Since SEO exists, the face of marketing has completely changed. Nowadays, search engines represent the most relevant way of finding information. If that’s where most of the people go for answers, then it means that us, writers, marketers, and entrepreneurs, should orientate towards this powerful practice. Get seo complete guide for optimizing your content and improve search engine visibility.

Every business and website which desires to capture attention and create a better brand exposure must not miss SEO. Because of how they work, search engines are offering us the chance to truly select the individuals who visit our website. It’s called targeting an audience, and it’s extremely relevant to the success of promotion and marketing campaign.

Today’s article is about SEO content, one of the biggest ranking factors that Google and other search engines weight when choosing who to place on the first serps (search engine ranking positions). Writing SEO content isn’t extremely different to writing regular content, but it has some points that need to be acknowledged.

How to Get Ideas for Content?

Getting your content ideas should represent the first step of the process. When writing SEO content, you’re not writing just for the search engine crawlers, but you’re mainly doing it for real people. These are your readers, and they should be treated accordingly. The content you post is the currency you offer in order to maintain your activity. Checking best writing service reviews and ordering content is a best solution if you don’t have enough time, though it is always better to analyze your audience and to do it yourself.

Getting ideas for content isn’t that complicated. Here are few ideas:

  • Search through niche forums…see what people are talking about, and get topic ideas;
  • Q&A Portals such as Quora or Yahoo Answers are also a goldmine. See what people ask and create solutions through your content;
  • Google Trends is another solution. You can notice the popular subjects and decide to write about it;
  • Different resources such as videos, books, info graphics.

How to Write SEO Content?

Even though SEO truly is a complicated concept and has a lot of variations, with time, content marketers have revealed few of the most important Google’s ranking factors. If you choose to follow their leads, you stand better chances of occupying a better position in the serps.

As mentioned earlier, writing SEO content is not rocket science, but it is not easy either. Let’s get straight to business and see what you should be always doing when you’re looking to rank your content.

1. Seo Complete Guide:Create Unique Content Only

The number one rule when it comes to SEO content is the uniqueness of the content. It must be 100% unique in order to be “accepted” by the crawlers. Otherwise, your SEO rankings will have to suffer. You see, search engines’ job is to create as much relevancy in the answers they provide to different queries and search strings.

If your content is spun, or duplicate, you will not be perceived as a value-giver, but rather as a scammer who wants to take shortcuts. Google is penalizing such things, because everyone’s trying to steal and outrank through black-hat SEO methods.

Keep your content unique all the time, and you’ll never have issues with SEO penalizations.

2.Seo Complete Guide:Longer Content Ranks Better

According to a study which analyzed over 1 million Google search results, it has been proven that longer content ranks better than short content. In a few words, writing more, delivering more quality, it’ll all boost your search engine rankings. The next time you’re planning to write a 500 words article, well, you’d better write more!

3.Seo Complete Guide:Use Niche Terms and Words

Every time you start to write a piece of content, you should have in mind your targeted audience. When you know who you’re writing for, you know what terms and words to use. Google also cares about the words you use. If your articles contain a lot of terms that are highly related to the article’s niche subject, you’ll rank better.

Using words like “investment, stock, ROI, bonds” while writing an article related to finances, you will definitely let search crawlers know that you’re an expert in the topic, and that the article you just wrote is extremely relevant to people who are into finances.

4.Seo Complete Guide:Work on Your On-Page SEO

Even though this has nothing to do with writing, you must take care of your On-Page SEO. If you want to know what it is all about and learn a few ways to optimize it, here’s an awesome resource to help you.

DO NOT neglect On-Page SEO optimization!

Writing good SEO content is a great way to improve your brand awareness and your business revenue. With more readers, there’s obviously a chance for more buyers. More buyers ultimately means more revenue to invest in different promotion strategies for your business. The awesome part is the fact that your content will always be there.

If your pages rank, they’re most likely to bring passive traffic over a longer period of time. You can then sit back and relax while the traffic and sales are rolling in.