When talking about SEO (search engine optimization), the first thing that comes to mind is traffic. Because good SEO increases the traffic on your website, and bad SEO or no SEO may not help at all. Every blogger or business wants to be on the first page of Google search results for their relative topic. And the last place on the first page won’t do the job, as everyone desires their website to be in the top 3 results.

So how do you increase website traffic? Well, it’s not very difficult, and you just need to follow a few basic tips to improve the SEO of your site and bring in more viewers. We have listed below 7 SEO tips and tricks to increasing website traffic.

1. Keyword Research 7 SEO Tips and Tricks to Increase Website Traffic

You must have heard this a hundred times already. But trust us, keyword research is one of the first steps you should take when you want to follow a good SEO strategy. So what keywords should you be looking at? Well, you will have to do a bit of market research and see what people are interested in. Then narrow down the interests that are related to your website. Next, start finding useful keywords that people may use. You will have to use those keywords naturally in your content to make sure you get ranked for that keyword.7 SEO Tips and Tricks to Increase Website Traffic

Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Firstly, you’ll have to study the buying habits, purchase patterns, traffic patterns, and Google search habits of users. Also, the most common keywords might have already been used by other websites, so getting your page ranked on the top for those keywords will be extremely difficult. Focus on keywords that have low volume but high traffic.

2. Link Building

So when you start a website and publish it, Google uses various different methods to determine your ranking in search results. One of them is the number of diverse external links your website has. What does that mean? For example, think your website is about selling shoes. If an article on a popular shoe blog contains a link to your website, the page authority of your website will increase significantly.7 SEO Tips and Tricks to Increase Website Traffic

However, no one gives away links for free. So you’ll have to do some guest blogging. Try finding websites related to your niche, and then see whether they accept guest blogs in return for a backlink. Make sure your external links come from various different sources. Such type of organic link building will help your website climb the search results.7 SEO Tips and Tricks to Increase Website Traffic

3. Yahoo And Bing Matter Too!

Everyone wants to rank their websites on the top of Google search results. However, Google is not the only search engine in the world; there are Yahoo and Bing too. In fact millions of people use Bing and Yahoo, which is why you shouldn’t neglect them at all. Even the Baidu search engine in China matters. So make sure you submit your website to all the popular search engines and work with all of them in mind.7 SEO Tips and Tricks to Increase Website Traffic

4. Go Mobile-Friendly

If your website doesn’t have a responsive design, you should definitely redesign it. That’s because Google loves responsive websites that adjust according to the device the user is using to browse the website. This means if a user is viewing your website on a smartphone instead of a laptop, the website should adjust to the screen size accordingly and provide a distortion-free browsing experience. Mobile-friendly sites definitely rank higher in Google.

5. Socializing is Important

If your business/blog is not on social media websites, then you are definitely missing out on a lot of traffic. As you already know, social media is the bomb in today’s world. So you should definitely have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram (optional) account that talks about your website/business and directs users to your URL. This not only gives you more exposure but also brings in more traffic, thus bumping up your overall ranking in Google.

6. Quality Matters

If your website has average content with spelling errors and no useful keywords, then Google will definitely neglect you. You see, Google is looking for sites that provide high-quality, informative content to the users searching for information. So if you don’t have a blog, create one and start writing high-quality informative articles related to the topic of your website. Also, the content on your website pages should be perfect, friendly, and easy to read. Use relevant keywords and images in your content to improve the quality.

7. Internal Links and Image Alt Text

We already told you that you need external links from other websites to increase your ranking in Google. Well, it doesn’t matter if a user comes to your website and leaves in a minute. You have to keep the visitors engaged, and to do that, you need to direct them to the other pages on your website. Insert links to other blogs or pages on your website to make sure that users visit those pages too. This ensures that the user remains on your site for longer, and this automatically makes Google think that your site is engaging and interesting.7 SEO Tips and Tricks to Increase Website Traffic
In the long run, the age of your website and the frequency with which you update the site matter along with several other factors.