Are you running a commercial business website?

Not getting enough leads and income from it.

Well, here is a great solution for all your revenue generation.

You can increase the leads, sales force, customer interactions, organize your contacts with the help of one of the great inbound marketing agency i.e Hubspot.

Hubspot is a great solution for your online business to generative excessive income.

Hubspot comes with free tools and you can upgrade to pro as you use them.

what is HubSpot?

Hubspot is a developer and marketer of the software products for inbound marketing sales. It was founded by Brian in 2006. The Hubspot products and services mainly aimed to deliver content marketing, web analytics, SEO and social media marketing, etc.

Tools offered by HubSpot:

Hubspot launches 4 tools. They are

  • 1. Hubspot CRM free
  • 2. Marketing Hub
  • 3. Sales Hub and
  • 4. Service Hub

To be more specific Hubspot rely on the platform of marketing, sales, customer service and CRM software to help all business to reach their target.

1. Hubspot CRM Free

Have you ever think about why you need to pay for CRM when you had the chance of using free Hubspot CRM. Hubspot CRM is 100% free. You can easily organize, track and nurture your leads and customers. You can get everything needed to build a relationship with your customers. With the free HubSpot CRM, you can easily manage your pipeline and speed up your teams forever.

With the automated tasks helps the salespeople do more deals and fewer data entry. Interactions are tracked automatically and deals are displayed for total visibility. You can easily sort out the deals and filter them. Hubspot logs each and every activity automatically whether you are on a call, or email or on any meeting.

You can easily get through the information of the contact at one place. Hubspot CRM offers free tools to chat with customers in real time. The Hubspot CRM skyrocket your productivity as it syncs every data with your inbox to increase the sales.

Features supported by Hubspot CRM are:

  • It does content management and contacts insights.
  • You can do email scheduling, tracking, maintain records and support live chat feature.

Pricing of Hubspot CRM(Free):

Hubspot CRM helps to build deeper relationships with the contacts and you can enjoy its features for free. It helps for the many starts and growing companies to lay a foundation for their business. It supports unlimited users, free forever and stores all your data.

Hubspot CRM offers no free trial, as it is 100% free to use. So simply Sign up here to enjoy the related services of the Hubspot CRM.

2. Marketing Hub

Hubspot acts as the all in one inbound marketing software. It supports your recklessly to launch effective marketing campaigns which makes people interested in your business. With the Hubspot inbound marketing software, you can grow your traffic, convert leads and prove ROI.

With inbound marketing, you can execute your inbound strategy and prove your ROI. It helps to attract more visitors to your pages, convert more leads, close more deals and delight more customers.

Here is what Hubspot marketing comes all together.

  • Build and modify your website without IT.
  • You can make your content appear in front of the right people.
  • You can easily drive more traffic to key landing pages
  • You can convert more visitors into qualified leads.
  • You can turn those leads into customers with little efforts.
  • You can track your customer’s records automatically and organize them.

Pricing of Marketing Hub:

Marketing hub helps to grow more traffic and convert your web visitors.

One can run inbound marketing campaigns at scale with automation.

It also supports free as well as premium software.

It includes 3 plans. They are:

  • 1. Starter plan: 35$/Month
  • Professional plan: 800$/Month
  • Enterprise plan: 3200$/Month

You can also enhance your plan with some special add ons as well.

In order to enjoy the free version of marketing hub tools and software, you can sign up here.

3. Sales Hub:

The sales hub of Hubspot comes with time-saving sales tools you can start using for free. You will be notified when your lead opens your email, track every interaction automatically, organize all the activities from the Hubspot sales software. Initially, you can start for free and upgrade as you grow.

With Hubspot sales hub you can uncover more new leads, manage your pipeline, close deals much faster than previous and connect with more leads. With the premium sales hub, you can sell more and work less.

With a sales hub, you can enjoy the following things.

  • you can automate outreach without being impersonal.
  • you can create and share the templates for best performance among your teams.
  • You can maintain regular follow up flawlessly.
  • You can land more and track pipeline.

Pricing of Sales Hub:

With a sales hub, one can easily connect with more leads.

It contains complete sales toolkit, advanced automation, AI and custom reporting.

Sales hub includes 3 plans. They are:

    • 1. Starter plan:35$/Month
    • 2. Professional Plan: 400$/Month
    • 3. Enterprise Plan: 1200$/Month

Sales hub software mainly delivers the targeted leads and to enjoy the free features offered by it sign up by clicking here.

4. Service Hub

The Hubspot service hub is the platform where it helps the customers to easily connect to their brands. The service hub tool makes your customers happier and grows your business much faster. The more customer service experience your business gains the more profit margins can be estimated.

Service hub comes up with all the tools required to delight the customers. They deliver an organized customer experience which gives complete answers and effective help.

By using this platform you can connect with customers with their own terms, improve customer satisfaction and grow your business on a large scale. It also turns your happy customers as loyal promoters of your business.

Hubspot growth platform with the above mentioned 4 services functions extraordinary. You can enjoy a free version of the tools and can upgrade to the premium software also.

Pricing of Service hub

Service hub to make happy customers.

It includes 3 pricing plans. Namely,

  • 1. Starter plan: 35$/Month
  • Professional Plan: 400$/Month
  • Enterprise plan: 1200$/Month

Service hub with it’s highlighted features and software brings many happy customers to your website. So grab the chance to enjoy the free version of the service hub software by clicking here.

Hubspot can be integrated with all the apps, tools and software that you use in everyday life.


In my sense, Hubspot is regarded as the evergreen inbound marketing platform to boost your sales and grow your business. It helps to extend your business venture with the tools and software provided by it. Each and every software by Hubspot delivers some specific goals for business growth.

So irrespective of the business size everyone can use their platform to earn the best and possible output.