EaseUS hard drive recovery software Wizard Review:

Two kinds  of people exist in the world.
1) Those who back up the data on their Hard Drives.
2) People who will have to learn to back up their Hard Drives because they lost all their previous data.

If you are part of the second category who’s been a victim of a terrible virus that corrupted your windows and left you data-less, then you need not worry.

Available for Windows PC and Mac for their OS, The EaseUS hard drive recovery software is a free program which helps to recover lost data in Hard Drive which was formatted intentionally or unintentionally.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is no doubt the best data recovery software on the market and the best part? It’s free to use. This free to use software helps you in recovering media files like videos, images, audio, documents, and emails which were formatted along with the HDD or deleted from the computer and the removed recycle bin or the Hard Drive was infected with a virus that leads to the formatting of the Windows.

EaseUS Data Recovery software can recover more than a 1000 types of files of audio, video, document and email formats and also formats such as ZIP, ISO, and RAR.

Using EaseUS hard drive data recovery software:

Using this freeware is very easy, and the whole process is very user-friendly.

Step 1:

Download the program from HERE and Install the program on your computer.
Caution: Do not install this program or add any data into the folder where the data was lost and needs to be recovered as windows tend to overwrite the missed data backups when new files are moved there.

Step 2:

Run the program, and follow the troubleshooter, Read the terms and conditions thoroughly.  Guide the program to the folder from where the data is to be recovered and click ‘Scan.’

Step 3:

All the files which can be recovered are displayed, you can choose what to recover.
There are two modes of scanning, Quick and Deep mode.
Quick Scan is fast and doesn’t display some files while Deep Scan is a bit time consuming but finds even the deeply formatted files.


Step 4:

Now you have to select which files you wish to recover and choose the directory to save the restored data.
Then wait for EaseUS hard drive data recovery software to do its magic.

Now your files are restored, Don’t forget to back up your Hard Drive now.


In this age of technological advancement, no mountain is too high to climb and no ocean too deep to reach.

So if you think you’re in trouble that you deleted that folder of your family vacation pictures or videos.

Maybe lost an important document deleting some computer junk and think that it’s over, all hope lost.

Not to worry as EaseUS hard drive data recovery software has got your back and can recover even the files which were lost long ago via a virus which corrupted your operating system or the user removed it by accident.

The best part of EaseUS Data recovery is that it is the best hard drive recovery software on the market due to its user-friendliness, and it comes with no strings attached.