Presenting yourself for the world to see in a disheveled outfit is very same of introducing a short article for the world to see full of grammar errors. You don’t have to be a linguist or a grammarian to make sure your site is rid of grammar errors. Luckily, free tools are available nowadays to help you. Grammarly is one of those tools.

Grammarly Basic is always a free tool. For their premium membership, they reached out to me with a free trial which is even better and VERY cost-effective.

Two Methods to Use Grammarly

There are two methods use Grammarly to confirm your writing for grammar and editing errors.

  • If you have installed the free version, and Grammarly will look at the writing across several sites — such as Facebook, Tweets, and also in blog posts!
  • You can upload or copy and paste a document straight into the website to see what errors you need to fix.

If your content is well managed with the grammatical part, then you can communicate in a much better way with your audience. Your visitors should think that it is very easy to go with the content and understandable format. Don’t use high or unpleasant words which might deviate the attention of your readers. USe proper wording in the content so that the readers pay attention and there will be a chance of widespread of your content throughout the globe. By using the Grammarly you can correct all those mistakes and also suggests you with the best wording for your blog.

I can say that Grammarly does a good part of writing more engaging content for your readers. It will improve your writing skills.

Grammarly Free: Get Your Punctuation and Grammar in Shape

With the free plan, you can get both the editor and the browser extension. Here’s what Grammarly does for you for free:

  • The app represents all “critical issues” – significant grammar, spelling, punctuation, and stylistic errors – in green and suggests changes. It also will display you the amount of “advanced problems,” but doesn’t tell you what those problems are.
  • You know they are there. You know how many. But you don’t know where exactly or how to fix them.

Basically, the free version of Grammarly shows and rectify all the basic errors, but when it comes to advanced errors, such as poor expression, over-used terms, or split infinitives, the only thing you know is the number of such problems in your document.

Grammarly Premium: Level up Your Writing Skills

With the premium plan, you get everything in the premium plan, plus:
Advanced Issues

You can lastly see what those strange yellow figures that used to drive you mad on your free plan are referring to.

If you’re using Grammarly without any charge, I bet you’re unable to know what your “advanced issues” are. Well, there’s no way to figure out other than spending for Grammarly Premium. But because it’s you, I’ll show examples of my “advanced issues” to provide you at least some idea:

  • Incomplete comparison: “I was happier” is an incomplete comparison. “I was happier than before” is real (complete) comparison. In spoken writing, imperfect comparisons are okay.
  • Split infinitive: “You don’t have to always be the best” vs. “You don’t always have to be the best.” Informal writing, you shouldn’t split the to-infinitive to be. Again, in informal writing, you can do it if it seems sensible.
  • Unclear antecedent: “Imagine your Friend (…) Would you tell her it’s because she’s lazy?” It may be uncertain who the pronouns her and she make reference to. Your friend? Someone else?
  • Other innovative problems can consist of puzzled prepositions, the inactive speech, wordiness, and of course, commas.

Why Should Content Marketers Use Grammarly?

These aforementioned content marketers shared their own Grammarly review and a number of circumstances where Grammarly has assisted to improve their writing. Having an easy to use editing process means sharing the error-free document with an editor, reducing how long they might have to spend making your content publishable.

In common, improving your content marketing initiatives can have a motivating influence on your company’s bottom line. So if there’s an easy way to do that, why not give it a try?

Grammarly not only allows me to fasten the errors in content, but it also instructs why they’re errors. If you want to create error-free content, it is suggested using Grammarly.