Thanks to climate change, every year millions of people around the world are getting affected. Natural disasters like floods are becoming more and more common. These natural disasters are globally affecting billions of people. They have destroyed more than $1 trillion worth of property. The Call for code is an initiative which focuses on how to help people during these natural disasters. 

Developers around the world are working to improve disaster preparedness by building new products. 

What is #CallforCode?

IBM Call for Code is a campaign started by IBM and David Clark Cause. IBM has been associated with Call for Code for more than 5 years. The Call for code is a global challenge which invites developers from around the world. These developers work on creating an efficient solution for natural disaster recovery, response, and preparedness. 

The solution will be open source. Thus, anyone around the world can use this technology. The winners will get expert assistance in open source teams like The Linux Foundation, the Red Hat foundation, and the IBM’s own open source team.

Campaign Objective

Call for code mainly focuses on providing an efficient solution for natural disaster response, recovery, and preparedness. 

If you are a developer, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. You can use IBM cloud technology to create your own applications. Last year, more than 100k developers participated in the Call for Code challenge. They answered their call last year. This year, you should #answerthecall.

Are you a Developer? Then You Should Definitely Participate in #CallForCode

If you are currently a developer, then Call for code is a perfect platform for you. You can solve the world’s greatest problem by participating in Call for code challenge. During any natural disaster, healthcare plays an important part. Without proper healthcare, millions of people could die. Thus, you can create open source technology related to healthcare. This will reduce the risks of disease in affected areas. The victims can use your technology to get psychological support. You can provide them with important data and emergency care. Thus, you can save millions of lives.

IBM will also let you use their technologies. You can work on various technologies like Artificial intelligence, data science, and Blockchain. If you are interested in machine learning, then call for code is perfect for you. You can use machine learning to create new technologies. These technologies can help millions of people worldwide. 

How to Participate in the Call for Code Challenge 2019

You can follow below steps to participate in the call for code challenge:

  •   First, open Call for code official website in your browser.
  •   Click on Accept the call for code challenge.
  •   After that, you need to create an IBM cloud account. Your whole team will only have a single account.

You can have up to five members of your team. If you don’t have team members, then you can use coder forums to find members. It is advisable to participate in this competition with a team. You can use various forums like IBM coder community to find members for your team.

Only the team leader can submit the solutions. The team leader will receive an email once he has submitted the solution. If you want to replace or update the old submission, then you can need to create a completely new submission. The last date to submit your submission is July 29, 2019. After that, you can’t submit your solution. Your last solution will be considered as your final entry. 

Getting Started for Call for Code

You don’t need to participate alone in this challenge. It is advisable to gather your other coder friends. Also, you don’t need to anything from scratch. First, you need to come up with a unique idea which can solve people’s problems which are connected with natural disasters. 

Once you have come up with a unique idea, you can use IBM technologies to implement. There are various IBM technologies available which can help you. You can use their machine learning technology for deep learning and other complex technologies. 

IBM Technologies which will Help You Create your Solution

As we have discussed before, you can use various IBM technologies to create your project. You can directly implement these technologies in your project. We have discussed some IBM technologies which you can use in your project:

  1.   Blockchain

Bitcoin and other alt-coins use blockchain technology. You can use blockchain technology to create a supply network. This network will be completely secured from hackers. You can easily trace the whole network.

  1.   Artificial Intelligence  

Artificial intelligence is the future of our world. You can use AI bots to improve communication. Artificial intelligence can automatically process all the languages.

  1.   Machine Learning

You can use deep learning and machine learning to create complex projects. 

  1.   Data Science

Data Science is trending nowadays. You can use it to analyze and understand dangerous situations. Thus, you can predict how much medicines you need to supply in the affected area.

  1.   Traffic and Weather

You can try to predict natural disasters by studying weather patterns. Thus, you can help people before they are even affected by natural disasters. 

  1.   Internet of Things

IoT or Internet of Things can analyze and collect device data to take preventive or corrective actions. 

How does society gets benefitted?

The main aim of Call for Code is to build solutions which can reduce the impact of natural disasters. In the future, these solutions will be deployed to the world. Governments around the world can use these solutions to reduce the impact of natural disasters.

This will help millions of people who are affected by these Natural Disasters. Natural Disasters are inevitable. But, we can use technology to reduce the impact of these natural disasters.

The developers around the world are trying to create a positive impact on the world. They are trying to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges which can affect millions of lives. The open source community has accelerated the advance of new technologies. Thus, technology is becoming more and more powerful every day.  


The winners of Call for code will get $200,000 USD in cash prize. The first and second runner ups will also get $25000 USD. The third and the fourth runner up will get around $10000 USD in cash prize.

The winners will also get full support from the Linux Foundation. You can find potential investors and turn your solution into a real thing.

IBM Call for Code 2018 Impact

Last year, Project OWL won the competition. The project has been already implemented in various countries. The project was built with the help of IBM cloud. It uses the latest Weather Company APIs to learn about weather patterns. The IBM cloud lets them get data and analytics through the cloud technology.  Project OWL allows responders to manage the natural disaster. It also helps them in collecting resources. 

Every year IBM Call for code projects is impacting in the world. You can #answerthecall this year and save the world.