Today, the most famous Blockchain-based system is Bitcoin – one of the most secure digital financial systems. However, the Blockchain technology in simple words is just a tool for storing and transmitting data that can theoretically be used in any area of ​​e-commerce.

The main feature and difference of the Blockchain from other databases is the fact that it is not stored on one server (computer), but is distributed among all participants in the system. Moreover, the archives of all participants are connected with each other and are constantly checked in automatic mode. Therefore, when a user enters a Blockchain with a new block with data on a completed transaction, the system first checks it for compliance with already existing blocks, and then, if the check is successful, writes to all copies of the database.

The peak of cryptocurrencies popularity in 2017 promoted thousands of blockchain projects to appear. They were of different scale, focused on various points, thus not any of them could comply with the requirements. But #Metahash can satisfy all users who wish to use technology at full capacity, with high speed, and at minimal cost.

The Blockchain technology is developing at a very high speed, and now many Blockchain organizations are helping to set new security technologies and standards that will be suitable for the system around the world.

The greatest contribution to the development of the Blockchain was made by such organizations as:

  1. Cambridge Blockchain Forum.

Cambridge Blockchain Forum is the organization founded in 2018 by Jon Bradford, Hazem Danny Al Nakib. Now it is a research center and they are developing a Blockchain policy. The main goal of this organization is to search for new projects, companies and structures that will continue to work for the benefit and development of local enterprises.

Now they are engaged in the regulation and implementation of Blockchain technologies in various areas, especially those that are mainly aimed at the public sector and whose main goal is the new bill on the Blockchain, its implementation to bring maximum benefits to society.

  1. Blockchain Research Institute.

Are you familiar with “Blockchain Revolutions: Bitcoins change how business, the business and the world”?

The authors of this concept are Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott – experts who help the founders solve problems related to their activities.

She was founded in 2017 by the Blockchain Research Institute, which is now the leading research center, and collaborates with the leaders of the Blockchain to create and implement technologies. Now the organization is engaged in more than 100 Blockchain-oriented technology projects.

  1. Cleveland Blockchain and Digital Futures Hub

This Blockchain organization is an analytical center whose research goes beyond the study and implementation of the Blockchain, and they also make a huge contribution to the development of virtual reality and applications that relate to the public and private sectors.

It is precisely because of the fact that they are launching more and more new projects, as well as influencing the development of the training of their employees, that the organization is known for its efficiency and prospects.

  1. Slovenian Blockchain Think Tank.

One of the first countries that seriously addressed the issue of the introduction of technology blockchain was Slovenia.

Back in October 2017, the Prime Minister of Slovenia made a proposal and desire to try to use this potentially promising technology. After the analytical center was launched and developed, a campaign was launched to introduce this technology in the education sector.

Moreover, Slovenia is one of several EU countries where the status of cryptocurrencies and operations with them is regulated by law, and the authorities openly declare their desire to create a “European blockchain-oasis” in Slovenia. After introducing the blockchain technology, the country managed to get out of the financial hole, stabilize GDP, and in the future there is a great prospect to raise GDP to a rather high level.

  1. ThinkBlockTank.

In order to regulate tokens, blockchain, and distribution, members of the organization Letzblock created their own analytical center located in Luxembourg. Its employees work in more than 15 countries and study the blockchain technology.

The activities of this organization are based on a document on the regulation of tokens in the EU. The project 2018 was attended by participants of more than 50 specialties.

  1. CRYSTAL Centre.

This project has set as its main goal the study of the strategy and cryptocurrency algorithms and blockchain technology.

Principal in this organization – Associate Professor Pratik Saxena and Associate Professor Keith Carter, believe that the project should help develop new initiatives that are directly related to the development of cryptocurrency. An important aspect of CRYSTAL Center is that the organization employs teachers who train new employees. Programming language, market economics, and others are the main areas in which employees need to gain new knowledge and keep abreast of the news.

The organization also plans to hold seminars and other events.