Not even mind whether you are a popular or beginner blogger always there is something needs to be updated to increase blog traffic.

Here stands the year 2018 for new improvements in your blog and to increase blog traffic.

For your blog to be the best needs a lot of changes. Even a small trigger will reflect in your blog performances. If you want to get positive results in each and every aspect, you should definitely follow some guidelines for better visibility of the blog.

As a blogger, I am going address my bloggy friends to follow these tips to increase blog traffic in 2018.

Please Make a note of this information which will give you a perfect or outstanding excellence in blogging field.

Here I am going to share with you my personal experience in blogging filed and what the things I had faced in blogging to increase blog traffic.

Content is the king you need to present it in an informative manner.

The things required to improve blog in 2018:

1.Use the latest technology in building the blog:

Using the latest technology and updating regularly will increase blog traffic. In my aspect today setting up a blog had become more simple. The thing is that you need to do the best to stand out among the crowd.

Don’t stick to the old software, designs and layout needs to update which will show a positive impact on your blog. In order to update your blog don’t ever mind for financial matter because it will put you back if so.

Initially when I started blogging with a few things in my mind. I used the free themes for my blog. After a little time period, I had updated my theme for the paid version. I found a few changes and an increase in the user engagement.

So keep your blog updated according to the system OS, so that your blog will boost with good traffic in google search engine results. The metrics always work in favor of the upgraded pages.

2.Keep your blog clean from unwanted data:

You should always keep your blog clean and remove any spammy links in the blog. Because they reduce the performance of the blog. They might also gather the sensitive information too. You need to check each and every link coming to your blog.

Make sure they are useful ones as Google will penalize you for the false links in your blog. A proper building of links will help for better improvements in the blog. Concentrate on link building so that your content will be clean from the spammy links.

3.Present your content in an informative way.

You need to present your content in a more interesting and interactive way. Your readers should fall in love with your content style, description, and the language used.A meaningful presentation with the systematic flow will definitely attract the target readers and audience to your blog. As a result, the user engagement to your blog will be increased. The subscriber’s count can also be increased.

4.Keep meaning title for your content:

Writing content is not more enough but still, you need to select an abrupt title for it. Because your total content depends on the title. Your title carries more when your blog audience viewed it. Keeping the relevant title depending on the content makes you are perfect in presenting the information to your readers.

Do Not select the long titles which make the readers boring. Your content should be more impressive than more words. A short and informative data is chosen by the people.

5.Use Keywords for SEO:

Before writing any content you need to select the keywords for your article and then proceed for writing. A content without keywords is useful because it tools long time for the google to recognize your data. If you do proper research on keywords before writing the content and use them in the content your data will be easily seen in the google search results.

You must use the keyword in the title and description as well. Keywords will boost your post as well as increase your website rank and increase blog traffic. You need to look at how your competitors use the keywords and what ranks him better than you. Selecting the high targeted keywords will drive you positive results.

While publishing the blog post you should check whether your post appears green or not i.e SEO is good or not. If your SEO is perfect your post will appear in green color or else brown.

6. Must secure your blog:

You must see all the security features in building a safe and secure blog. A secure website will definitely give high performance than normal. USe the security plugins and performance plugins such as Wordfence security plugin, super cache plugin.

Security plugins will help your blog to remind awareness of the hackers and malware entering your blog.

7.Use the pixelated Images:

Your images will reduce the blog performances to some extent. Do not use the too large or high-resolution images on your blog as they diminish the blog performances.Your images play a major role in 2018 because they need to be sharpened with good contrasting colors for better visibility.

Before publishing any image on the blog you need to check the pixel sizes and then set according to using the tools or plugins or editor such as adobe photoshop, Microsoft paint etc.

8.Website should support all devices for display;

A Few years back only desktops are used for accessing of web pages. But today as the technology increased with the introduction of various handy devices you should make sure your website display on all devices.

The devices include for display are

  • Tablet
  • Android device
  • Desktop
  • Touchpad
  • Notebook

Your website should be supportive to open on all browser because you don’t know how the users are using your website. There might be chances of losing the users. So your website should be deployed into all types of devices for engaging your readers in a smooth go.

9. Mentioning the publishing date of the post:

I had seen many posts without any publishing date. Its very mandatory for the post to have the published date. If you are not mentioning the publish date your post will not perform well in the google search engine results.

You might also lose the visitors as some people will look after the published date for reading the content. Because they want the latest information, if you put the date and update it on a regular basis, it will be the effective approach to improve blog performance.

10.keep content genuine:

Your content should be genuine as Google looks for duplication. If your content is duplicate, it will show bad output. In order to make your blog with high and impressive results, you should make your content very specific without any copying.

,h4>11.Never ignore the social media:

In order to boost your content into the web you need to use or handle the social media in a proper way. You need to widespread your content by posting on all social networks and increase the traffic, views and revenue as well.

You can get tons of traffic from the social networks best use of them will drive you good results.

12. Use tags for the posts:

You should use the tags for the posts while publishing. This helps to recognize your post very fast on the SERPs results. You can increase blog traffic very easily.

13. Do not ever forget to use the h2 and h4 tags:

H2 and H4 tags are very important for the content because you can clearly understand how the content is designed from the above headings.


To get better visibility or improvements in your blog in the year 2018 you need to follow the above guidelines. If you want to boost your post to more crowd just use them and ultimately the success is yours. You can observe the changes very soon. For better ranking, traffic and revenue share every blogger should obey or follow the guidelines.