For any website to ruin it’s SEO a quality backlink connection is to be established. If not there is no use. Because some of the backlinks add extra strength to your SEO metrics while some demolish the quality of the website. So before making or adding a backlink connection, you need to do proper backlink analysis and then proceeded to forward.

yeah, coming to the point SEO had greatly deceived the data to present on the online portals. Everybody who works with SEO had attained possible outcomes in some cases while in other remained without any output. If you need to connect to a website then you need to figure out whether the backlinks for that website will positively affect your SEO or not. Here you need to check with the SEO metrics of the site you are going to connect with.

Here are the prominent SEO metrics helps in backlink analysis for a website.

SEO metrics for backlink analysis:

1. Check with the backlink status:

As per the google you need to check them with the connections as a part of SEO. You need to figure out with the do take and no take connections so as to procure intended result. Your backlink is deciding factor to increase the website rank as a global. So proper establishing and checking the backlink status will help you a lot. You can also block the unwanted files from blocking your SEO execution.

2. Google Record Status:

The Google record status of the page will simply signify the nature of the website you are going to connect with. Whatever the situation might you need to make sure the website is indexed and record on the google. If the website is not indexed in search results or Google that means you are trying to display the web pages by violating the Google rules and regulations.

There some conditions where you can observe the website you are going to connect is a record on the google or not. If the page you are connecting si do take after then Google will check the connections to your site. Your space on the Google might be listed but the particular wanted page is not rendered. This might happens due to some reasons.

If your page is hindered from being ordered by robot.txt or meta no list then you can say that the area and the pages are not ordered on Google. This shows that you are trying to manage a website violating the Google Search engine rules. In such situations, Google will extremely penalize and publish the website owners for disregarding their rules. This happens if the website admin set the robot.txt file not to index on Google.

3. Check with Web Crawlers:

If the website had passed above two metrics stated now you need to check with the web crawlers movement in the particular page. You need to gather the list of monthly visitors the page is getting. Check whether there is a natural energy in attaining the traffic or any issue. You need to check how the activities originate and the visitors. You need to thoroughly check with the website whether Google indexed it as the decent one or not. If the website gets more natural visits then it has more power in Google’s view.

4. Mark the name positioning of the website:

On the other hand, you need to check the site in the Google i.e the name positioning of it in the search engine results. If the positioning is found on the first or second pages then you can definitely move forward. You need to check with the brand image logo name and then proceed further.

5. Check with the natural watchwords:

If the website gets identified for more natural watchwords then it can be listed as number one. The site positions for more watchwords then it will be a good impact on revenue or monetize your website. There is likely change to gain visitors too.

6. Check with the natural movement of the website for some time period:

Well, it is one of the important aspects to check with the natural movement of the website for a period of 6 months. Because month by month the traffic may changes. At the time of your investment you can find the visitors up to one lakhs but after 2 months it is reduced to 50000. Then you will be getting affected more. So before proceeding further, you need to check with the natural movement of the website by using the famous tools like Semrush.

7. Facilitating the IP area.

The area of expansion of your IP should be wide. Because if your website wants to be viewed or utilized in other countries you need to specify first as a part of the SEO. So that you will never lose the trusted visitor.

8. Check with the number of outside backlinks:

Yeah, it’s the time to check with the number of outside backlinks a page has. If you want to have a backlink on any particular page you need to check it. Because if a page having more backlinks then your backlink connection will be found less served. So go for the pages with less outside backlinks.


Anyone who considers the above-mentioned points before backlinking to any website then it will be very wonderful. You need to check with the SEO metrics and then do the backlink analysis of the website. You need to follow the above tips if you want to do backlinking of your website or others. Checking each and every aspect of the SEO metrics for getting quality backlink connections. Your aim is not just about backlinking it all about getting high-end quality backlinks to your website.