Have you ever heard of Ahrefs?

Are you very eager to know what Ahrefs do for you?

Well, don’t worry though my blog post I am going to discuss with you the Ahrefs, features, benefits and how it helps for boosting, optimizing website performances with respect to the SEO industry.

Ahrefs with its indistinct SEO features and tools yields optimized results for your as well as your clients’ websites.

Here in this post, you are going to learn how the Ahrefs helps to grow your online business with distinct features and suite of SEO tools.

Of Course, if you had ever tried using the Ahrefs, you can enjoy 7-day free trial to know what comes out of best when compared with other SEO tools.

With Ahrefs you can easily sign up for the 7-day free trial account and check your ranking and the keywords rank by adding your domain name. This tool scans for your domain name for giving more solid data regarding the keywords that are ranking best.

Now let us walk through the small discussion part about the Ahrefs and why it is considered to be popular with respect to other SEO tools.

What is Ahrefs and How it gained popularity?

Well, Ahrefs is a SaaS-based SEO suite which lets you check your domain ranking, site structure, backlink profile and keywords ranking, etc. Initially, it was launched in 2011 as the backlink analysis checker headquarters in Singapore. With the introduction and adding of multiple features, it helped the digital marketers as the perfect choice in their SEO world.

Here are the few things the Ahrefs tool offers you:

  • Keyword research
  • You can easily find search traffic for any website.
  • keyword Gap Tool
  • Backlink Gap tool
  • Internal link audit
  • backlink profile tool
  • Site SEO audit
  • Disavow tool and content exploration etc

The entire team of Ahrefs presents their data transparent so that people can easily learn the SEO for free. They share all the techniques used to grow your SaaS business. It’s very good news for the SaaS owners because they can enjoy the latest updates by simply connecting to the Ahrefs channels.

Now we need to go through the list of top features the ahrefs offering.

Ahrefs features that you should be using:

Ahrefs is a single tool, it is the suite of some SEO tools. I am going to cover a few tools in the Ahrefs. Later you need to explore the complete Ahrefs for enjoying the latest updates.

1. Ahrefs keyword Explorer:

With the help of Ahrefs keyword explorer, you can easily perform keyword research on the following platforms like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Yandex and many more. By performing the keyword research you can get relevant keyword ideas with accurate search volume, Keyword Difficulty score along with metrics like click rate and return rate, etc.

The keyword explorer tool helps to save all the keywords while search and export through a CSV or txt file. You need to pay attention to the KD to find the keywords that you can easily rank.

2. Content Gap by Ahrefs( Quickly find keyword opportunities)

The content Gap feature by Ahrefs lets you find out the most profitable keyword opportunities. You can easily and quickly compare your domain with your competitors’ keywords. Know what keywords your competitor is ranking. Also by performing a curated search of competitor keywords, you can get profitable keywords for your domain.

3. Backlink Audit Feature:

By simply head over to the site explorer and enter your domain name for which you need to check or sort out the backlink profile. With the help of the backlink profile, you can do a few things such as:

  • You can build broken build linking
  • Internal backlinks
  • Link Intersect etc

How to use the link intersect tool by Ahrefs?

The link intersect is one of the most important features by Ahrefs. By using this feature you can find out the websites that link to your competitor websites but not yours. Here you can compare your website with other 10 websites to find out the link building opportunities.

4. Content Explorer by Ahrefs:

The content explorer by Ahrefs is quite different from other tools. It is simply designed to find out the link opportunities and competitor analysis. Using it you can find out the most popular content of any topic from any website. From there you can sort the social shares and backlinks etc. With the search box, you can get the most shared and popular content on the web.

The content explorer can do the following things.

  • Find easily the republished content
  • Sort out the broken links
  • Checks the publishing frequency of you and your competitors
  • You can see the trending and top topic on your competitor websites.

You can easily fix the keyword cannibalization issue i.e more pages on your website fighting for the same keyword.

5. Site Audit feature by Ahrefs:

With the site audit, you can find out major issues with the SEO of the website. The Ahrefs site audit tool requires you to add your domain name to crawl the web pages for site auditing. It provides your suggestions to improve the overall SEO of your website. Just simply login into your Ahrefs account click site audit and enter your domain name, you can also check your competitor website also.

In order to crawl your website, you need to verify your ownership in order fasten crawling. Depending on the website it may take hours to days to complete the crawling. Once it is done you need to explore to take necessary actions.

If you want to fix any issues on any pages you can jump into those sections and rectify, solve them. You can also make your website technical improve by exploring the different sections with respect to SEO. You can sort out the issues regarding the page load times, image compressions, broken links missing HTML tags, etc.

Ahrefs Plans and Pricing table:

Ahrefs supports 4 different plans along with pricing. You can bill monthly and yearly with 2 months free.

The plans include:

  • Lite: $99/Month
  • Standard plan: $179/Month
  • Advanced Plan: $399/Month
  • Agency Plan: $999/Month

For the lite and standard plans, you can enjoy the start trial for 7 days with $7. Remaining tow plans require direct subscriptions. You can upgrade or downgrade your account any time by sending an email to the support team.

Conclusion on Ahrefs SEO tools:

With the help of Ahrefs SEO tool, you can grow your search traffic, business, research your competition and monitor your websites. Its development cycle is very fast and adds lots of features. The SEO suite is designed as the user-friendly so that everyone can easily use them. With the help of the content gap, you can get new content ideas, link intersect helps to find link opportunities, site audit features to fix elements, etc.

So it’s the time to start your 7 days free trial for just $7. Try utmost to learn why your competitors rank high and what you should do to outrank them.
It provides 24/5 i.e Monday to Friday customer support with new features released regularly.