Are you tired of trying to do SEO all by yourself? Are your competitors stealing all of your leads? Is your website failing to attract potential customers? 

If your answers to the questions above are yes, then without wasting a second, type SEO NZ, SEO Auckland, or SEO Hamilton now. Hire a suitable company and then see what wonders an effective SEO can do for your business. 

google trends

What is SEO?

Imagine you are stuck in traffic, and hundreds of cars have to cross the same road as you. Boy, wouldn’t you be stuck all day in that 4-window cabin all day? But now imagine, you have this magic wand that will create a way for you, from that traffic to your destination. 

That is how Just SEO works; This process optimizes the online content so that the search engine ranks sites based on their keyword and user’s search phrase. 

What are SEO Services?

But in real life, there are no magic wands, so then what should you do? This is where those SEO agencies you must have heard of come into the picture. 

You can think of your company’s fate resting on your ranking (which in reality is true). Now, this may seem daunting, but you have to make a prominent place on the search engine. 

To make sure you remain visible on a search engine, you would have to hire SEO companies. They will provide SEO services to you, which will give you a status on the search engine like that of a country on a map. 

google trends

Why is SEO important?

This might be the only million-dollar question with an insanely simple answer: SEO Marketing. You can spend a billion on hiring top models to pose for those captivating billboards. Still, in the end, a majority percentage of your customers will browse through the internet to test your company’s validity. 

And that is when you would want the SEO’s algorithm to bump you at the top. It makes the website visible, so more traffic, more opportunities, and finally, more customers.

How to improve SEO?

You must be running your hands all over the keyboard to find the answer to this question now that you are cognizant of the significance of SEO and rankings. Don’t worry! We have got you the cheat sheet right here! 

Imprint the white hat technique in your mind like it’s from a holy grail. Follow these techniques to improve your search rankings while simultaneously complying with search engine’s service terms (some internet masterminds choose to be the bad boys and disobey the terms) 

  • Write quality content
  • Include strictly related keywords
  • Metadata and Title flooded with Keywords
  • Fast Page loading and response
  • Lean Code
  • User-Friendly Website navigation
  • Authoritative Inbound Links
  • Use ALT tags

google trends

How to use google trends for SEO?

Google Trend is like the infinity gauntlet for a marketer, and once he gets the hang of it, he can change the course of company marketing. So, to get improved ratings on Google SEO, one must master google trends and use it for SEO: 

  • Free Keyword Research
  • Find Related Keywords
  • Identify Cyclical Trends for Brand Positioning 
  • Recognize Blind Spots
  • Target Well
  • Predict the Upcoming Trends
  • Get More Advanced and Innovative with Search Options 


 Suppose you are not an SEO expert who has earned a good rating for the website. Without SEO, no customers will ever gain access to your site because they will keep visiting the top ones. Your website will be nothing more than a set of pictures and words weaved together to make a colorful page. 

So, improve your search engine rating and be the ripe fruit displayed at the top that everyone wants!