If you don’t back up your files or data, then you will definitely regret this decision in the future. You can lose all your photos, videos, music or any other important documents due to a computer crash. Sometimes your hard drive can crash. Thus, you will lose all your important data. That is why you should always keep a copy of your important data.

There are many ways to backup your data. You can store your important files on DVD, CD or USB drive. But, the best way to back up your data is by using cloud technology. There are many services available in the market that will save your files on the cloud. Hence, you can recover them from any computer.

You should use multiple methods to backup your data. But, it is hard for anyone to manage so many backups. This is where backup software shines. They allow you to do automatic backing up of your data. It will backup all the data in the background. Thus, you can continue your work without any interruption.  

There are many paid backup software available in the market. But, we have found free backup software. It offers various unique features to its users. AOMEI Backupper will allow you to back up your files, hard drives, and even system partition files. It has a very simple user interface. Thus, anyone can use it without much technical knowledge.

  1.    Features and Interface

Backupper has a very simple user interface. It has a retro style. Even beginners can easily use it. There are some little bugs in the interface. But, they will be resolved in the future updates.

Backupper Standard is completely free. But, still, it contains a lot of unique features. You can backup your files, clone your disks, and even do syncing with Backupper. The best thing about Backupper is that you can schedule your syncing. Syncing won’t back up all your computer data. But, it will backup all the important files on your computer. Thus, you won’t lose your important files.

You can also image your entire partition or drive. Thus, you can restore your entire hard drive. If you are using the premium version, then you can also merge different images. The best feature in the premium version is system cloning. You can clone your whole computer data using it.

Backupper will provide your free upgrades for lifetime. The professional version of the Backupper is cheap compared to other tools. If you are buying multiple licenses, then you will get a good discount. You can use the free version for business purpose also.

  1.    Performance

Aomei Backupper Standard is the fastest backing up the software in the market. It will backup your whole partitions and disks in minutes. Backupper will backup your whole data in the background. But, it won’t consume much of your CPU resources.

Backupper Standard version only spawns three processes in the background: scheduler, shadow copy, and the core. On the other hand, other backup software spawns up to six background process. Thus, it won’t eat your computer resources.

  1.    Pricing

If you are low on budget, then you can go for the free version of Backupper. Once you have tested all the features you can purchase the pro version of Backupper. The pro version of Backupper will cost about $49.95. It is a one-time purchase only. You will get free upgrades for a lifetime.

AOMEI Backupper premium version is more affordable when compared to other tools. Most of the other tools have a monthly subscription plan. Thus, Backupper premium version is prominent in comparison to other tools. You can keep the software forever for $49.95. You will always have a reliable restore/backup solution in your computer at any moment.

If you are a business owner, then you can buy multiple licenses. AOMEI provides various discounts to business owners. You can purchase 3 licenses only for $105. This is relatively cheaper when compared with other Server backup solutions.

  1.    Customer Support

You can support customer support in many different ways. AOMEI has also uploaded an extensive document for its users. If you want to read this documentation, then you can open it by clicking on Menu and then on Tutorials. You will find all the instructions on a new webpage. AOMEI has already explained all the feature and tool that you can use. Thus, you can easily learn how to use AOMEI Backupper.

They have also created a dedicated support page for their users. You can find FAQ’s, check the official forum and help documents on this page. If you want to contact the company representatives, then you can either call them or email them.

You will easily learn about this software. The user interface of Backupper Pro is simple. Hence, you can get the job done easily. If you have doubts regarding the software, then you can directly contact the customer support. You can also check the documentation to learn how to use Backupper Pro.


You must always back up your important files regularly. Otherwise, you can lose important data due to a power surge. If you want to create local backups, then AOMEI Backupper is perfect for you. It has many unique features like scheduled backup and full system cloning. Backupper Pro also has a very simple user interface. Thus, even inexperienced users can use it. You can also backup and restore your whole hard drive. Backupper Pro will let you backup your important files and folders.