Creating or building links with the good content for the blogs had become very easy nowadays. But in order to get exposure to this content on the web needs to put strong effects. If your content needs to find very easy on the SERPs results you need to follow some guidelines.You need to concentrate on building links to your website.

You need to do proper SEO for better ranking on Google. Backlinks are very important in ranking the website on Google. They are given higher preference in terms of ranking a website.

It’s the real fact that high-quality backlinks will decide the Google ranking factor.

As a blogger I need to learn new techniques to improve my blog. I searched on Google and find out some measurable data for improving the quality of the blog. To my close observation, I had found that high-quality backlinks will help the blog to rank better on Google.

Recently I had to get many of the guest posts and asking for a backlink to their websites. I realized the importance of them and in return, I too had asked them for the backlink to my website. As a result in a few months, my website picture had been changed and getting more traffic and best in search engine results.

What is the importance of backlink to a website?

When someone building links to a page, it shows the importance of the page and wants others to see it.

As you know that Google is a major business tool for delivering the valuable information to its users. When there are more and quality backlinks on a page it shows the importance of the page. The more backlinks the more valuable your content.

But not all the backlinks are effective. Only the quality backlinks from the authoritative sites deliver good results. Google will search for the quality of building links and how they relate to your website.

There are backlinks which give results to the malware or spammy websites. They are very harmful. Before building any backlink on your website you need to check the quality of the backlink twice and then go forward.

Tip: Don’t use false tricks for building links as Google penalize your site and even remove your site from the search engine.

Best ways to build quality backlinks:

1.Guest Post On Authoritative Websites.

Many websites do not offer the backlinks for free. In that case, select the websites with good domain authority to boost your search rankings. Guest blogging helps you to write a blog post and submit it to the authoritative websites and always had an option of one backlink to your website.

while mentioning the backlink in the blog post make sure the link points to your specified target page or not. For example, you need to promote the page which shows toys, you need to link to this page but not the home page unless it required.

In order to improve your guest blogging rankings you need to select the high authority websites, which had good SEO.Write the guest blog for the relevant websites.

Simple guest blog helps to promote your website, increase the referral traffic and you can get a quality backlink too.

You need to write a guest blog more than once for a website for better visibility of your backlinks. It is a very good idea to write a guest blog on the website which had the higher ranking than yours on the Google.

2.Create the amazing content for your guest post

In the backlinking process the content is the king and it won’t count how well you optimize your site. Your content should be well written to be linked or to be shared with others, otherwise, your work goes waste. If your content is longer with more keywords, you will get better rank in searches.

Tip: If you want high-quality backlinks to your website, you need to create a quality content which is loved by all the people.

3.Create the infographics on the trending topics:

Infographics will help to better exposure of the content than the digestive complex subjects. They are the sharable things which can be presented in a clear-cut manner. You need to select the content on the trending topics in the industry.

4.Promote the content through Email:

Creating the content is not enough you need to promote it on the social media or link it to another site. Email tends to be the most effective way to promote the backlinks. You can engage with the person one to one in an effective way to create the quality backlinks.

You need to tie up a good relationship with the influencers to promote your content. You need to interact with the influencers in a personal way and make them show your content is more valuable to them. This makes them share your content. You send emails in bulk amount this might result in spamming.

5.Use The DOFOLLOW on social media sites:

If you use the Nofollow it means that search engines will ignore specific backlinks. If your backlink contains the nofollow tags, Google doesn’t give much preference to your content. So use the dofollow tag to identify your piece of code.

6.Identify the broken links

You can identify the broken links on any site and contact the website owner for intimating him about it. There might be chances of getting a dofollow link to your website on their site as you did a small favor or help to him.

7.Give the testimonials on th products:

You need to give the review of the products or services that you love. It will take a few seconds to write for them. You might also include your name with a backlink to your website in the review section

Some the best practices to add backlink to your websites are:

  • Give link to your blog in a high quality forums.
  • You can mention your blog link on the discussion boards such as Quora.
  • You can exchange links with other authoritative bloggers on the web.
  • You can submit your blog to social networking sites.
  • You need to write top and trending posts.
  • You can share your blog link in the blogging contests such as Indiblogger,blogmint etc.

Note: Don’t ever try for spammy or falsy tricks to get backlinks to your sites as Google will penalize you.


Building links to your website are very vital as they give the good ranking on the search engine results. You need to try manual methods by incorporating your website link into the strong and authoritative sites. You need to select the best websites which had higher domain authority as well as good ranking on the Google. Rich content can definitely get exposed to quality backlinks from authoritative websites.