Do know how many seo tools for webmasters  are available in the market? let’s check in this article in detailed.

Do you know that Google had recently updated the terms and conditions in structural official positioning or indexing of your blog pages?

Yeah, really Google with its change in the algorithm impacts the internet users especially the webmasters and bloggers.

Every webmasters looks out for the Google algorithm updates because it affects the search engine factor your blogs. These updates results in lower ranking of your web pages on the search engines. Whenever an update is done most of the bloggers and webmasters are losing their higher ranks.

Most of the webmasters after the Google update trying hard to improve the lower ranking pages. In order to sort out those issues and help the webmasters to free from those Google algorithm clutches, here I am going to discuss with you top 10 SEO tools for webmasters. These SEO tools will help you to rank your pages to the best in search results even after any updates.

All the SEO tools for webmasters which are going to be discussed are very free to use, helps you to get search reports, web analytics, SEO guidelines, back link builder, infected pages check etc.

Top 10 SEO tools for webmasters in 2019:

All the SEO tools are very free to use and user friendly too.

Now let’s go through each one by one in detail and see how they help the webmasters.

1. Google Trends:

Well, Google trends is regarded as the best and free keyword research and suggestion tool for webmasters and bloggers. With Google trends you can get the regional and graphical interests of each and every search terms. It also shows the related searches and so that an user can pick from the relevant hot search terms.

In the Google search factor you are able to view the trending facts and know the keyword popularity and structural positioning on the web.

2. Bing Keyword Tools:

The bing webmaster tools is very much similar to that of Google webmaster tools. It is also the free keyword research and suggestion tool for bloggers. You can get the regional and graphical interests of each search terms. Moreover it provides functionalized suite of research tools and resources for all the webmasters.
Before trying out the bing keyword tools you need to submit your blog for the Bing webmaster tools.

3. Google Keyword Planner:

Google Keyword planner is one of the well know and best, free SEO tools for webmasters. This keyword planner was released by the google Ad words program for building search network campaigns and workshops etc. Google keyword planner lets you search for keyword ideas and ad group ideas.

With the help of the keywords list you can see how they perform. You might even create or combine two or multiple keyword ideas to form more strengthen keywords using the keyword planner. Sort out your page ranking factor with the suggestions from the keyword planner.

4. Youtube Keyword tool:

Youtube keyword tool is the perfect and great SEO tools for webmasters who are using the youtube as revenue source.

At present this tool replaced with the It is a free tool for doing keyword research for the YouTube videos. If you want to use this tool, you need to add few words to this tool. Based on the words you suggested it will generate the keyword ideas.

However SEO tools for webmasters helps to get more benefits from your Youtube videos.

5. Ubersuggest:

Ubersuggest is one among the great tools for webmasters. Ubersuggest is also a free tool and it uses the results from the Google suggests and other similar resources.

By using the ubersuggest you can easily generate the hot campaign suggestion keywords for free. The ubersuggest is integrated with Google and top search engines. So it is the reason for you to build high quality content to get better rank on Google, Bing,Yahoo and other major search engines.

6. Keyword Discovery:

Keyword Discovery is one of the free keyword suggestion tool. This tool will help you to generate search data from more than 200 search engines world wide.

The keyword discovery search engine is one of the largest keyword database with 38 billion search related data. The keyword discovery acts as the language specific keyword search tool.

It provides the keywords list based on the regional search engines only. Since it provides all the keywords in different languages it is useful worldwide for all the webmasters.

7. Hit Tail:

Hit tail is also a free keyword research tool, suggestion and generation tool for webmasters.

This tool basically concentrate to drive targeted search traffic to your blogs.It picks out the organic keywords in your existing traffic. So use this great tool to generate quality traffic.

8. Ahrefs:

Ahrefs is one of the amazing tools for webmasters to check backlinks. It also acts as the site explorer to check the quality of the backlinks in your blog.

Ahrefs gives complete information regarding the backlinks i.e existing backlinks, referred urls, sites, backlinks with no follow and do follow. It also shows the position and location of the backlinks in your pages. Ahrefs is considered to be a very effective tool for all bloggers and webmasters.

9. Robots.txt Generator:

Robots.txt is a freeware utility. It allows you to generate the Robots.txt files for controlling over the search engine robots. It helps certain pages to get indexed on your site. Moreover it is very safe and user friendly tool for give controlled access to certain pages for indexing.

It removes or blocks the harmful pages from getting indexed.

10. Wordtracker:

Wordtracker is also one of the best free online keyword generation tool for SEO marketers and website owners. It is a complete toolkit especially designed with features to target keywords. It also helps in the area of optimization.

It helps to do SEO and promote products. It is regarded as the best keyword suggestion tool for bloggers and webmasters.


Well, all the above mentioned are the list of top SEO tools for webmasters in 2019. As a blogger or webmasters you should try out them. Those SEO tools will help you to reach your targets in the SEO industry.

So have a look at them and please comment in the comment section if you find any of the SEO tools for the bloggers.