I am blogger who is very much excited and interested in making the blog semrush to have a perfect and dynamic look. In Spite of my passion of making my website disperse into this world and make the money online I am wondering how to get more traffic to my website. I found many bloggers who maintains their website with excellent and high quality traffic and appropriate SEO tools for optimization process. As a well technical person I always concentrate on the best SEO Tricks. I found my blog less competitive to this world when compared with the others bloggers.

High quality traffic possible with Semrush

Then I Started thinking about the blog, i.e what needs to be put hold for the blog semrush to track and attract the visitors in an accurate way. In a second I started thinking about the keywords which are listed to drive more quality traffic to the website and what the competitors are doing in their website to gain tons of traffic as well as surplus of revenue. I started googling for the best and desirable SEO tool in mean while I had came across the Semrush which is the best tool to track and hold the entire information of the website. Semrush helps in performing research on keywords and track the keyword ranking, checks the backlinks and does the complete SEO audit for the website owned by you. You can also get information regarding how your blog had been addressed in other countries.

Among several tools I found semrush as the best because it provides the users all data pertaining in the website on the dashboard itself. It’s very easy for everyone to have a glace of all the items stated in your blog by a single view. We can check your site performance, keyword research, competitors keywords and how they are ranked among the different countries. We can track the other bloggers insights to gain more traffic.

By signing through the semrush tool we can enjoy a lot features for trail version for 30 days and also some features for paid version. All your blog overview is displayed through dashboard overview as shown below.


By using semrush we can add multiple projects and can monitor them by using the following tool set. Your semrush projects helps in checking for the better site audit functionality, tracking of keyword ranking, providing high quality SEO and also track the how your blog diffused into the social medias.

Semrush projects handles the following tools for successful building of the project.

Semrush site audit functionality

Semrush site audit tool is very helpful for your website in tracking the performances issues i.e. technical issues regarding SEO’s of the website. It will inspect every element and will notify you if there are any errors, issues related to links,coding and performance degrades of the website. Once if you set up the site audit campaign all the performance issues can be intimated to you through the email. It you had run the audit, we can open your project and see the website’s health ,errors and issues you need to fix in the site audit overview . Your website score is represented between 0 to 100 % and we are able to see the errors, crawled pages, notices and warnings through the site audit. We can also view the top 3 issues pertaining in your blog. As a over all it helps the bloggers to maintain the website with good features by intimating issues before the blogger detects.

Position Tracking Tool

For the dynamic website to be build it requires high quality keywords, how they are ranked on google. The position tracking tool is the one which allows you to track the keyword ranking on google and how the competitors take an advantage of using the keywords with high quality. Among the top 100 organic and search results how the keywords are placed can be shown. This tool helps you to build the statistics related to the best keywords, their ranking and the competitors keywords. It also describes and suggest you whether the keywords you are using are displaying in the top pages of your search. You can also get the information of your local competitor and track the keywords of him which gained more quality traffic.


SEO Ideas

SEO Ideas is the best and newly designed semrush tool for the users to optimize and improve the search ranking of the website. SEO Ideas tool is mainly split into 3 divisions which makes the users very interesting to deal with. It provides you with complete set information to optimize the site performance. Once you had set up with the SEO ideas tool you will be able to see the following parameter namely keywords, landing pages and ideas for them. It displays all the keywords from the position tracking tool very accurately. By default all these keywords are arranged in alphabetical order. It also show the search queries for that particular keywords.

The landing pages from the position tracking tool consists of two values one is url and pos.
The url displays the address of the landing page and pos describes the position of the landing page in search results with the particular keywords used by them. The ideas column describes the ideas collected for the landing pages. Optimizing the on page content by using keywords , ideas for getting back links and finding the technical issues with the help of site audit tool.


Social media tool

Social media tool is very useful and helpful for the social medias and marketers to improve and create their brand awareness. The semrush social media tool helps to stay in connect with the audience a lot. It impact on your projects is very high and can gain huge revenue from it. You can easily grab the audience attention, their interests and the way their connect with your products.

This tool will help you to compare with the other competitors on various social channels.The social media tool will provide us with accurate information which the users addict to this tool. By configuring to this tool we can easily publish your data through social channels and also get the data relating the competitors. In the social media tool we mainly come across 3 tabs. They are the audience, engagement and activity. Audience represents the total number of followers on the social channels. Activity represents the posts for a certain time interval and engagement refers to sum of posts, likes ,tweets, shares and comments on the social channels.

Brand Monitoring

Brand Monitoring helps in managing and monitoring the public relations, SEO and digital marketing. Brand monitoring is nothing but focussing your brand into this world. It helps in tracking the new marketing channels,track your brand name,track the bloggers prospects, track the backlinks and your competitors. It also helps in getting feedback from the customers and reviews of the products.

