For the website to give the outstanding performances there are many online tools which make your website to expand into this huge marketplace. Proper structuring of the website from good SEO point of view makes the website run more elegant and systematically. In order to widespread or make your blog posts reach to the millions, you need to configure the low-density keywords with high traffic. to move your rankings you should use keyword planner tool for your websites

Like semrush, KWFinder keyword planner tool gives the users an outstanding performance. This is the perfect online tool to get the better idea of using the keywords for the website. The KWFinder tool simplifies your work by finding the long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. The most attractive thing with this keyword research tool is that it helps to make your posts appear in the first pages of the SERPs.

KWFinder Keyword Planner tool

KWFinder keyword research tool is the best alternative keyword research tool for the keyword planner for any number of websites. In order to drive more traffic to the website, you need to see the best keyword planner, ultimately the KWFinder research tool.Using this keyword research tool you can get the low-density keywords which drive more organic traffic to your website.

The rich set of features of KWFinder Keyword Planner tool:
1)We can get the long tail keywords with low seo difficult.
2)It’s an user-friendly interface to tail the keywords that your competitors are focusing.
3)You can exact search volumes for the close variant keywords.
4)You can narrow down the keyword search from the state level to city level as local personalized level for any language.

KWFinder tool is the best Keyword research tool which makes your work easy and give accurate results too. It’s also the cheapest premium keyword research tool available in the market. It’s very easy to use and support their users with the live chat room. This tool will provide you a strong data aggregation for the keyword analysis. You can get multiple keyword research options for the unique keywords.

Now let’s go through the KWFinder keyword planner tool and how it works manually for finding the best and targeting keywords for the website to rank better and attain a good place in the market.

Here I am going to search for the keyword affiliate. Now let’s see how this keyword functions and its density. We can also get suggestions for the keywords you typed in and a check the seo density on that particular keywords.

Using this keyword research tool you can know the how the keyword used in last 12 months and how it varies.
You can see the searches for that keyword in the SERPs.
You can see the average cost per click i.e CPC value.
You can also check the level of competition in the PPC campaigns.
You can see the level of seo keyword difficulty.
Selecting the low-density keywords makes your posts more active in the SERPs results.

Here I am going to explain how the affiliate and the affiliate marketing websites keywords differ in terms of their competition and costs.

We can also select the location and the language so that you will be able to know the correct SEO stats and then use the keywords on the website.

keyword planner

Check above image, I had searched for the affiliate keyword using this keyword research tool. The average search volume is about 1,09000 for the last 12 months, The cost per click is 1.2 $ and the PPC value is 9. The keyword seo difficulty is 56 in the SERP results. The seo difficulty is 56/100 it finds to be very hard to locate the keyword.

The keyword seo difficulty as follows:
0-9: effortless,
10-19: go for it,
20-29: easy,
30-39: still go,
40-54: possible
55-74: hard,
75-89: very hard,
90-100: do not do it.

Keyword planner

For the affiliate marketing websites keyword the competition is very less, the monthly search volume also counts to very low i,e 1672, the CPC cost is 2.2 $ and the PPC campaigns value is 66 and the seo difficulty is 28/100 that means it is very easy to locate this keyword in the SERPs because of the low density on this keyword.
This is how you can find the best keywords with low seo density to your blog posts.
You can find 3 ways to sign up for the KWFinder keyword research tool. They are

  • It’s the free account with the KWFinder keyword planner tool, it’s very easy and simple and also a free account. It looks for 24 hours and provides 3 keywords for a free account.
  • Next, for the basic account with 24 hours support and 100 Keywords.
  • The premium account which is a reasonable account than other keyword research tools. It serves 500 keywords and 24 hours support is provided.