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Top 5 Apps for Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency was initially developed as a form of digital payment, but due to its technological superiority, it soon gained widespread prominence. It transformed into an asset class which attracted investors rapidly. Due to its rapid rate of growth, the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency scaled unprecedented heights. However, to fully capitalize on the trends and maximize your profits, you need to be always on the toe. Cryptocurrency trading apps are quite handy in such scenarios. Similar to online platforms using blockchain technology for predictions like, these apps provide a real-time update of the market trends and allow to perform transactions 24/7. Let us a look at the Top 5 apps which have been hugely popular in the market.

  1. Binance

Binance has been considered as one of the best platforms by experts and users alike. Since its inception in June 2017, it has managed to carve a niche for itself by providing all cryptocurrency related services under one roof. What worked in favor of Binance was the low trading fees that it charged from users. Apart from this, it also provided users with discounts based on BNB, which is its ERC-20 token.

Binance works seamlessly on all platforms like Windows, MacOS as well as Android. The app has managed to garner an appeal due to its easy to use interface which seldom faces a glitch. The app is multifunctional and can be used to buy, sell and perform all the activities in between. One can also view their trade history, and open orders using equivalent US dollars. The limit order, market order and stop-limit functions further add to the convenience of making a trade on the app.

Even though it supports over 370 trading pairs, it is yet to be made available for iOS. Barring this fact, it is one of the fastest growing application with more than 1 million downloads.

2. KuCoin

Popularly dubbed as ‘the people’s exchange’, KuCoin is considered as one of the most loved apps for the trading cryptocurrency.  It offers one of the lowest trading fees at 0.1% and tops it up with the option of paying the trading fee using its token, KuCoin Shares. The most amazing part about having to pay through KuCoin Shares is that every token allows you to gain dividend from the company’s profit which is quite similar to buying shares in a company. It is only expected that you hold on to these shares. It is also quite probable that your profit from dividends can help you nullify the cost of the trading fee as well as help you earn a few extra bucks.

It offers various services on its Android and iOS platform like buying, selling, withdrawal and other allied functions in a similar fashion as its website. It is a great platform to access the less popular coins as it supports over 350 coins. NEO holders are benefited greatly on this platform, as it pays GAS for these users.

3. Tab Trader

Tab Trader is a diverse platform as it acts as a trading terminal for more than 20 exchanges which include Binance, Coinbase, HitBtc, Gemini and Bitstamp. In a short span of a few years, it has managed to acquire over 400,000 users. Due to its ease of accessibility, users from over 178 countries trust the platform.

The platform is highly secure as all the information about user accounts are managed through an interface which is unified. The best part about using Tab Trader is that you do not need an internet connection to receive push notifications. It offers all the functionalities of a trading platform like stop-loss, take-profit, limit order, market order, and settle positions.

One of the security aspects that it offers is cryptographic encryption of user data. This limits the access of the platform and disallows direct access to a user’s funds.

4. Coinigy

Coinigy moves one step further from its competitors by offering a trading platform which lets your simultaneously perform transactions across 45 exchange platforms using a single account. The functioning of the platform is quite similar to that of Tab Traders except that it provides users with wider access to various exchange platforms.

‘With great services comes greater price”, holds true for this platform as the free trial is limited for 30 days. Post the end of this free trial, users have the option of buying the premium version, at $18.66 per month, if paid annually. One can also gain access to the professional API after spending an amount of $99.99 per month. The subscription unlocks a host of exciting benefits like unlimited trading without any additional fees, backed by robust technical analytics. It provides users with high-definition charts and real-time market data for helping them make an informed decision.

5. Robinhood

Robinhood is a cross-platform exchange that lets you dabble between stocks and cryptocurrency. The distinguishing feature of the platform is that it does not charge any commission and enables you to perform transactions without having to maintain a minimum account to get started.

The fund transfer on this platform is instantaneous which helps you avoid the hassles of waiting for your funds post the sale of your stocks. It is a platform which is great for both beginners and seasoned investors alike as it supports all significant cryptocurrencies across 20 states in the United States. The only downside to this platform is that it only not insures stock investments and does not ensure crypto investments.

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