YouTube is one of the biggest websites in the world and currently stands on top as a video-sharing platform. It is owned by Google and visited by over 2 billion people from over 100 countries. All this success is not accidental.

YouTube has earned its place by offering the best value to its users that they couldn’t find anywhere else. Here I have some of the best benefits this platform has offered to this world. 

Find All Kinds of Content in Video Format

YouTube has the biggest database of videos. You can literally find videos on everything. No matter what information you need, as long as it’s legal, you will find it on YouTube. It’s not even a problem even if you need the content of this site in a format other than video. YouTube can’t allow any content other than videos because it’s a video-based platform and this is its main goal, but you can simply convert them using

Most people charge you for something useful they offer; however, that’s not the case with YouTube. It offers its service and access to millions of videos free of cost to everyone. All it asks you to do is not block a few ads they show in the videos. These advertisements encourage this platform and its content creators to keep doing the good work. 

Educational Videos for Students

Millennials no longer like their schools, universities, and teachers. They believe that their educators are not even qualified to teach them. While this may sound bad, it’s actually a sign of development. You find plenty of great educational videos on YouTube. The tutors on those videos may not be teaching at a university, but they have real experience and skills. After watching their tutorials, students can’t help but compare them to their own teachers. 

Many universities like Stanford and Harvard also have YouTube channels and they upload many lectures for people all around the world who couldn’t attend these esteemed institutes. This is helping the world become more educated and learn from the best in the world. These teachers on YouTube are not there for the money. It’s their passion to share their knowledge and that makes them better than those highly paid PhDs in schools. 

Courses to Develop Professional Skills

It’s not just your school syllabus that is taught on YouTube. There is a lot for professionals as well. No matter what profession or field you belong to, this platform has something useful for you. If you want to learn a new skill, YouTube is here to help you. You will find a professional series of tutorials that teach you everything from A to Z. Whether it’s gardening or machine learning, there are experts sharing their knowledge in the best and most engaging manner on YouTube. 

While the credit for this effort goes to these content creators, we can’t help but thank YouTube for providing this platform and encouraging everyone to share the best of content. It’s not just one person you will find on this site sharing his tutorials. There are many people teaching the same course in different styles and languages that best fit for at least one audience. 

Fast and High-Quality Music

YouTube has become the biggest source of quality music even though it’s not its primary service. It focuses on all types of video content. As most music albums are launched with a video for more engagement, they easily find their way to YouTube. These albums are now uploaded on YouTube before any other platform. 

There are people who just want to enjoy the music in audio without watching the video as it kind of overwrites their own version of the story running in their mind while listening to the music. While it can’t offer just the audio of music, you can convert youtube to mp3 using other great tools without compromising its quality. 

You Can Share Your Knowledge with the World

There is no YouTube policy that shares you must hold a college degree before you can share your videos with the world. We all have expertise in something. It could be experienced in the professional world or secret recipes to cook the most unique and delicious foods. You will find millions of people who would be interested in your content. YouTube has given this platform where everyone can share his knowledge to make this world a better place. 

A Great Platform to Build Brand

YouTube has such a strong plan that covers all types of people around the world and becomes their need. No one thought just a website that shares videos has become crucial for businesses all around the world. It’s one of the biggest social media platforms and offers the best service to help businesses build a brand. People get to learn about different business while watching videos. Usually, even advertisements you see during the videos are also designed to attract you. There are even other advertising approaches like useful video content that provide value to the viewer while spreading awareness about a brand. 

It Never Lets You Get Bored

People say they open YouTube and find themselves hours later watching something they never thought their entire lives. It’s not a coincidence – this is how YouTube works. Becoming the best video-sharing platform and attracting billions of users isn’t possible without using extraordinary genius approaches. 

It is simultaneously running algorithms in the background to suggest to you the most relevant videos. You keep watching more and more videos once you open it because you keep finding interesting topics. This makes this platform a great way to pass time and say goodbye to boredom. 

Allows to People to Follow their Hobbies

We are way too caught up in earning money and barely making a living. We follow strict routines and rarely find time for ourselves. In this struggle, we even forget who we are and what we like. Many of us don’t even get the time and energy to talk to ourselves and ask if we even like something. YouTube has provided a platform that lets people again follow their passion and also make money from it. 

You do it for fun so you actually enjoy it. If your content is useful, you will attract a lot of people who would watch your videos and appreciate your effort. Your job doesn’t feel like a job and you get the best work done when you love what you do. When you are good at what you do, nothing can get in your way of success. 

Marketing Opportunity for Businesses

YouTube is an integral part of all digital marketing plans. Whether it’s about getting sales, building a brand, or using affiliate marketing, there is nothing this platform can’t do for a business. People are more likely to watch a video than read a text and it’s much easier to engage the audience with a video. This ensures that all businesses get the best conversion rate and return on investment. It even allows businesses to choose the demographics of their target audience like their age and gender to reach only the most relevant people.