Search engine optimization is undoubtedly one of the topmost priorities of most of the websites. It is a science that is constantly evolving. You are going to stumble across numerous SEO tips as well as SEO hints but it is always going to be challenging. The reason behind this is that it keeps changing constantly. Even now, the SEO analyst is trying to understand various basic concepts of SEO. It is crucial that the business organizations have dedicated search engine optimization professionals so that they can understand the regular activities and adapt themselves in accordance with the various changes within the SEO world.

In all the past years, there have been numerous prominent myths, all surrounding SEO. These misconceptions are responsible for misleading the beginners. Each and every day new myths take birth and it keeps adding up to the existing myths. The end result is that the number of SEO myths keeps growing.

Given below is a list of the common assumptions as well as myths, which are related to SEO, which you should have proper knowledge about.

I need to submit my business website to Google

Submitting your website is not related to SEO. The search engines are going to find your website even if it has not been submitted to Google or any other reputed search engine. Even if you are submitting the website to Google, crawlers are going to visit the site only if they think that it is appropriate to their search. Therefore, submitting your website to Google is not capable of providing any guarantee.

Having numerous links is an ideal SEO practice

It is true that links have significance in SEO. Link building is considered to be one of the most important ranking factors. However, you have to understand that it does not hold any value as it had before. Earlier, the SEO professionals were responsible for carrying out link building and they did not have knowledge about linking the domain. However, currently, link building is normally done in an amazing manner. The links that are provided need to be of great quality.

Therefore, you need to understand that currently, quality will be provided more significance as compared to quantity. If you have proper knowledge about building quality links, the quantity is hardly going to matter.

Secure websites are not significant for SEO

You are going to notice two kinds of URL appearing in the browser when something is being searched for. One is known to start with “http://” and the other starts with “https://”. The latter is responsible for providing sensitive information, and hence it is secure and safe.

Google, as well as the various other reputed search engines, have started ranking the “https” sites higher in comparison to the “http” sites. Therefore, if your business website is still responsible for following “http”, there is a high chance that the ranking is going to be affected in a negative manner.

SEO is nothing but the ranking of your website in the search engines

A huge misconception is doing the rounds, which is that if a particular website has a high rank, it is going to get more traffic. However, you need to understand that it is completely wrong. It is true that there exists a correlation between the placement of the search result as well as the click-through rate but the objective is not ranking.

The click-through rate, as well as the behavior of the users, is normally different. Even though your website has a high rank, there is no guarantee that you are going to get more click-through rates. Go through the SEO tips, which are available on the internet.

The Meta description is extremely important

Meta descriptions and meta tags are definitely considered to be one of the most significant parts of search engine optimization. A meta description is basically content, which is responsible for explaining the contents within a particular webpage in brief. It normally appears in the Google SERPs.

A meta description is responsible for including the keywords, which will be responsible for increasing the rank of the site. However, this process has already been declared dead and there is no bearing at all on the search engines. According to, 75% of the users will not scroll past the first page of the search engine results.  

Keyword optimization is extremely important for the success of SEO

The text is normally used for communicating the important message to the users and the visitors. This text is responsible for including the keywords for deciphering to the search engines that a particular webpage and website is related to a search query that has been entered on the browser. However, currently, Google is responsible for using the semantic indexing method.

With the help of this method, search engines like Google crawl to a web page, that has more phrases and common terms, which are related to the queries. It is responsible for considering the meaning of each and every keyword. You do not need to write the keywords frequently in the content. You have to keep in mind that over optimization of any keyword is considered to be a huge disadvantage. Note that search engines are not considering matching keywords, which are typed within the query box with the keywords that are present in the website content. Ensure that you are writing content, which targets the users and not any particular search engine.

Keywords need to match

Keywords are extremely important for the content. However, you cannot keep repeating the keywords throughout your entire content. If you are interested in using a keyword as your headline, then you have to ensure that the headline is capable of explaining what the content is about.

Ensure that you are avoiding keyword stuffing within your web pages. Google is responsible for updating the algorithm for eliminating bad quality contents. Keyword stuffing can be dangerous and there is a high chance that you are going to get penalized.


It is extremely important that you have knowledge about all the SEO myths, especially if you are interested in progressing with the methods of SEO. Consider all the myths that have been listed above so that you do not get misled in any manner.