyone was taking pictures the entire time. In the past, each person could create an online album to share their particular images. Someone who wanted to view the entirety of the trip would have to look at several galleries to see everything. The cloud allows multiple users to collaborate on a single photo album. Now, everyone’s pictures are in the same place and accessible by all. 

The ability to collaborate also allows for more flexibility at work. Businesses are now able to hire the best candidate, even if that person isn’t in the same geographical location as the company’s headquarters. Group work can be made of teams across time zones. Cloud-based applications allow organizations to share notes, work on projects, share files, hold meetings, and more without disrupting the typical workday.

 Everything is accessible

While cloud computing is making it easier to share data, newer technology is also allowing people greater access. Online education and video libraries have been around for years, but we’re starting to see technology that enhances the experience. Imagine attending a class or meeting where, instead of merely walking into a room or logging into a conference, you were more involved. Through an amalgamation of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and high-speed networks, you can work with others as if you were in the same room. This combination of tech means being able to shake hands, collaborate on a lab project, and work closer with people than was possible previously. 

Language is also more accessible. While it still might be everyone’s goal to learn another language, it’s not an easy task. New technology has given us in-ear translators that can be used on the go. Difficulty understanding and being understood is no longer a barrier to seeing the world. Advancements in GPS technology have also made it easier to find the things we want. We can plan a trip in advance or just look for ideas on the fly. 

To the Beyond

While some of the most life-altering technology in 2019 comes from improving existing tech, we can also look forward to what is to come. Emerging technologies are moving towards being more sustainable. Biodegradable plastics will soon start to make their way into our homes. By using plant waste material, companies are beginning to create plastic that doesn’t have to end up in a landfill. We also see new developments in fertilizers that are eco-friendlier. These green technologies may not seem to impact your day today but are just the start of necessary changes that shape how we live. 


It would be impossible to name each and every new device that is simplifying our lives; technology is moving far too fast. We can, however, notice the different themes that permeate our homes and offices. This new technology aims at making our lives easier by making it more automatic and accessible. At the same time, we can look forward to new technologies 2019 that will not only make our days more comfortable but will improve the quality of our lives. We no longer have to dream about the future, because the future has come to today. 

 How do you see emerging technology improving your day to day life? Share your ideas by leaving a comment below.