Semrush brand monitoring maintains its standard in tracking any keyword on the internet. It maintains public relations and track the performance of any brand online. Here PR Managers, brand managers and marketing specialist helps in tracking the dispersion of the brand in this market and mainly focus on the competitors channels. The PR manager can track the bloggers opinions and conversations related to their products. SEO manager will check the backlinks and social media manager will look for the stories describing their brand.

Backlink Audit Tool

High quality traffic

Backlink Audit Tool helps you to check the backlinks and SEO link buildings in your domain. This tool completes audits your domain backlinks and toxic score represents the harmful backlinks in your site and remove them. Effective backlinks made your domains with good SEO’s, whereas poor backlinks results in lowering the keyword position on the google chat.

Semrush backlink audit tool will help you intimating about the google penalties in case of any misrepresentations on your domain. It helps in removing the toxic links and it will make the domain free from the sites with spammers and malwares.

PPC Keyword Tool

Quality Traffic

PPC Keyword Tool is the latest tool for ppc specialists in managing the adwords campaigns. It helps in adding the keywords and managing them. It can filters the keywords and creates groups with a single click button. By creating the adwords account we can simply manage,export and import the existing campaigns all at one place.

PPC Keyword tool also helps in checking the site audit and SEO ideas for any suggestions. We can manually add keywords or upload a group of keywords from the adwords account. We can even check for a particular keyword and its volume and cpc. We can filter the keywords to our interest in case if necessary. You can manually input a keyword to your campaign or a bulk of keywords into the sandbox available. Once you had done with adding the keywords you will be able to see the volume and CPC metrics for all your keywords listed.

We can manage the keywords campaign by editing, removing and moving to any group. We can search for the keywords which gain more volume and CPC and how much quality traffic they get and that at what price can you afford them.

Semrush Organic Research

Quality Traffic

Semrush Organic Research gives you the information regarding the URL’s and organic keywords and the traffic. It mainly concentrate on 5 aspects to get hold for your and your competitors websites. Semrush Organic research will help you to know the information related to the site performance, the keywords ranking and the keywords traffic. It also gives the cost for the traffic and had metrics to sort and filter the keywords As well as traffic.

Organic research position will help you to know the keywords bringing traffic to your site, expected monthly traffic for those keywords and an estimated cost for the keywords.

Organic research Position changes will help you by changing to the keywords which put your site among top 100 organic google search results. It brings you in touch with 4 types of keywords namely new, lost, improved and declined.

Organic research Competitors is for identifying the main websites the your domain is competing for the organic traffic. Organic research pages will help you to get every url form the domain which is found in top 100 search results

Semrush Advertising Research

Quality Traffic

Semrush Advertising Research provides the users with the data and analytical information of the paid search keywords and the ads ran on the google adwords. It does research on any domain and keyword to give you the information and insights about the traffic, competition and CPC levels. It does the research on the advertising, competitors positions in advertising and gaining the huge traffic. It also notifies you about the specified urls positions among the several.

Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads mainly benefits the e-commerce based websites. Product Listing Ads contains about the product picture, price, promotional information to grab the attention of the customers and also gives you the click rates almost higher than the Adwords text rates. Once you enter the domain name in search box it will give the full fledged information ads, positions , volume and the url’s.

Semrush Video Research Advertising

Semrush Video Research Advertising is a tool designed for gathering and analyzing information on you tube. The gathered is useful for advertisers, networks and channel owners too. We can see which type of ads were advertised by the competitors in order to promote and increase the sales attribute. It also displays the information about the video ads i.e. when it was first published, it appearance and last appearance.

Rank Reports

Semrush rank reports gives you the statistics about the top 100000 domains by considering the traffic and keywords for organic search and paid search. It describes the clear picture of winners and losers in gaining the keywords and quality traffic

Keyword Research

Specifying attractive and efficient keywords enables you to convert into leads from the business point of view. It will help to create the content with high quality to rank better in search results. By entering the such term in the search box we can completely access the status of the particular keyword searched by you. We can also get the phrase matching and related keywords along with the volume, CPC and SERP source for the keywords.


Here I want to suggest you to grab the attention for the Semrush tool to your domain. Because it implements and does a great job for you even without your notice. It will bring to front all whole website picture where you can analyse them without much time. It took a great part in gaining effective keyword and traffic to your domain. It has the capability to track and display your and your competitors effectiveness in making success for the websites.

So let us sign up in a single click to enjoy the blog Semrush tool to your domain here Get Started with Semrush for FREE
We can get some features for free and some some needs to be paid with a little amount. So don’t let the chance behind just grab the semrush tool here for better revenue and traffic and go ahead with your projects.

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