Most of the bloggers want to show their page on top of the google search engine because 64 % of the users click on first page links in google. So how to increase page rank? Here I came up with technique, which helps you to increase your page rank.

How to Increase Page Rank on Top of Google Search?

Most of the bloggers register with google webmaster tools and track their traffic and ranks for each and every page.Here google provide best stats about your website pages and display query strings for your
How to Increase Page Rank
pages. Most of the bloggers ignore the query strings which get impressions and traffic to your website. Here we will discuss in detail how this query string will help you to increase your page rank on google.

In the above image you will see search query string “Semrush Traffic” . which is getting 105 impressions on every month and it is having 48th position in google search engine, but we are not getting any clicks for this page because it is in 48th position.

How to increase page rank in google for this page? It’s simple to copy the keyword and go to your page and change SEO title, make sure to added this keyword in SEO title.

Now you need to add this keyword in meta description of your page, and also update your content with keyword, try to repeat “semrush traffic” keyword 3 to 4 times in main content of your page and also try to add this keyword in subheadings.

Last and final change is adding anchor tag for one of this keyword, which helps you to rank this page on google the first page. Once these changes are done update your page and submit this page in webmaster tool.

How to Increase Page Rank

Now go to crawl side menu in google webmaster tool and click fetch as google link, it will ask for link need to be indexed. Once you add the link click fetch button. Google captcha will pop up and ask you to check the radio button, here we see two radio buttons, one is for single link indexing and other is for multiple link indexing. Please select multiple link indexing and submit your link for indexing. Once this process is done it will take 2 to 3 days time to reflect your page rank in google search engine.