According to professionals, Google is providing the ranking on the basis of the responsive design of the website. As per the latest algorithm, to improve the ranking of a website then one has to create a mobile responsive design which has become mandatory.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to configure the website properly. If you are creating a Responsive design, then you will instantly get a ranking boost. Google is closely examining every website. Thus, the individual has to conduct a particular audit that will analyze the issues on the official website. After that, you need to fix complicated issues with ease on an official website.

Most of the people are conducting a search using mobile devices. Google has recently update Mobile geddon feature. Thus, a ranking factor depends on the mobile configuration.  In General, you have to make the use of digital marketing tips. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we are going to discuss the importance of responsive design for the ranking.

Configuration of mobile

Before moving further, let’s discuss the three important designs for the website that would be beneficial for you. Make sure that you are choosing a perfect design. Following are the designs-

  • Responsive Design

Ranking of the website depends on the design of a website. All you need to create a responsive design that would be beneficial in the futures. You have to create perfect categories in the website using CSS styles rules only. One has to maintain the balance between HTML and URL structure carefully. If you are placing all URLs carefully in the website, then you will easily create the responsive design of a website. For effective results, one must run the audit of a website and figure out the issues from a website. After that, it is your responsibility to fix complicated issues from the website instantly.  All things will improve the performance of the website with ease.


  • Separate mobile website

It is a fantastic design which is known as MDot. It will able to create mobile-friendly website pages with ease. You can easily access the two different URLs that would be beneficial for the desktop and mobile users. According to professionals, more than 54% of the users are making the use of separate mobile design only which is effective and beneficial.


  • Adaptive design

It is known as a dynamic device that will able to handle plenty of devices with a particular URL structure. Make sure that you are choosing adaptive design only because it doesn’t come with any problem. It is a wonderful design that will improve the ranking of the official website within a few days only. It is associated with multiple versions of the URLs that will able to handle every customer on the website with ease. If you want to know more about adaptive design, then you should look out the best SaaS companies that will give you tips related to the adaptive design.

Moreover, if you have any confusion related to the design of a website, then you should always use Responsive design because it is great than others.

Preference of the Google

Nowadays, most of the people are asking what type of mobile configuration Google like most. If you are wasting the resources of Google, then it will directly ban you. They won’t forgive you, so it is recommended that you should always create a responsive design only because it is efficient for the crawlers. According to professionals, you have to use perfect HTML that can sustain the ranking of an official website. Make sure that you are creating a website for both users such as mobile and desktop. You should use the web design techniques and adjust the resolution of the website properly.

Role of RWD’s in Ranking Factor

Bear in mind that, responsive, adaptive and MDot Designs depend on mobile devices. To create the presence of your website among mobile users then one has to make the use of responsive design only. With the help of responsive design, the individual will able to expect positive results.   According to SEO experts, professionals specializing in SEO world have become a most popular keyword in 2018. Overall, you have to create a mobile-optimized website that will able to attract a lot of potential customers with ease.

Make the use of perfect RWD

Nothing is better than Responsive design because it will able to attract a lot of customers.  You need to set up the servicer the carefully, and then you will easily create perfect HTML codes that would be accessible in all devices. For more details, one must make the use of Googlebot and lookout the problems in the website. With the help of this application, one will able to analyze everything such as CSS, pictures, and JavaScript on the official website. Responsive design will able to service all the devices on the website with ease.

Why is responsive design beneficial?

It is highly recommended that you should always make the use of responsive design because it will provide you with the following benefits such as-  

  • It is quite easier for the users because they will able to share the content with a particular link only.
  • Google will index your website properly.  Make sure that you are creating a website for mobile and desktop users only.
  • Engineering time will automatically decrease because you don’t have to spend time on the multiple pages for the maintenance related tasks.  You should conduct a special audit of the website on a regular basis and solve the mistakes from the website. If you don’t have knowledge about technical issues, then you should make contact with a professional developer
  • It is your responsibility to save the essential resources when Google crawls your page or website.
  • Responsive design will automatically improve the speed of the website with ease. You don’t have to create separate URL for it.

For effective results, one has to place the content and links on a perfect place because a single mistake will reduce the rank of the website.