Our digital lives have become so engrossed with information and trivials that our attention span has declined drastically that even a goldfish outruns us by 1 second. (Studies suggest humans have 8 seconds and goldfish have 9 seconds of attention span).But what I know is that in this 24/7 world, people want to get more information on demand, that too really fast.

Especially in this time when brands have started to realize the power of customer-centric products, it’s really important to comprehend the real intention of customers. Well, apart from hiring high-profile sales representatives or brand influencers that can bring traffic to your website – Think for a second, wouldn’t it be easy to help thousands of clients with chatbots?

Yes. Chatbots.

Don’t forget – Smart brands and businesses are already using them because

– They help customers find information fast.
– They educate customers regarding anything i.e. product or service.
– They assist the customer while making the purchase.
– And the cherry on the top, they will improve conversion rate greatly.

Especially, if you are running an online store; trust me – chatbots will help you boost eCommerce sales with voice technology.

This is why

I’m going to delve into some of the ways that you can learn how to drive traffic to your website using chatbots.

Customers’ Questions Should be your Focus

The key difference between a brick-and-mortar store and an eCommerce store is that in the former one, customers have to take the help of a salesperson when they couldn’t find their desired products on shelves. In an eCommerce store, it is the responsibility of a customer service rep or a Chatbot to help customers.

Chatbots Drive 10X Traffic on your Website

Whenever customers ask a question, use this information to iterate the Chatbot for better communication with the customers. Use the phrases and words that were used by the customers in their questions to help them find quick answers to their queries.

In a physical store, customers simply ask questions and they are directed towards their section where they can easily find a product or service of their choices. But a chatbot unfolds a whole new set of possibilities for the online shoppers. You can modify the script of the chatbot and it will boost sales.

At the same time, it can better understand the customers’ intentions and could provide valuable suggestions as per the situation.

So, whenever customers inquire about anything to eStore owners – they can iterate that information to iterate the chatbots for better communication with the customers. It will be good for a website to use phrases and words that are used by its customers in their questions. As a result, chatbots for your online stores can help your customers find quick and clear answers to their queries.

A Flavor of Advice will Help your Customers Significantly

Good advice is a strategy in the world of the internet to help shoppers or anybody to find effective solutions. Unfortunately, the majority of website owners think Chatbots are robots, so no need to listen to them.

On the flip side, Chatbots are far smarter than us (human beings) – Are you wondering, how? They instantly identify the nature of customers and they can quickly understand their actual needs. They are just there to add some flavor of advice to answers.

Like an intelligent salesman, not only do they, direct buyers, to their desired product or service, but also they refer to some incredible products, but don’t forget: this all depends upon the programming of a chatbot. So, when people don’t mind getting really good advice from sales guys, then not a Chat – if it’s doing great for customers’ favor.

Make your Buyer Cycle Obstacle-Free

An easy buyer cycle is indispensable for the success of an online store. No customer wants to become bogged down with unnecessary processes while purchasing from your online store. It’s a hindrance in the buying process which repels your loyal customers and competitors might benefit from your shortcomings.

It will be really helpful for you to use chatbots for giving customers precise answers related to their problems. And believe me, any online store can minimize shopping cart abandonment.

For example, a customer might ask, ‘Can you ship goods overseas?’, maybe ‘Do you offer a complete refund or partial?’ – These are ordinary questions that can help customers make the final decision of buying the product from your eStore or hiring any service from its business website.

Chatbots can Drive More Organic Traffic

Now, businesses try their hands around email marketing to drive website traffic.

Likewise, you can design a similar experience with a Chatbot with your estore or a website for more productivity.

Better schedule interactive and engaging chat blast with your existing and future customers and Chatbots will do their part of marketing for you.

However, always send specific messages- like advertisements for new products or anything which could help your website.

On the other hand, recipients will get relevant messages according to their interests, demographics, and preferences, etc.

Long story short, you can use Chatbots to drive more organic traffic, but it all depends on your strategy and execution.

Engage the Customers with Multiple Answers

Undeniably, we prefer to connect and buy from the experts. Now is the right time to showcase yourself as an ‘Expert’ and it is too easy, just benefit from the magic of ‘Chatbots.’ Practically, when we are stuck in the problems, we head to experts and take their advice.

Because we believe not only will they deliver solutions but would also present alternatives to choose the most suitable products for benefits in the long-run. 

This form of questioning builds a culture of trust among the customers and engages customers to listen to the expert without overthinking about the quality of the product.

For instance, if a customer asks a Chatbot, “Do you have engagement rings?”, or “From where can I buy an engagement ring?”, you can take this information and feed it to the Chatbot to answer in a variety of ways. For instance, the chatbot may prompt,

For example, if a customer inquires about a Chatbot, ‘Do you sell engagement rings?’, or ‘What would be the best engagement ring for me?’, you can feed this information in Chatbot to answer in many ways. For example, a chatbot might say:

‘Which color and design you’re looking for in an engagement ring?’


“Would you like to buy a customized engagement ring at discounted rates?”

To speak to your visitors’ minds, it might ask,

‘How much are you willing to spend on your engagement ring?’

Not only will these questions open new opportunities for the brands, but also they can help customers make an informed purchase since more people are inclined to respond to the queries of chatbots, without doubting them. Plus, it can drive more traffic on your website.

Don’t Forget: Your Answers should be Short and Professional


Being lectured upon is a big turn-off in the eCommerce world and business websites selling services. Always remember: Short and professional answers turn prospects into clients.

Unluckily, chatbots can worsen the shopping experience for any customer, if they’re not programmed in the right way which will badly affect your image as an online store. It might increase the bounce rate.

Well, excessive information could be okay with a blog or website, but when it comes to Chatbot for eCommerce stores, it will not be good at all because customers want their solutions fast. They don’t enjoy long conversations. All-in-all, be professional and short in answers and help your clients.


Important Hint: Take your time out to read to conversations between your customers and the chatbot, by this, you’ll be able to strategize to make your Chatbots more customer-friendly. 

There Should Be a Feedback in their Words

Feedback fuels the power of a brand. No brand can rectify flaws and improve without feedback.

The Chatbot can provide you with a lot of information on the words that customers use in their conversation.

Not all customers can be friendly; sometimes you will have to dig down to understand what they want to convey. Familiarize yourself with statements, analyze, and work your way to improve customer engagements with Chatbots.

For example, read those conversations that end up abruptly. Why has your customer left giving without any review, and feed this information into data of Chatbots?

Final Words

Now, businesses are spending heavily on technology to deal with increasing customer expectations, growth and demands. In addition to the creation of highly personalized experiences, Chatbots can ensure a good presence for a website across the internet.

eCommerce stores are using Chatbots to improve client retention and drive more traffic. Take the information that customers are giving, use that for your advantage.

Rest assured: a Chatbot will strengthen your relationships with customers. They will have a good time shopping from your online store and will become your permanent customers.

Plus, well-programmed Chatbots will escalate chances of lead generation and maximization while mitigating bounce rates.

Do you use a chatbot for your business or are you planning to use one soon? Feel free and share your thoughts in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

Author Bio

I am John Lawson, Head of operations at Golpik Inc. It’s a technology company that excels in Web development, App development, Ecommerce development and much more. I manage overall marketing activity for the company. I write creative content that engages audiences with a wonderful experience.

My articles provide valuable information to readers that groom them in all aspects.