Most people have their Mac desktop cluttered because they believe it is a perfect place to store files and folders. However, cluttering your desktop makes it harder to locate a file, plus it will slow down your Mac and take up your storage space unnecessarily.

Several organization apps can help keep your desktop clutter-free, thus making it neat and organized. In this article, we will enlighten you on some of the best apps you can use to keep your Mac desktop neat and organized.

Google docs

Google docs is an excellent application in organizing documents. This app will allow you to create documents, edit, and share them. Within the app, you can create folders to help you store your documents separately.

Then, documents shared via the app can be viewed and edited by multiple users in real-time via a browser window. Documents in this app are saved in the cloud storage instead of in Mac storage. You can view them as long as you are connected to the internet. Moreover, storing documents in the cloud protects them from loss.


Dropbox is a common app among Apple users and can be used as an app or web browser. It enhances a neat and organized desktop by providing its users with a common area to work from without using several applications to store things.

Dropbox has an app integration feature, and thus you can integrate your apps, for example, Slack, WhatsApp, and Google docs into a single application.

Cleaner app

A Mac cleaner app is another essential tool in maintaining a neat and organized desktop. The app helps get rid of clutter, junk, hidden items, and locked items due to system errors.  Check the list of cleanup tips that will help you keep your desktop neat.

In addition to making the desktop neat and organized by deleting junk, it also helps create extra storage space and speed up your Mac. It will help fix a slow Mac that’s bugging you!


Better zip is an application that Mac users can use to compress and unzip their files fast. The app supports more than 30 archive formats. It supports compression and opens a wide range of file formats. It also encrypts and generates strong passwords for all your archives, thus enhancing all your data’s safety.


Archiver is another essential app that you require for an organized desktop. The app will help you in file compression hence creating more space in your desktop. This app also encrypts data and generates strong passwords for your archive, thus protecting you from data theft.

Through the app, you can preview your archive via QuickLook before you unarchive them. Moreover, the app aid in the splitting of files. For example, if you want to send several files through email, the app can combine your files into a single attachment.

Wrap up

Organizing your desktop and keeping it neat ensures that you have minimal clutter in your Mac. Minimal clutter is an excellent way of ensuring that no unnecessary app and files are taking up your storage space.

Moreover, it boosts the speed and, subsequently, the productivity as you work on Mac. Keep your Mac desktop neat and organized by using some of the organizer and housekeeping apps on our quick list.