Well, each and every person who owns a website tries to get more traffic from the search engines. It would a real challenging task for those who did it. When a newbie hears about the SEO there are in a confused state of mind. Because SEO includes a lot of things to be considered.

When you are about to increase your traffic flow, it can be achieved with the help of content creation and link building. But the optimization process also plays an actionable role in delivering good results.

Is there any change to double your traffic.

Yes, You can simply double your traffic with the optimizing featured snippets.

I will explain to you how to search, find and steal the featured snippets.

Suppose if you want to rank #1 on the Google you need to check with the best keyword research tools. Because it helps to select the best and perfect keyword topic ideas and suggestions.

Featured snippets and its types:

Featured snippets are the answers to the questions users put in the search bar.

featured snippets

In the above screenshot, you can see answers based on the search query.

There are different types of featured snippets. They are:

  • The table featured snippets
  • Youtube featured snippets
  • paragraph featured snippets
  • Bullet featured snippets and
  • Number featured snippets

For the website to acquire the featured snippets your website should be listed in top 10 pages of SERPs results.Or you need to make your own snippets to be visible.

If you want to find the featured snippets which are ranked already on the Google you need to use the tool to explore the featured snippets online.

By knowing the featured snippets you own and compare them with the competitors snippets to find good result. By using the keyword research tool, you can find the competitors featured snippets and identify the reason why they don’t belong to you. What lacks your website from being that.

Here are the few reasons why your website lacks featured snippets like that of your competitors.

  • Your answer is not best whenalmostred to the competitors one.
  • Your HTMl markup language is not structured well.
  • Your content description does not meet the criteria what the people love for or search.

So what is your main task to reach the featured snippets atmost.

Your main task is to do optimize the content for the featured snippets in a perfect way as that of your competitor does.

If you want your website to get SEO boosted in SERPs results you need to steel more and more your competitor’s snippets topic ideas. This can be made possible by searching with proper optimized phrases on the Google.

The first and foremost thing to be done in order to acquire the featured snippets is to identify the niche specific keywords that already had snippets for steal. Here I recommend two ways to steal the featured snippets one is by competitor analysis and other is by using the keyword research tool.

Competitor Analysis:

In competitor analysis you need to select the website related to SEO and then see the what queries makes this website rank better in terms of SEO. You can able to see the competitors featured snippets in bulk and you can also reduce the volume if necessary. Simply by taking keywords from the list search for what type of featured snippet it belongs i.e whether number or paragraph etc.

keywords Explorer Tool:

By going to the keyword explorer tool put a query you need. Now you can see the SERPS results and check who owns the snippets for this query.

By simply using above two ways you can get the snippets of your competitor very easily.

I can say that about 99% of the clicks come from the snippets. So it is important to focus on this aspect for 100% output.

I also request you to share any of the ways to find and steal the featured snippets of your competitors as it helps you to boost the website with more traffic.