Hello everyone, you are getting tired of making your blog exposed to the world.

Writing a good content needs a lot of skills. However, even though you present neat content, proper identity of your content on the web needs keywords.

If you want to make your blog post with greater SEO then proper establishing of keywords are must.

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The basic requirement for quality SEO is keyword research.

The keywords you choose to focus on the search engine optimization(SEO) efforts will rate the success of your website rankings. They will improve your ranking and search visibility on the Google.

You need to do proper keyword research for finding the right keyword. Unfortunately, you will find plenty of tools which will help you to find out the best keywords. Those best keyword research tools will help to figure out the perfect keywords for your blog.

Here the best keyword research tools to perfect your blog with good SEO.

  • Basic Keyword research tool:By using the seed keyword to find profitable keywords.
  • Competitor based keyword research tool:You can find other keywords to drive the traffic.

The competitor based keyword tool to find the profitable keywords. Most of the best keyword research tools are paid and a few of them are free.

Before moving on to the list of best keyword research tools you need to know the importance of keywords in SEO.

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List of best keyword research tools in 2018:

Google Keyword Planner:

The Google Keyword Planner tool is the most used and the best keyword research tools. It is the free keyword research tool and is integrated to the Google Adwords.

In order to use this keyword research tool you need to have the Google Adwords account which you can create it for free. It is the perfect SEO tool for making your website with good rankings. It is the best free keyword research tool to find the right keywords for your website.

It is the largest search engine with in-depth information. You can get right keywords to target for all types of ads, videos and text images. With this best keyword planner tools, you can discover right keywords, compare keywords and start using the keywords for your website.

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Semrush:Keyword research tool

Semrush is the best keyword research tools for the bloggers. It provides the best keywords for your website. It provides much more featured functionalities than other keyword research tools. You need to give your website name and get all the keywords that are ranking for your website.

With the semrush you can find short and long tail keywords that you can target and beat the competitor’s keywords. You can get all the in-depth information, stats and reports regarding your SEO campaign to beat success or optimized SEO for your blog.

It is one of the best keyword research tools recommended and can enjoy 14 days free trial version. Semrush helps your ranking to raise when you are done with on-page SEO. You can boost your digital marketing efforts.

With the semrush keyword research tool you can benefit from your competitors. With the analytics, you can be shown with full reports such as competitors best keywords, the keywords which helped to rank better on the search engine, discover the new competitors, find right keywords for your SEO campaigns.

With semrush you can gather phrase matches and related keywords. You can get long tail keywords. With the semrush tool, you can cross combine, visualize data to compare competitive domains and estimate keyword difficulty.

With semrush you can find keywords with less competition and compare the keywords from different domains by side by side. You can get the best keyword ideas, segment them and save them as keyword analyzer. You can track the positions of your keywords on the SERPs results, group keywords by tags etc.

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KWFinder keyword research tool:

KWFinder is an easy to use and perfect keyword research tool to bring out keyword ideas. You can get long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. With the kwfinder keyword tool, you can find the keywords that really rank for based on the page, domain authority, social signals and external links.

With kwfinder you can find profitable keywords to rank better. You can get the list of best keywords for you based on the search. It is a user-friendly keyword research tool where you can reveal the competitor’s keywords that you are missing. You can get exact search volume for the close variant keywords.

It is also the keyword planner alternative tool. You can organize the keywords with lists and import keywords in bulk. With the kwfinder, you can find the keywords that drive high-quality traffic. It offers both the free and paid plans but for the basic users the free plan is enough.

LongTailPro keyword research tool:

LongTailPro is one of the best keyword research tools in 2018. It is the cloud-based software to find the perfect keywords for your content. It is the paid keyword research tool which helps to discover amazing keywords for your niche. With the LongTailPro platinum feature, you can enjoy a good set of keywords. You can get amazing keywords with detailed keyword analysis feature.

You can also get the competition checker, which will make it easier for you to pick right keyword. With this keyword research tool, you can find low competition keywords for your site in minutes. You can get in-depth competition analysis. You can now track your rankings over time and get better results.

You can get 30$ off for every purchase of the plan. You can find profitable keywords, determine metrics.

Serpstat:Keyword Research tool

Serpstat is one of the best keyword research tools which help you to find winning keywords. The Serpstat keyword tool gives you the following details.

  • Search Volume.
  • Competition
  • CPC
  • You can find keyword difficulty score

It is the growth hacking tool for SEO. It is all in one tool for professionals. With the help of the keyword trends section, you can find out how the keywords are trending in the online SEO. The keyword difficulty score section helps you to know with better stats so as to improve the website ranking.

It does good keyword analysis to find out the missing keywords which help to drive high-quality traffic. It is perfect for small business to find keywords and to build SEO strategic platform. The pricing of Serpstat is 19$ monthly.


For your content to be ranked number one on Google needs to be organized with a good SEO platform. Building quality links, using best keywords by taking into consideration the competitors keywords. All your work to boost traffic and income to your website is based on right and targeted keywords for your website.

By using the best keyword research tools you can find perfect phrases or large search keywords list for your content. Always try to use the perfect keywords to your content which makes it appear faster on the Google search engine.

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