Semrush Keyword Tool

If you are looking for the best alternative keyword research tools, which does complete site audit, keyword research, track competitor keywords, check backlinks and check competitor ranks.

Here is a great tool, i.e Semrush, it is such an amazing SEO tool with fantastic features that benefit millions of users today.

Most probably this tool lets your blog drive more traffic in spite of the tough competition on the web.

How will SEM tools help to get 10000 traffic a month for your generous blog?

Semrush acts as a piece of cake where you can find all the keywords your website is ranking for. 

You can easily get through the statistical data of the specific keywords and related keywords which you can rank for.

It is an essential tool for the bloggers and internet marketers to quantify their results among the web competitors to carry outstanding performance.

Outstanding features of Semrush 

The features that enhance your website performance to great success on the web are

Keyword Research Tool

Sem Keyword Research tool is of great advantage to find out the best and perfect keywords for your SEO and PPC campaigns, helps to gather phrase matches, related keywords, long-tail keywords and you can explore the keywords in multinational and multilingual environments as well. You can get the usage stats of the keyword like CPC, volume, SERP features, competitive difficulty and keyword difficulty etc.

Backlink Analytics

It acts as a perfect tool to analyze and collect the websites’ backlinks. With this tool, you can easily keep an eye on the portfolio changes, find new opportunities such as track link building progress of any domain and analyze the backlinks of your competitors as well. You can measure the domain’s power and filter the results so as to meet your specific criteria.

Traffic Analytics tool

Semrush traffic analytics tool helps to reveal with your competitors, prospects and potential partner’s website traffic. Helps in understanding customer behaviour online, monitor the traffic trends, track your competitors, make decisions and discover new opportunities for your business.

Position Tracking Tool

By using this tool you can easily track the position of any keyword on the web, track your competitor’s keywords, discover your competitor keywords, group keywords with tags and target with different devices.

Can perform Site Audit with Semrush Free Tool

Semrush tool acts as a perfect option for site auditing. You can easily perform a technical SEO audit, find and fix on-site issues and improve your Google rankings. It checks the crawlability, site performance and internal linking factors to find out any issues. You can have a complete view of your website in front of your eyes.


KWFinder Keyword Research Tool

KWFinder is a keyword research tool to find out hundreds of keywords with low SEO difficulty. It is known for its popularity, easy to use, user-friendly interface and also maintains the accuracy of the keyword difficulty.

This tool helps you to prepare the keyword lists that help you to plan optimized for and keep your organic research organized.

Features that enhance your web traffic to increase 10 times than before

Find long-tail keywords

If you want to boost your keyword research and find out long-tail keywords in less time than choice must be KWFinder. With the help of the seed keyword, you can have multiple choices of selecting the keywords for your niche.

With the help of search by domain option, you can also compare your keywords with your competitors so as to outrank in the SERP results. You can also differentiate between the paid and organic keywords as well. It also suggests possible competitors and local suggestion to analyze.

Search Volume and Keyword Metrics

You can identify the seasonal keywords and search trends in the market. This tool lets you know the exact search volume and metrics for hundreds of keywords. It helps you to track entire details about the keywords such as search volume, CPC, PPC, KD and average monthly search volumes etc.

SERP Analysis and SEO metrics

If you want to optimize your niche for the relevant keywords that help in outranking your competitor on the 1 SERP’s, you need to go for KWFinder as it provides great advantages when compared with framing SEO tools. SERP analysis helps to reveal the search intent, also evaluate your competitor and estimate your potential to outrank them.

Find your competitor keywords

With the help of your competitor URL or domain, you can easily optimize the keywords of your niche. Competitor based keyword research reveals the top keywords your competitor ranks based on the keyword difficulty, the high organic position reached, exact search volume, CPC, PPC and immediate SERP analysis.

Don’t miss a chance to get KWFinder Free Trial for 10 days, in fact, it includes access to great and an evergreen pack of 5 Mangools SEO tools.



If you want to get high rankings on Google and search engines, SEOprofiler is the complete SEO solution to boost your web traffic and increase sales.

It comes with varied SEO tools to outperform the competition, provides strong keyword research, website optimization, link analysis, link building, website monitoring, SEO audits, rank checkings, and also tries to engage more visitors to your website. 

Features that make SEOprofiler as a choice for your website

With the gamut of advantages and features, SEOprofiler helps to double your web traffic and sales conversion rates.

Website Optimization

Perform on-page, off-page optimization and SEO audit as well. The website SEO audit tool in SEOprofiler identifies the errors on your web pages that cause problems with search engines and we can fix and remove them to rank higher. 

Keyword Research and rank tracking

You can get keyword suggestions, keep an eye on the competitor keywords and optimize the keywords list. You can also easily track the ranking changes of the web pages on Google in 162 countries and languages.

Link Building and Link Analysis

This tool helps to analyze your website links, and generate a detailed report of the backlinks that are worthy and spammy. So that we can easily disallow the spammy links that lower your website rankings.

Link Building to improve the link structure, manage backlinks, discover related domains, and find link influencers etc.

Competitive Intelligence and Uptime monitoring

Helps in analyzing your competitor’s links, Google ads and rankings and implementing them in your own SEO campaigns. 

Monitor website uptime and downtime so as to provide the alerts. And also helps to check whether your website responds to mobile devices, desktop users and search engine bots etc.

Website Analytics

Helps in connecting your account to Google Analytics and provides your website analytics reports to your clients and your boss, so that it will be easier to evaluate your website visitors.


Seobility All-in-one SEO software

Seobility All-in-one SEO  software is the perfect tool for doing website optimization. This tool helps to check your website, by crawling all the linked pages to find out all the errors and problems that might be holding your website to rank best on the search engines.

Seobility holds a simple, neat interface to find out any errors even in a short span of time. You can have a continuous and sustainable review of your website, each section of the website is crawled and analyzed to track the progress of optimization.

Features that help to do  technical SEO for your website

Website Crawling and Site Auditing

It crawls the entire website to evaluate all the internal and external links. Generate reports along with the errors that need to be improved and optimized. 

Google Rank Tracker and daily updates

You can easily track the position of specific keywords. This tool helps you a lot to show the rankings of the keywords of your interest, just add the keywords and URL of the website and hit check now. 

This tool pulls out all the possible ways the keyword is ranked for along with competitor posts as well. You can also receive daily updates about your website performance very easily.

Backlink Checker and Link Building Tools

This tool helps you to check with the backlinks of your website, analyze them and spy on your competitor backlinks as well.

It also shows the possible ways for link building so as to improve your website performance on the search engines and rank better.

Monitoring Service

After registering your website, the tool will perform crawling on your website links and gives you the reports of the problems and solutions. 

Moreover, this tool will crawl your website regularly and deliver the reports directly to your email, this tool is 100% free for small websites with up to 1000 pages.