Getting good quality backlinks for your site is one of the greatest and the most efficient ways of raising your page ranking. If you get good quality backlinks to your site, then you can also get more visibility in your search results! Now, this is one of the easiest ways to increase your search result performance too, and some people have found a way to tackle their competitors with the help of this feature.

The Evil Plan!

Now what evil genius plan this is, the backlinks on the site of your competitor that is above you can easily be traced with the help of the best tools in a town like the smallseotools

By using this tool, you can get the information about the backlinks your competitor is using, and you can use the same links for your own website, there are many backlink checkers also available in the market for checking out backlinks of websites!

The Majestic SEO!

The majestic SEO, just like the plagiarism checker, is one of the famous backlink tools available on the internet. The majestic SEO offers many features to help out the webmaster. Its backlinks checker is capable of crawling the website itself without the use of a third-party tool, now that is something to be excited about!

You can easily find the backlinks related to the competitor site when you use this tool.

You can also find anchor texts of other sites and see how many links are there to follow. This tool comes with both paid and free versions depending upon the features of it.


To use this tool, you have to register yourself with it with your Google account, you just have searched for the tool, and you can easily know all about the backlinks, the anchors and the keywords used for ranking purpose.

If you sign up for the paid account, you can get more detailed views of the website you are looking at the details for. It also tracks and suggests your progress over time, and it also gives you updates about your competing websites and about the links they are using! You can improve your progress using the backlink checker tool by Ahrefs quite easily!


The Open Site Explorer Tool!

This is yet another tool used for backlink checking. It is a sub explorer that is related to the huge market of MOZ; the MOZ is one of the greatest online markets in the world. Its backlink tool is considered to be on the best tools in the world for checking the details of other sites. It gives you hundreds of numbers of links for your site to progress that are related to the links that are being used by your competitors.

Using this website tool can save yourself from being marked as a spamming site. Using free searches in this tool can get you more information than any other tools available on the web, but the paid version is one of the most amazing tools with unlimited features like tracking links over time and much more!

The Google Search Console!

The Google search console is the last backlink checker on our list that we are going to talk about. Just like other amazing tools by Google, this is also a very decent and furnished tool for all the problems to be catered with.

The Google search console, however, restrict your use of getting information of backlinks just from your own site and not from your competitors as it is against the policies of Google. But this is a source you can use to regulate your own backlinks sand keep intact with your anchors and keywords!