If you want to get more search engine traffic, you need to know the importance of keywords and how to use proper keywords for your website. To get faster and quick response you need to do keyword optimization.

Have you got an advice from the experts who are very much familiar with the SEO concepts in terms of maintaining proper keywords for the blog.

If not, you can learn here to keep track of beneficial keywords when you need to optimize your blog.

Now let’s go through the few things where SEO and keywords are interlinked for best results.

While blogging you can get to know that a few of the traffic will be coming from your blog posts and the rest of the Google search engine. You will be getting more traffic from certain posts.

You need to raise a question by yourself, why you are getting more traffic to some posts only.

The reason is right for you. You had written well-optimized SEO content by following all the rules and guidelines. It’s the reason why some of your posts are getting best on the SERPS.

You need to think twice what makes your posts to rank for.

It’s the well formulated and optimized SEO content with best keywords.

Your posts can appear on the first pages of the SERPs if your content is ranked better.

You can go to any of the keyword research tools to find which keywords are mostly searched by the user. You can use the SEMRUSH tool, Google Keyword Planner tool or even kwfinder tool to pick out the proper keywords for your website post.

For doing research in order to find the best keywords you can use any of the mentioned tools. You can use the semrush site and type your website address to look after the keywords which rank for

importance of keywords
From the above image, you can a little idea about the keywords, volumethe , CPC, and positions on the Google search engine.

  • Keyword: The keyword is the one which drives specific traffic to the URL. When you are doing SEO for your post , you target on it so we call it as the target keyword.
  • Position: It shows the ranking of keyword in Google search engine. If you keywords ranks 1 then your post will appear on the first page of the search engine results.
  • Volume: It will tell how many people are searching for that particular keyword in a month i.e you can know the search volume for the keywords.

For example the search volume for
Make money online is 74000/month
Making money online is 14800/month


While finding keywords for your blog you may come across two types. They are

  • 1.Short Tail Keywords: Short tail keywords means the keywords range is between 1 to 3 words only. Example: make online money for 3 words keyword and online money for 2 words keyword.
  • 2.Long Tail Keywords: They are keywords longer than 3 words. They are how to make online money, ways to make your work smart etc.

In general sense long tail keywords are very beneficial than short keywords. They also drive a decent traffic as well. The long tail keywords find better or possible ways to appear your posts on the first page of the search engine results.

All the words and phrases are coined as the keywords which shows very good results in terms of traffic.

Importance of keywords from SEO perspective

Now coming to the deep section i.e the importance of keywords from the SEO point of view. When you want to optimize your post with a good SEO strategy you need to define the target keyword also. It is known as the meta keyword. The search engines will automatically detect for the keywords and then rank the pages based on it.

But Google had said that meta keywords are not the perfect one to drive traffic. Because if a user lands on the page by searching with the meta keywords and find no good response, it will not deliver positive results. So never consider the meta keywords for ranking your post.

Instead of wasting your time with meta keywords you need to do a proper research on the keywords.

How you can do Keyword Research?

There is a various way to find proper keywords for your content. You need to find the right keyword if you want to grow your blog in a short span of time and make online money.

You can find keywords with Semrush keyword research tool.

The semrush is an online keyword research tool which helps to find the keywords, also know for which keywords your site is ranking better and also you can keep a spy on your competitor’s keywords, earn from him.

This site helps to pick up the top niches on your domain and look after the keywords they are ranking for. You need to pick up those keywords and building unique and high-quality content with them.

Semrush is a paid online tool. You can enjoy 15 free trial version also. Use the link to sign up for Semrush keyword research tool.

For more information about the Semrush Tool you can use below two links:
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Using Google search to find target keywords:

From your google search you can find your target keywords also. Just from your search query, it will auto-suggest you with the topics. You can create a list of the keywords from the search query and can check the search volumes and CPC rating on the semrush or Google keyword planner tools.

Keyword Density: You should maintain a percentage of keyword density so that when the bot crawls for a page it will determine which keywords a page should be ranked for.

Keyword stuffing: Keyword stuffing is the overuse of the keywords in a particular post. Overusing might be harmful to the ranking of your post. Sometimes Google will penalize you for doing so. So be careful and watchful, try to use less than 3 keywords in your blog post.

Use the keyword in your post titles

After selecting the perfect keyword for targeting, you need to use this targeted keyword in the post titles. Because it will be shown in the search engine results. You need to write the relevant meta description as it appears below the title in a short way. It just gives the viewers a short description of your blog content.Also try to use the H2 and H3 tags as the H1 tag is the default for your post title.Do Not overuse the tags as they create a negative ranking.


So before writing any articles you need to set 3 to 4 keywords which suits for your articles and then start writing the content. Content with a good SEO optimized and well-targeted keyword will rank your post first in the Google search console.