How to increase SEO rank using Google webmaster tools

Google provides a different number of tools for SEO. The most effective is Google Analytics which gives you a deep knowledge about your company analytics to make a better decision and also improve traffic load on your website. But the Google webmaster tools offers you an advance search feature for managing and analyzing all employee efforts.Here we give a deep look at Google webmaster tool for better SEO campaign.

Google Webmaster Tools: The Background

Google webmaster tools are important for strong SEO determination. To proper recognize their full energy, it is needed to know about the Google webmaster tool. This tool helps you to see your website as google see it. What links are indicating to it, your most popular keywords, and much more.

A website that is live operational in webmaster tool has better performance, top ranking, and a full index. There is a different feature that converts SEO strategy into tactical goal through Google webmaster tool.

But if you do not maintain your website according to the webmaster tool, just start now. First, you sign in to the Google webmaster tool.

First, confirm that you have the domain. Depending on your host, Google may provide confirmation through an easy pop-up process that allows you to log in and verifies in just a couple steps.

Google Webmaster Tools Features You Should Be Using

When you create an account now it’s time to sign in and interact with the GUI. Here you can also see a tutorial for understanding.
The essence of Google webmaster tool it’s about its metrics.

Split that data in different ways and. From this data, you can quickly express a plan around what next steps you need to take in future.

Get the Lay of the Land with Search Queries

The Search Queries area offer you both traffic and keyword information.
The Search Queries part is broken into five main gauges:

  • Query: Query defines you details about the what keywords your site is currently ranked for. This is one of the fastest ways to check whether your efforts to get on the map for a certain keyword are working or not. It’s important to remember that “rank for” explain showing up in the SERPs. This feature can help you quickly recognize keywords that are related but need further content optimization.
  • Impressions: If you want to know that how many people are seeing your website for a specific keyword search, this will tell you this feature. This metric help you to know how many people are seeing that content. This is another way to check the value of a keyword in addition to traffic data from the Google Keywords module and other tools.
  • Clicks: people who are seeing your site, how many are clicking, it actually matters?
  • CTR: Your CTR, or click-through rate, is the percentage of people that are clicking on your site. If your click-through rates are little, then you can improve your explanation for that page.
  • Average Position: This metric tells you where your site actually stands in the ranking for every keyword.

Viewing Data with Change to See Trends over Time

If you currently introduce an SEO strategy and want to analyze how it would work. Then for this use an option “with change” feature. It is in the search query. Through this, you can observe your change and your present status.

You can use this data in a various way. This will measure the efficiency, you can also see a ranking on Google.

Drilling Into Individual Keywords

To know how you were performing for a particular keyword, click on that option when you search query section. This will help for better understanding of your SEO and the content strategy.

Finding Optimization Opportunities with Top Pages

When you were on a search queries tab, you will see a “top page”. Here you can see which content is suitable for you and then click.
Like, if you have content that has a high CTR but its ranking level is on Page 2. In case if you have been working hard to enhance content, you will also see different pages that are gradually capturing visitors and can adjust your strategy. The main point here is to understand that sometimes your audience focuses on something unexpected.

Refining Your Page-Level Strategy

When you design your website, then you choose a certain keyword that attracts each page. Google webmaster tool help you to this process and also find which keyword of every page rank is for.

Once you plotted the keywords for every page, add those keywords to a rank tracking tool to find out additional data like traffic. This will help you expose any vacant chances.

Once you get a list of what keywords certain page ranks for, you should make sure your page actually contains all those keywords.

Using Google Webmaster Tools Labs: Author Stats

Google’s Labs are used to test new features that are still being refined. Some will make it into the standard Google Webmaster Tools feature set, some others will fade away. One popular feature is the Author Stats knowledge.

Author Stats give you to tie in guest posts on other sites by connecting it to your Google +. Your picture will show next to content in the search engines, and it’s much easier for readers to search relevant material that you have written.


When you emerging an SEO strategy, checking Google Webmaster Tools can offer you a unique perception. Leaping into the data delivers new opportunities to understand how your website is performing and also enhance your overall campaign performance.
When you are using Google webmaster tool is a way to support your SEO

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