It is important to have more than one partition of your hard disk. If you have only one partition, then you are at the risk of losing your important files. Thus, you must have multiple partitions on your computer. But, it is difficult to create partitions of your hard disk. Hence, you need a viable tool to manage partitions. In this article, we are going to talk about the AOMEI Partition Assistant.

AOMEI Partition Assistant is a free disk partitioning tool. It has all the basic features of partitioning tools. AOMEI also provides some advanced features to its users. You won’t find these features in any other partitioning software. It is supported on multiple windows version. You can even run it on old Windows XP.


AOMEI Free Partition Assistant is currently compatible with Windows only. You can run it on any Windows version. According to specs, you can run it on old Windows XP computer also. But, you should upgrade your Windows to the latest version for the best version. If you are using another operating system, then you can dual boot your computer. Most partition tools are not compatible with multiple OS. These kinds of tools are deeply integrated with the operating system. Thus, you need different tools for different operating systems.

User Interface and Setup

It is easy to set up both the Professional and free backup software edition of Partition Assistant. You can quickly set up the tool. The Professional edition of Partition Assistant comes with two different installers: the standard partition assistant and the Dynamic disk manager pro. You can use the Dynamic Disk Manager Pro to perform dynamic operations on your hard disk.

All these programs are portable. Thus, you can easily move them from one computer to another computer. All you need to do is copy their installers in your flash drive. After that, you can install it on any computer you want.

The user interface of both the version is same. In the standard version, you can’t access the paid features. Once you have bought the Premium version, you can access all the premium features. Some basic features of Free Partition Manager Assistant are:

  •    Disk Copy: You can copy the contents of one drive to another drive.
  •    Extend Partition: You can increase the size of partition size of any drive without any data loss.
  •    Partition Copy: You can copy all the data from partition to any other unallocated space.
  •    Partition Recovery: You can easily recover the deleted partition files.
  •    NTFS to FAT converter: You can change the format of partition without losing any data.
  •    SSD Secure Erase: Partition Assistant lets you wipe the whole SSD drive.
  •    Wipe Hard Drive: You can also delete all the data from your drive.

These are some basic features offered in the Partition Assistant. There are many more features offered in the Premium edition. You can also create quick partitions in the Premium edition.

Performance and Speed

AOMEI Partition Assistant runs without any issues or bugs. You can run it even on old computers. AOMEI Partition Assistant has to do complex processes like creating and managing partitions. Still, it can do it effortlessly. It is one of the fastest Partition Tool available in the market.

Some complex operations depend on multiple factors. For example, the performance will depend on your SSD drive or hard drive. If you have an SSD drive, then AOMEI Partition Assistant can create partitions faster. It will also depend on how large are Partition Magic drives. But, the basic functionality like modifying and creating partitions will only take a few minutes.



You can get the Premium version for free. There are no limitations on the usage. If you want to use more complex tools, then you can buy their premium-priced version. You can modify, delete or create partitions with the standard edition. Thus, you can do most of the work from the Standard edition.

If you are an advanced user who wants more tools, then you can buy the Professional edition. The professional edition will cost about $44.95. It has many advanced tools which you can use to create partitions. You will also get dedicated technical support from the AOMEI. If you have a business, then you can go for the Professional edition.

Customer Support

AOMEI provides great customer support to its users. You can check the support page to get help from AOMEI. They have also created tutorials to help their users. You can read tutorials about the AOMEI Partition Assistant to learn about the tool.

If you are an inexperienced user, then you can quickly learn about the tool. The Premium edition of Partition Assistant offers many advanced features. You can contact the customer support of AOMEI if you have any issues regarding the functionality. Most of the other Partition tools don’t provide documentation to their users. Thus, people end up deleting their hard drives. AOMEI provides great documentation and support to its users.


AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is a perfect disk portioning software for server backup. It will provide you all the basic partition and disk operations. The user interface is easy to understand. Thus, anyone can operate the tool. If you are a normal user, then you can use the Standard version. The Standard version is completely free to use.

The Professional edition can perform some complex actions. But, most casual users don’t need advanced features. You can change the serial numbers in the professional edition. If you are an advanced user, then you can purchase the Professional edition of Partition Assistant.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional edition provides various extra options to advanced users. You can perform complex operations on your hard disk. The Professional edition will also allow you to make Quick Partition. If you don’t need to manage your disk or need dynamic storage, then you don’t need to buy the Premium version.