Every business organization should follow 3 simple tips to achieve their goal.

  1. Establish your product with a unique identity in the market.
  2. Attract customers with a good hands-on approach.
  3. Deliver them unique and sustainable solutions for their business.


Marketing Strategy Plan for the entity :

1. How to improve the visibility of the Website?


In order to improve the visibility of the website, we need to create an SEO audit functionality that determines the site performance.


Google Webmaster tool:

First go to the Google Webmaster tool to identify the errors, broken links, sitemap errors, redirects and fix them. Because they might affect your SEO rankings.

We need to submit the sitemap to the webmaster tools, as it will help you to monitor the health of the website and to identify any issues.

Make sure the website is enriched with the device compatibility feature.

You need to create the most engaging, relevant content based on the queries.  Use an eye-catching title, relevant images, meta description for the posts and the keywords that rank better on SERPs. This can be done by deeply analyzing the competitor’s keywords also.

I used ubersuggest to determine my competitor’s keywords in my day to day work.

2. Ways to increase traffic to your website.

There are plenty of ways to boost traffic to a website. First, for any website, we get traffic in two ways. One is organic and inorganic traffic. Organic traffic is the one that comes from Google directly. The other is through advertisements i.e paid traffic.

The most intelligent way to gain traffic is through advertisements. Paid search, display advertising, social media advertising are great ways to attract visitors.

Use social media channels to promote your content. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Reddit, etc. So as to make your content more appealing to different kinds of readers you need to vary the length and format of your content.

You need to create more creative headlines for your content. You should not strict to one single headline, check with 4 to 5 headlines and pick the best one which drives more traffic to your


For example, you can buzz sumo for generating more titles for your content.

You need to pay attention to the on-page and off-page SEO. Optimize your content for different search engines to rank best as it is a worthy practice. As a part of on-page SEO, you need to create relevant internal links in the new content, set image alt text, give meta descriptions for the content. Doing on-page SEO will definitely boost your organic traffic to a great extent.

Acquiring backlinks for your website is the off-page SEO. This can be done by commenting on the similar relevant niche blogs, through guest blogging on the high domain authority sites, etc. Guest blogging helps to increase your web traffic as well as promote your brand.

 Also, invite other bloggers to post on your website. You need to make sure the content is of high quality, error-free, and spammy links before posting. Because Google checks everything and crackdown low-quality websites.

Your SEO efforts go waste if you are not targetting long-tail keywords.  Use long-tail keywords as they deliver good results very effective when compared with short tail keywords.

Post your content on the LinkedIn platform so that you can boost your traffic and get traffic from the relevant industry. Make sure the website is running very fast and responsive, compatible with all types of devices.

Get the demographics of the visitors by examining the Google Analytics data. Keep a close eye on the data and use the information in your promotional and content marketing strategies. 

You can inspect the behaviour of the visitor, age group, gender, and region.  Then after creating the content by taking into consideration the target audience.

Just postings it not enough to acquire traffic, you need to engage their comments without replies. You can also incorporate videos to attract the visitors a lot.

3. Blogging ideas to generate more conversion rates:

Email marketing is also a way to increase your traffic. Just don’t let tons of emails to the users. A friendly reminder about your service will help to boost your traffic. Irritating them each day with every update goes worst.

In order to generate more conversion, you need to create landing pages for your products or services and publish them on all social platforms like Quora, Reddit, Instagram by using simple hashtags.

Incorporate a strong Call To Action button(CTAs) in every piece of your website content. Use proper fonts and color for your CTA buttons. Because some buttons may deviate the visitor’s attention. Attract them with delightful color appearance.

Clearly say them the benefits of your products or services. Pay attention to the element i.e headline of your landing page as it brings more visitors.

4. SMM Strategy that improves the likes, visibility and brand awareness:

Brand awareness is very important if you want your business to be outstanding in this crucial atmosphere. You can sell more products if your brand gets popularity and much familiar with the targetted audience.

In order to boost your brand awareness, you need to use the power of social media.

The first thing you need to do is to create accounts and pages on all social platforms and then share your post on them. Keep your visitors connected by answering to their comments. You need to post frequently. 

You need to interact with other similar niche blogs and do comments on their products. Also, you need to check which social media platform works better for you by observing the demographics. Based on it, you can publish the content regularly without any time waste. 

You can do social media ad campaigns for the best outcome of your product or service.

Create authentic and high-quality content so as to spread your brand into the global market. Just collaborate with the influencers on the platform so as to widespread your product or brand. Interact with your audience regularly so as to build trust and improve brand awareness.